Best Engine Degreaser #1 Review In 2020

Don’t you want to make a good impression on anyone for whom you open the engine hood? Then it's ​important to take proper care of your engine. The best engine degreaser can keep an engine fresh and ​looking ​clean. A good engine degreaser helps to maintain a healthy engine. A small leakage on the engine can lead to bigger leakages. So, you should try to detect any leakage at ​a very early stage. With the best engine degreaser, you can always keep your car looking and running well for a long time. Moreover, you will get good value when you want to sell or trade-in the vehicle.

Whenever you notice any dust or petroleum thing on your engine, you can use an engine degreaser. It is the best thing that can clean your engine. Therefore, today, we will discuss the top engine degreasers on the market and how to choose it.


How to choose the best Engine Degreaser?

It is important to choose the best engine degreaser for an automobile to remove grease and grime. How do you ​choose a good degreaser? It depends on the type of engine that your car has.

A high-quality engine degreaser will create a foaming effect. As a result, it will help to break up and remove dirt from the motor. It's ​easy to clean your motor and engine with a professional product.

Type of Engine Degreaser

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You will find two types of engine degreasers in the market. You can choose foam or aerosol spray cans.

You can use any of the types of engine degreaser on your automobile engine. ​Normally, a spray can is easy to use to remove dirt from an engine.

Size of the Engine Degreaser

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You will find both small and large containers for engine degreaser. ​Larger cans are good for the professional automobile mechanic store. The professional stores use the larger cans as they need to use them frequently.


The price depends on the size, quality and brand. ​Most ​engine degreasers are affordable.

These are main three aspects that you can consider for the purchase of a good engine degreaser. ​You can also ask any professional mechanic to choose a good engine degreaser.

Top 4 Engine Degreaser Reviews

As there are many engine degreasers available on the market, you can become confused. ​So, you will need help to choose a good quality degreaser for your engine. After researching and analyzing many engine degreasers, we have found the top 4 engine degreasers for your automobile. Let’s read the reviews to select the best!

1. Gunk EB5 Engine Brite Original HD Engine Degreaser

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It is one of the best engine degreasers on the market. It comes with a reliable formula to remove the toughest dirt and grime from your ​engine. The degreaser is a good solution for ​non-aerosol applications. Moreover, it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

The degreaser works well for all types of cars, so, you can use the degreaser for both motorcycles and automobiles. Also, it offers powerful solvents for cleaning quickly.

The degreaser is easy to apply to your engine compartment. It comes with a spray can for easy use. Moreover, it does not need a long time to work. Depending on the size of the engine, it will need 10 to 15 minutes to ​complete.


  • One of the best engine degreaser on the market
  • Safe for all types of engines
  • Can be used for both motorcycle and automobile
  • A perfect engine degreaser for non-aerosol
  • Does not contain any harmful chemical for environment
  • It is easy to apply
  • It needs only 10-15 minutes to soak


  • None

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S100 12005L is one of the best engine degreasers for bikes. The unique formula is suitable for both bike and automobile. It needs only 5 minutes to clean the engine of the motorcycle. However, it requires nearly 10 minutes to do its work for your car.

Using the engine degreaser is not hard at all. ​It can work for all types of surfaces. You can use it over paint, bearings, rubber, plastic and alloys. It will make your engine clean in a short time.


  • It is suitable for both bike and automobile
  • It is not harmful to your engine compartments
  • It does not contain any acid and other toxic chemicals
  • It offers excellent cleaning formula
  • It needs only 5 minutes to clean a bike’s ​engine
  • It can work over many materials


  • The bottom engine degreaser doesn’t work as before

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Don’t ​like the natural smell of ​engine degreasers? Then, this is the best choice for you. It comes with powerful formula and offers a herbal fragrance.

Using ​engine degreaser is ​simple for any person. You can easily apply it and use a dry cloth for wiping off. It needs only 10 ​to 12 minutes to do its work.

It will ​remove engine’s toughest dirt and make it clean. Moreover, it will ​eliminate the grease within a short time. As a result, you will find a good looking engine.


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t need much time to clean
  • Quickly clean up the engine
  • Remove white residue stains
  • Herbal fragrance
  • Environmental friendly


  • Expensive

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The engine degreaser is one of the best on the market because of its quality. It is a water based degreaser to clean your engine and motor properly. It can remove the grease and dirt within a short time.

If you do not like the unpleasant odor of degreaser, this ​is for you. It offers no odor, with a quality formula. You can use it for your engine, machine, garage floors, tools, and others. It can also work for hoods and stainless steel materials.

The degreaser is safe to use on your engine. It is not flammable ​and does not need any preparation. You ​just ​spray or apply the degreaser and wait for a few ​minutes.


  • It offers a reliable formula to remove grease and dirt
  • It is easy to use on any equipment along with engine
  • The degreaser is safe to use
  • It does not have any odor
  • It does not need any mixing


  • Doesn’t come with a spray bottle

Our Picks for Best Engine Degreaser Brands

Now you know the best engine degreasers on the market. Therefore, you can choose the best type of engine degreaser for your ​engine. You should apply the degreaser accurately and efficiently. Then, you can expect to have a beautiful engine compartment. Don’t forget to follow our engine degreaser buying guide to choose the best one.