Best Ratcheting Wrench #1 Review In 2020

A ratcheting wrench is one of the must-have tools in a tool box. The wrench is used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts by attaching them to the socket of the wrench and twisting. Having the right ratcheting wrench is important to not only make work easier but also to ensure that ​bolts and nuts are not ​damaged.

These wrenches come in different but standard sizes to accommodate the various fastener sizes. They also have various shapes, but the hexagon shape is the most popular. Each ratchet wrench has two opposite functional ends, the socket, which takes on various shapes and a recess that is square which accepts the socket’s drive size.


How Does The Wrench Work?

best ratcheting wrench

The wrench works by turning around while attached to a fastener such as a nut. When the wrench is turned in one direction, the nuts tighten ​or loosen when turned in the opposite direction.

Some of these tools also come with an extender that allows users to adjust the length of the wrench to suit their needs.

Review Of The Best Ratcheting Wrenches

There are several types of wrenches to choose from in the market today, and the below reviews are a guide to some of the available products.

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Tekton WRN 77164

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The Tekton WRN 77164 is also one of the best ratcheting wrenches in the market. The wrench comes with a long beam which allows for extreme reach​. Its box head allows for 180 degrees rotation thus avoiding obstructions.

It only needs a 5-degree swing arc due to its 72-tooth ratchet gears and has a very firm grip. The ratcheting box stays fixed on the fastener throughout the use, ​so ​there is no need to keep re-fixing after each turn.

The handle of this wrench is foldable to save space ​in storage, and it’s designed to apply force to the flat surfaces of fasteners instead of the corners. It means that neither the wrench nor the fastener will round off ​when used.


  • The wrench is extremely light weight and easy to handle
  • Long wrench for more flexibility in use
  • Comes with a storage kit
  • Comes with a foldable handle for easy storage
  • Easy to use on surfaces that have obstructions
  • Stays fixed to the fasteners ​so ​no need to keep re-fixing
  • Allows for a firm grip on the fastener due to the many tooth ratchet gears


  • Only allows for the metric measurement system

Craftsman 20 Piece Ratcheting Wrench

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The craftsman wrench is made from alloyed steel and is designed to provide a firm grip. The wrench allows for the metric and the ​imperial measurement system and has a lifetime guarantee. The wrench allows ​for plenty of ​knuckle space on flat surfaces and is very light weight.

The socket teeth are very strong and provide the firm grip needed on bolts and nuts when turning. The craftsman wrench does not slide when turning and you use little energy when using it.


  • Provides ample knuckle space, so ​you do not risk being hurt
  • The product has a lifetime warranty, and its durability is guaranteed
  • Provides a firm grip on the fastener thus preventing any sliding
  • Allows for the ​imperial and metric measurement systems
  • There is no need to lift the wrench in between turns, and this one works fast


  • The craftsman wrench is heavier compared to other ratcheting wrenches
  • Does not come with a lever for ease in switching direction

Gear Wrench 20 Piece Ratcheting Wrench

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The gear wrench comes in a 20 piece set and is designed to work on bolts and nuts of various sizes. The head shank of this ​ratcheting wrench is very slim which allows you to access fasteners that are in tight spaces. This set works with both the SAE measurement and the standard metric measurement, and they only require a small force to turn them. This wrench exceeds most of the required specifications by bodies such as the DIN, Federal torque, and ANSI.

The drive box end of the gear wrench provides for a very firm grip on the fastener. Thus you avoid the problem of having a wrench that slides on the fastener. The ratcheting box end, on the other hand, has firm teeth that also provide a firm grip.


  • The gear wrench is light weight at 5.8 pounds, making it easy to handle and twist.
  • Uses both the SAE and the standard metric measurement, allowing for a variety of fastener sizes
  • Very strong and durable drive box and ratcheting box which provides a firm grip
  • All pieces are labeled to identify the sizes easily
  • Product comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The product does not come with a storage case, and the consumer has to get one separately.
  • When used on flat surfaces, they are uncomfortable, and users may bruise their knuckles on the surface.
  • Suitable mostly for casual domestic use.

Ratcheting Wrench Set

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The ratcheting wrench set allows for the metric and the SAE measurement systems. The set is made up of 22 pieces that are coated with vanadium steel. It consists of a 12-degree offset box which ensures that your knuckles are well protected.

The ratchet gears require a 5-degree swinging arc and it consists of the box ends that tightens and loosens bolts without rounding.


  • Appealing, shiny finish with chrome vanadium steel
  • Allows SAE and Metric measurement systems
  • Protects your knuckles from harm due to its design
  • Requires a very small degree of swinging arc
  • Provides a firm grip when in use, thus no sliding
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • The wrench handle is not long, so it may not offer flexibility in tight areas.

What To Consider Before Buying A Ratcheting Wrench

There are several things to consider when shopping for the best ratcheting wrench and these include:

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    Firm grip: A great wrench should not slide when attached to a fastener.
  • check
    Measurement systems: It is advisable to get wrenches that support both the metric and the SAE measurement systems.
  • check
    Flexibility and personal safety: A great wrench should be easy to use in tight areas as well as on flat surfaces ​without causing harm to your hands.

The Absolute Best Ratcheting Wrench Sets!

The best ratcheting wrench will be easy to use and pocket-friendly while also providing a variety of shapes and sizes for use. This article has provided information that will be of use the next time you decide to shop for a ratcheting wrench.