Interesting Qualities of the Best Car Audio Capacitor

A capacitor is an electronic device with two plates separated by an insulator. This device collects and stores power just like the battery.

The value of the capacitor known as capacitance is determined by the overall surface area of the plates and its distance between the two plates. The term used to describe the capacitor’s capability to store energy is known as Farad.

Finding the best car audio capacitor is not that easy. You need to consider several factors before you decide which capacitor to buy. Capacitors are typically available in cylindrical shapes that are 3 inches in diameter and one foot long. There are capacitors which are rectangular in shapes but used in different technologies.

It has negative and a positive terminal and a third remote turn on terminal that converts an LCD display on or off. Regardless what shape they come they are designed for one purpose, to store electrical power. Here are 3 of the best power capacitor for car audio that you can consider.










13 x 9.5 x 3 inches

2 farad

Ultra low



10 x 5 x 2.5 inches

8.8 farad




12.5 x 4.2 x 3.2 inches

1.5 farad



What to Consider When Choosing The Best Car Audio Capacitor

1. The Size

The accepted rule since the time car audio power capacitor was introduced has been one Farad of capacitance per 1,000 watts of power having one Farad as the minimum. More than the said value is not necessary but it does not hurt either.

2. The Capacity / Capacitance

In choosing the best capacitor for your car audio, you will encounter the term capacitance. It refers to the diameter of the capacitor. You should keep in mind that the larger tank can hold more water. This means that the larger tank can hold more electrons as well.

3. The ESR or Equivalent Series Resistance

Normally, a capacitor would only have capacitance. As you know, all conductors have resistance. There are multiple conductors in a capacitor lie the foil, the electrolyte and the wire leads. The ESR contributes to the capacitor’s resistance. It is just like having a resistor in series with the right capacitor. Those with high ESR will have less capability to pass electricity from its plates to the external circuit. If you are using a capacitor as a filter choose the one with low ESR.

4. The Working Voltage

Another important characteristic of a best car audio capacitor is the working voltage. This defines the maximum continuous voltage either AC or DC that can be applied to the capacitor without failure on its working power. Generally, the working voltage is expressed in WVDC or working voltage DC which is printed on the side of the capacitor’s body. Any excess DC voltage of its working voltage may cause failure. The common DC voltages are 10V, 25V, 16V, 63V, 1000V, 50V, 35V, 400V and 200V.

5. The Tolerance (+%)

The tolerance in capacitors is expressed as plus or minus value generally less than 100 pF. The capacitors are rated based on how near to their actual values they are compared to the rated nominal capacitance with colored letters or bands used to indicate actual tolerance. The most common tolerance value is either 5% or 10% but there are some that are rated as low as ±1%.

Top 3 Best Car Audio Capacitors

This car audio capacitor review will describe some of the best features of the top performing capacitors in the market today. The products listed here are some of the best brands that offer car audio capacitor.

The capacitor is recommended as a power reserve. It stores energy and releases fast to the amplifiers. When you play music in your car, the amplifier needs a constant amount of power to function efficiently and provide power to speakers. A capacitor like Soundquest SQCAP2M 2 Farad Power Capacitor will provide continuous power to the amplifier to have a better sounding system.

  • 20V Surge Capability
  • Ultra Low Esr For High Current Output
  • Brushed Aluminum Body
  • ​Reverse Polarity Warning
  • Satin Finish Terminals

Car audio capacitor is known as a secondary, passive storage device to provide the needed current to the amplifier. It acts a supplemental power supply between your audio system and your car’s electrical system. They are normally cylindrical in shape with 3 inches in diameter and around 1 foot long. It has a positive and negative terminal.

  • 8 Farad capacitor
  • Audible warning tone for reverse polarity
  • ​8 Farads with digital voltage display
  • ​Audible warning tone for low battery voltage
  • ​Blue Digital Voltage Display
  • ​Audible warning tone for voltage overload
  • Digital Voltage Display and Blue Illumination

This capacitor has the lowest Farad among the three products mentioned in this article. But it can still provide the needed power your car audio system required. It also has the lowest resistance and it is ideal if you will use the capacitor as a filter.

  • Keeps Voltage up so bass hits hard
  • Mounting Brackets
  • ​Easy Installation
  • ​Digital Display
  • 12-16 DC Volts Operation

What is the Best Capacitor for your Car Audio?

When it comes to choosing the best car audio capacitor, you need to think about the important features of the capacitor. If you are looking for a capacitor with higher Farad or capacitance BOSS AUDIO CAP8 8 Farad Capacitor is a perfect choice. At 8 Farad it can hold enough water and electron to provide the needed power. The Boss audio also has the best tolerance as compared to the other two capacitors.

But if you are looking for a smaller capacitor then choose the Power Acoustik PC1.5F 1.5 Farad. The Power Acoustik can still provide the required power for continuous functioning of your audio system.


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