Best Duramax Tuner #1 Review In 2020

Planning to add ​a tuner to your Duramax powered truck? The tuner can make a difference on how your vehicle performs. With the increasing number of tuning companies over the past decade, it is difficult to keep up with which is the best duramax tuner that will meet your needs. Because of this, we have created this review to help you decide.


What ​is ​a Tuner ​or Chip?

What Is A Tuner Or Chip


It is clear that every tuner on the market today will generate huge power gains in a diesel. With the capability to run on a wide air/fuel ratio, most diesel engines respond well to tuning.

So, if all of the tuners yield big power, how will you know which one is the right product for you? Tuners are anything that improves the engine performance. There are things that you need to consider in choosing a tuner.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Duramax Tuner

1. User Interface

There is one important factor that you need to consider and one that is based on your specific needs. All the tuners tested have some kind of display that is ​intended to be mounted on the windshield or dash. The sizes may vary from 2.4-inch display up to 5-inch touch screen.

Generally, the product is mounted on the A-pillar together with some gauges using an aftermarket holder. People are now ​looking to get away from conventional gauges and depend more on the displays for information. This is where size becomes a factor.

All devices with touchscreens have the same issue. People are accustomed to the sensitive screens used by our phone​s. Most of these touch screens use a pressure sensor and need a much greater force than people are used to. If you are not using the screen that much, then it is not an issue. But if you regularly try to move through the screens, then it becomes annoying.

2. Display Options

This is one of the biggest changes in recent years​. Tuners were originally large and bulky. It took a long time to program the vehicle. A good Duramax tuner can be configured to display different parameters on a black and white display.

Some of the tuning companies have modified the display options. The display has a limited color pallet, but you can see it clearly in the daylight.

Top 3 Best Duramax Tuner Reviews 2017

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

H&S Performance XRT Tuner

The product is preloaded with DPF present and is capable of removing tuning. The XRT Pro is the tuner that will meet anyone’s needs and budget. It features all of the tuning capability of the Mini Maxx/Black Maxx but without the digital measurements and automatic defuel capability. The XRT Pro enables deletion of the DPF system and all associated sensors.

This tuner can accurately tune an engine with HP that can be boosted from 0 to 250HP. The device can disable/enable factory special features.


  • Easy to use
  • Improved the performance and reliability of your transmission
  • Overdrive unlock code
  • Can tune the engine and transmission
  • Can be updated online
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes


  • No known drawback so far except for customer support

PPE Xcelerator GM 2001-2010

Via Amazon

The PPE Xcelerator was designed for 2001 -2010 Duramax diesel engines and offers 4 to 5 levels of additional horsepower and torque, adjustable speed limiter, adjustable gear ratio, and speedometer corrections. The product was designed to provide better throttle response. Add big power without the need for costly fueling, ​air upgrade and shifting characteristics.

The best thing about this product is that it will boost a stock engine’s performance, particularly those that have additional items like a free flowing exhaust and a cold air intake system. Another benefit of the PPE Standard Xcelerator is that if you want the benefits of Hot or Hot +2 Xcelerator models, then there is a possibility that you can upgrade the software.


  • Read real-time data
  • Transmission reset and quick learn feature
  • Updates available online
  • Read and clear DTCs
  • Adjustable speed limiter


  • Some complaint of no power gain and loss of MPG

Edge Products 85400 CTS2 Diesel Programmer

Via Amazon

The Edge 85400 CTS2 reprograms your Duramax controlled vehicle stock computer. It can ​go in the cab with one simple cable connection to the diagnostic port. This programmer is used ​to ​take the stock files from the automobile’s computer and then upload the calibration into the automobile’s computer.

This product is available for both diesel and gas SUVs and pickups. It has different power levels, custom tuned by a group of engineers, and can be mounted easily without the need to pop the hood. For increased torque and horsepower, this is a good product to consider. This device will not just re-tune your vehicle, it also remains mounted in the cab, has real-time data, and monitors significant engine data.


  • Economical
  • Tunes automatic transmission shift firmness and points
  • Top speed limiter controls
  • Without rev limiter controls
  • Built-in speedometer calibrator
  • Clears and reads diagnostic trouble codes
  • Easy to install


  • Actual MPG does not work sometimes
  • Some complaints that it rewrites a stock copy of edges of factory program

Final Words About Our Top Three Best Duramax Tuners!

After evaluating the top 3 best Duramax tuners we recommend Edge Product 85400 because of the features that will surely fit your vehicle. The real-time data is a plus. You will not have any difficulty in installing and using the device. It ​has all the features that you will be looking for in a tuner.

The price is also a factor. With features mentioned, you wouldn’t mind spending a lot on it. The two other products are also a good option but if you can afford the Edge Product it is best that you purchase the one that will last longer.

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