Best Electric Heater For RV #1 Review In 2020

Winter season and RVs are not a great combination. As you ​know, an RV offers limited insulation and a lot of opportunity for ​leaks and chilly air to get in. This is the reason why it can be challenging to stay in your RV once the temperature drops.

Fortunately, there are now electric heaters that you can use in your RV. Get to know the best electric heater for RV to help you feel comfortable during the winter season.


Electric Heater For RV

Electric Heater For RV


Electric heaters for RVs are the ones who save RV owners during colder seasons. These heaters are known to be the safest and easiest solution to ensuring that your RV will stay warm and cozy all night long.

​Thanks to the innovations of ​today's technology, there are now more and more electric heaters for RVs that people can choose from. The good news is that different electric heaters ​have their ​uses and strengths, and knowing what these are will help you decide what type of electric heater for RV ​you need.

Types Of Electric Heaters For RV

Infrared Electric Heaters

Infrared Electric Heaters


One of the most popular types of electric heaters for your RV is the infrared electric heater. This kind of heater can produce consistent and mild heat, which will help maintain the RV’s temperature. This is designed to ​heat all of the objects inside the room, which includes you! The good thing about infrared heaters is that they are ​perfect for closed areas, instead of areas where you have to walk around.

Here are some of the features that a good infrared electric heater has:

  • Produces consistent and even heat
  • Heats the entire room without ​drying the air
  • Creates no noise
  • Stays cool, which makes it safe in RVs

Ceramic Convection Heaters

Ceramic Convection Heaters


Another popular type of electric heater for RVs is the ceramic convection heaters. The reason for their popularity is not only ​their affordability, but their ability ​to take the cold air out of the room. Ceramic convection heaters work by warming the air and letting it circulate around the RV.

Here are some of the features that a good ceramic convection heater has:

  • Emits no ​odours
  • Lightweight and small, which makes it easier to move
  • Safe to use ​- ​doesn’t contain gasses ​or hot coils
  • Rapidly warms small spaces

Things To Consider When Purchasing An Electric Heater For R​Vs


You need to make sure that the voltage of the electric heater that you are going to purchase is compatible to your RV. Being familiar with the voltage will also help you ​to know the amount of heat that your heater can produce.


​You should know the ​efficiency of the electric heater, and choosing ​one with the highest output will also provide you with the best possible efficiency. Check the spec sheet of the heater​.

Noise Levels

There are electric heaters that produce too much noise, while there are some that don’t emit sound at all. You need to choose the one that will provide little to no noise to help you feel more comfortable in your RV.

Top 3 Best Electric Heater For RV

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Cadet Com-Pak 2000W, 240V Electric Wall Heater with Thermostat

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The Cadet electric heater is one of the fast ​heaters on the market. It can warm ​an area that measures 200 square feet rapidly. This heater is perfect for ​small areas ​like your RV. It can produce steady and comfortable heat, which means that you can ​stay in your RV even if it’s ​winter. Cadet uses a fan to help distribute the heat ​so it is ​warming ​the entire area.

One of the best things about the Cadet electric heater is that it can fit perfectly into your RV’s wall without protruding. This ​means that you no longer need to make room for it, since it can just be installed on the wall. Another good thing about this heater is that it produces little to no noise.


  • Compact in size
  • Produces little to no noise
  • Can efficiently heat the room
  • Thermostat dial makes setting the temperature easy
  • Safe and easy to use


  • Possible over-heating

Stiebel Eltron CK 15E 120 Volt, 1500 Watts Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

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The Stiebel Electric Heater is perfect for small areas. It is also ideal to be used in hallways, kitchens, ​as well as in ​bathrooms. This heater can be mounted easily and can even be installed over heaters that are outdated. Due to the compact design, it can fit almost everywhere.

This electric heater has a built-in thermostat so you can easily adjust the temperature any time you please. It operates quietly, which means that you can comfortably sleep in your RV at night. The Stiebel Electric Heater is constructed in the highest ​quality to ensure that it ​provides its users with a performance that is reliable.


  • Can easily be installed
  • Operates quietly
  • Emits heat in room almost instantly
  • Conserves energy
  • High in quality


  • No electric wiring included
  • Unreliable instructions

Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater with Remote

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The Lasko electric heater has a unique appearance, which can add design to your RV. It comes in a light coloring finish, which can match every interior that you have. The design of this electric heater can provide scalability, performance and flexibility. You can program this heater from 90 degrees, 170 degrees, or a full 360 degrees. You can ​also program the temperature with the use of this heater’s digital thermostat.

This electric heater can easily self-regulate and is known to be safe to use. The housing is cool to the touch, which reduces the possibility of it overheating. The Lasso heater stands 25 inches in length and can certainly warm your RV. It also has an easy grip handle if you need to carry it around. Another good thing about this heater is that it has a three-year limited warranty, so you can have it checked if you start experiencing problems.


  • Can shut down automatically
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Oscillates to cover the entire RV
  • Easy grip handle


  • Remote buttons are hard to read

Find the Best Electric Heater for RV Options Out There!

These are all the best electric heater for RV that you could possibly want​. But in almost all reviews, there will always one that ​wins. For this review, it would be the Cadet Com-Pak 2000W, 240V Electric Wall Heater with Thermostat. It is simply because of how it can rapidly heat an area that measures 200 square feet.

It can also help in maximizing the space of your RV because of the compact design. Cadet is also equipped with a built-in thermostat that can be adjusted, and a fan forced electric heater.

Always remember to consider the things mentioned above when purchasing your first electric heater. The above reviews on the best electric heater for RV will make choosing a heater easier for you.

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