Best Octane Booster #1 Review In 2020

Are you looking for the best octane boosters for your car? Octane boosters are inevitably one of the most important tools for drivers and car owners. It helps in enhancing vehicle performance and engine efficiency. While several options are available in the market, there are those that stand out among the competition.

This guide will help you decide on the best octane booster to upgrade your vehicle’s performance.

Things to Consider in Buying the Best Octane Booster

While there are many other options you can find in the market, opting for the best one can be tough. With the different features each product has, the decision-making process may be as confusing as ever.

To help you ease the anxiety of choosing the best octane booster for your automotive, here are some of the factors to consider in picking out the perfect fuel additive:

Product Compatibility with Your Vehicle

Prior to purchasing any octane booster, be sure to have accurate information about your car and its specifications. The best way to do this is through reading the owner’s manual thoroughly and understanding it. The document contains different specifications and power requirements of your car.

This step is necessary since there are certain octane booster specifications that won’t work. In some cases, using the wrong octane booster fluid may damage the parts and systems.

Product Features

Once you’re already well-versed with the features of your car, the next thing to do is check out available octane boosters in the market. Try to figure out the specifications of each product, and see which features you would like to bring to your car.

Octane Rating

Each octane booster bottle indicates how much it can boost the fuel’s octane rating. Check if it is the amount of raise that you want. Having said this, be vigilant about deceiving claims on product labels.


Given the different varieties of octane boosters in the market, you need to balance product features with cost. This follows the idea that buying a premium (read: expensive) product on a regular basis can be quite devastating for the pocket.

To save up and maximize the use of an octane booster, use it on particular occasions such as a long road trips or a special racing event.

Customer feedback

It’s a good idea to weigh in on customer reviews, which are easily accessible through online stores and other review websites. Evaluate their comments and see if you’re willing to look past the negative feedback that the octane fuel additive has received.

Top 4 Best Octane Boosters

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Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster best octane booster

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The components of Lucas Oil Octane Booster make it compatible with turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. Compared to its competitors in the market, the product manufacturer claims that this product performs three times better. Given its components and promising features, this octane booster can work with fuel injected and carburetted engines.

This octane booster allows vehicles to increase mileage per fuel amount. Cars that were pinging before have experienced improvement upon the addition of Lucas fuel booster in its systems.

Another well-loved feature of this octane booster is its capacity to maintain fuel injectors clean in the process. Such feature prevents a clog-up, which can affect the over-all performance of the car. This feature also saves customers’ money since asking an automotive dealer to do the cleaning job might require a bigger payment.

Aside from the amazing wonders it can do to car performance, this product is also more affordable than its competitor products.


  • ​Higher miles per gallon output
  • ​Causes faster acceleration from zero
  • ​Engine and fuel cleansing feature


  • ​Contains manganese, which has been reported to damage car sensors
Torco Accelerator best octane booster

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Labelling itself as a race fuel concentrate, Torco Accelerator is designed for an overall improved car performance. It contains several additives to fuel up its winning fuel performance. As a result, greater efficiency is achieved along with greater horsepower for optimized automotive performance. Collateral damage will not be that much of a problem with this octane booster.

These promised results are achieved through functional features that optimize the car performance. First among these is its customizability. You can come up with a blend that suits your car’s needs.

Another feature it can offer is its capacity to release the maximum power the engine can perform. In fact, it can even increase your octane levels up to 95 to a maximum of 105, given the optimal conditions and with the right processes.

Torco Accelerator does this through its ability to lower the end burn temperature. Such phenomena leads to the complete burn of the fuel and optimize the power of the engine.


  • ​High raise in octane rating
  • ​Flexible use in a wide range of vehicles
  • ​Won’t damage O2 sensors and catalytic converters


  • ​Potential power loss and gas mileage loss in old vehicles
  • ​Spark plugs may turn orange
Royal Purple ROY11757 MAX BOOST best octane booster

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Royal Purple Max Boost presents itself as a high-performing octane booster with excellent and extremely useful features. Aside from boosting the performance of the automotive, it also promises protection for car parts and functions.

This product raises octane ratings up to 3 numbers, equivalent to 30 points. At the same time, it reduces power loss caused by knock retard. This mostly happens to computer-controlled vehicles.

The octane booster alleviates possibilities of engine pinging and knocking. Along with this process, the formulation stabilizes the fuel to ensure better performance upon usage.

While cleaning deposits from fuel injectors, this octane booster product can do more wonders. In such process, it can also restore power and fuel economy, allowing users to utilize the optimized performance of the car for a longer period of time.

It also replaces lead additives in non-hardened valve seats. With such capacity, these non-hardened valve seats are protected from any damage caused by clogging residues.

Royal Purple ROY11757 MAX BOOST specializes in enhancing the performance of race cars more than vehicles used for daily rides or long trip rides.


  • ​Multi-use feature: increase in octane rating, boost in engine performance, fuel stabilization, and reduction of emissions.
  • ​Protects lifespan of the engine
  • ​MMT formulation addresses pinging and knocking issues
  • ​Works on different engine mechanisms: port fuel injection and direct injection, nitrous-injected, supercharged, turbocharged, and carburetors


  • ​Inconsistencies in product net weight
  • ​Bottle has short spout that may causes stains on car paint
104+ 10406-6PK Octane Boost best octane booster

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Providing services to automotive users since 1975, 104+ has earned the trust of several clients. Given their length of service, 104+ had proven itself as one of the best of its kind in the market.

104+ 10406-6PK Octane Boost features a powerful synthetic formulation. Acceleration is improved, and fuel injectors along with fuel systems are cleaned at the same time.

The product is designed to restore engine horsepower. It can also prevent pinging, knocking, and stalling. As these processes are made possible for the engine, this octane booster has the ability to improve mileage per fuel spent.

In addition, this fuel additive protects OBD O2 sensor systems, spark plugs, and even catalytic converters.

104+ 10406-6PK Octane Boost has no expiry dates. You can use this for a long period of time with proper handling and storage. However, if you see flaking or sedimentation, it’s best not to use the product anymore.

As for compatibility, it can work with a wide variety of engine types.


  • ​Long product lifespan, given the right storage and handling conditions
  • ​Trusted manufacturer
  • ​Multi-use features: better acceleration, ability to clean fuel injectors and fuel systems, prevention of pinging or knocking, improvement in fuel efficiency


  • ​Results may not be noticeable at the start; takes time for improvements to manifest

So which octane booster you feel is best for your car? Share your views in the comments sector below!

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