3 Best Single Din Head Unit Review & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best single din car stereo for your car? Then, you are in the right place because we have the best unit. Buying the right single din head unit is important to have good sound quality. If you fail to select a good single din head car stereo, this will waste your time, effort and money.

We understand your pain and risk, therefore, go through the single din car stereos in the market and make a list of the top rated units for you. As a result, you can select any of our recommendation and enjoy a good audio system. We have tested the quality, performance, durability and reliability of the single din units to ensure top level performance.


3 Top Rated Single Din Head Unit Comparison Table



Pioneer DEH-150MP
Pioneer DEH-X6800BT
Pioneer DEH-X6700BT

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MIXTRAX Technology




Built-in Bluetooth




Audio Streaming App Supports




Direct Phone Connection




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Best 3 Single Din Car Stereo Reviews

As there are thousands of single dine car stereos in the market, we picked the top 3 models for your consideration! They are the best among the thousands because of the performance. You can read the reviews and pick the best model for your car!

1. Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car Stereo with MP3 Playback

Pioneer DEH-150MP is a cheap single din car stereo with a cool design. This is detachable with a theft-deterrent model for the car’s audio system. Moreover, the anti-dust design makes it attractive and suitable for any car.

It offers to play music from MP3 player and CD. You can control the car stereo using a wireless remote. You will also have FM radio for local stations only. Its 50 watts output to 4 channels each will give you a true feeling of the music. You can also input 3.5mm headphone jack for connection.

It comes with a multi-segmented LCD display and LED backlight for extra attraction. You can see the text in the display clearly. Moreover, there is an advanced sound retriever to enhance the quality of the sound. In addition, you will have high-pass and low-pass tune filter option for MP3 playback music.

Don’t worry because this is safe to use. It is designed to protect you from electric shock. You will get one year limited warranty from this car stereo.


  • Affordable car stereo with cool design
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • Wireless remote system for controlling
  • Enough features to configure the quality of sound


  • Limited output options
  • No Bluetooth option

How To Install a Car Stereo

This is a mid-range priced single din car stereo. This is a stylish design stereo that goes well with your car color, personality, and taste. The most exclusive part of the car stereo is it comes with built-in Bluetooth technology for hands-free talking and music streaming. As a result, this is safe to use the mobile phone when you are driving.

The multi-line LCD display of the car stereo offers you to see more data when playing any music. Moreover, they are colorful and easy to understand for any person. The MIXTRAX has more than 210,000 color combinations that vibe with the music.

The model supports MP3, MP4, and CD for music input. In addition, you can connect your iPhone, tablet, and smartphones with the car stereo for audio streaming. Connection smartphone is very easy using a cable. In fact, it supports Android music streaming apps to stream and control the music too!

As soon as you connect your smartphone via USB, it will show you two options; one is to play music and another is to charge the device only! At last, this is easy to use car stereo with great audio quality and functions.


  • The car stereo comes with Built-in Bluetooth technology
  • It supports both iPhone and Android mobile devices
  • This is easy to use and configure
  • It comes with MIXTRAX for illumination system


  • If you want to connect iPhone, you have to have bought the connection cable separately

Pioneer DEH-X6700BT is an exclusive single din car stereo. The design is pretty good and easy to configure. This comes with a built-in MOSFET amplifier for good quality sound.

The amplifier helps to ensure good quality and configure it. You will get 14 watts RMS in 4 channels. The MIXTRAX technology helps you to complete mix of your music album in different ways.

It can play music from CD or your smartphone by remixing and applying different effects too. You can configure the settings or it can use any random effect to your music for virtual DJ support.

You can enjoy built-in Bluetooth feature in this car stereo. You can connect the unit with a smartphone for head free calling service. Moreover, it offers you wireless audio streaming from smartphone too! The CD receives also recognizes your voice for making a call.

This is the best single din touchscreen head unit and gives access with android music stream app like Pandora. You can use the mobile app for streaming the music as well as mark any song to purchase later!

You can use iPhone or Android smartphones to connect directly to the single din head unit. This does not need any configuration; you can use the USB cable for making the connection.


  • The sound quality is great with easy to use functions
  • It comes with the MIXTRAX technology
  • The built-in Bluetooth system makes it safe for calling when driving
  • This is easy to stream music from both iPhone and Android phones
  • It supports music streaming apps for controlling and streaming audios


  • Some of the users complained about some of the user manual instructions are not clear

How to choose the best single din DVD head unit?

Choosing the best single din car stereo is not easy for any person. If you do not have any idea about the head unit, then, you can’t go for the best model. However, this is the heart of your car’s audio system. Without having the best model, you can’t enjoy the sound system.

If you are planning to buy a single din head unit, you need to consider some important criteria. The criteria are given bellowed:

Audio Sources

What will be the audio sources? You can use a CD, DVD, satellite, and Bluetooth for music. You need to check the supported audio sources of any particular model.

Also, you should look for the digital music formats. Otherwise, you might want to connect Bluetooth for stream music and notice there is no Bluetooth option in the single din head unit! That would be a disaster.

Apps & Smartphone integration

Now a day, smartphones have become universal for different purposes. In fact, this has become the best gadget to enjoy good music. You may have the best music collections on your smartphone.

Apps Smartphone integration

Therefore, this will be a good chance to connection smartphone with the car stereo for enjoying the music. The best single din Bluetooth head unit can give you wireless stream music opportunity from tablet or smartphone. If your car stereo does not have any Bluetooth, you can use wire for music stream.

On the other hand, there are many music streaming apps available for car stereo. But, the apps will only work if your car stereo unit has the feature.

HD Radio & Satellite Radio

FM radio is the basic feature of the car stereo units. Generally, the system can tune the local radio stations. But, built-in HD radio system improves the sound quality of the location stations. As Vinyl Vintage researched last year, if you want the outstanding sound quality of your local radio stations, you should look for built-in HD radio system. 

Are you a regular traveler? Then, you can’t get a fix local radio stations during the travel. In this case, satellite radio can give you the opportunity to get hundreds of radio channels to enjoy!

Bluetooth for Hands-Free Calling & Music Streaming

Using the mobile phone, when driving has become a normal tendency in the world. But, this is not recommended because this may lead road accidents. But, hands-free calling option can be a good idea to deal with the problem. A car stereo with Bluetooth capability offers a perfect solution.

Bluetooth for Hands-Free Calling & Music Streaming

A single din head car stereo with Bluetooth will offer you receive calls as well as stream music from your smartphone. As a result, you will not only get the safety but also enjoy latest music collection streaming from a smartphone.

These are the criteria that you should consider when choosing a single din head unit for your car.


There are many single-din car stereos with exclusive features in 2016. You need to compare the models and find the best model that goes with your budget. We have recommended top 3 single din head car stereos because they are providing good service.

Don’t forget to consider the facts that we mentioned for selecting the best car stereo. Otherwise, you may not able to find the high-performing music unit. Leave question (if any) and we will give you the best solution relating to single din head car stereo.


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