Best Performance Chip #1 Review In 2020

The performance of your vehicle is something that has taken your time, your money, and a lot of your dedicated effort. You want the best of the best for your car, however, finding the right performance chip, or performance monitor for your vehicle can sometimes be a pain. Because not all performance chips are legal in certain states, it’s difficult to find something that fits your car well, and will, of course, be legal!

There are so many options available, as well as lots of rules and regulations you may need to follow. In order to save you time, in addition to saving you from having to read review after review, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of the top three best performance chip brands on the market right now! Here’s our top three list we’ve put together just for you!

Top Three Best Performance Chip Review

1) Superchips 3571 Flashcal F5 Tuner - Best for Affordability!

Superchips 3571 Performance Chip

Our number one pick is the Superchips 3571 because it is not only a great handheld programmer, but it is incredibly affordable. Recalibrate the speedometer on your Jeep Wrangler. Because of its quick calibration solution, the Superchips 3571 will make certain your Jeep is dialed in properly.

Not only can you change the speedometer, but you can also read codes, override lockers on rubicon, and upgrade your software to Flashpaq software easily online. The directions are simple and easy to follow. Once the product is connected to the ignition, update the tuner, then simply follow the instructions once you’re hooked up to your OBD-II port!

Because the price is so low, it’s well worth it! Much like taking care of your car battery, or finding ways to upgrade your engine, this will make your vehicle so much more powerful! Instead of opting for a cam swap, you can simply use this practically fool-proof product!


  • Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 6.1” (15.49 cm) x 5.4” (13.72 cm) x 2.1” (5.33 cm)


  • Easy Setup
  • Updates are Quick
  • E-Locker controls for Rubicon


  • Can be used for one vehicle PIN

What Buyers Like

There were so many customers that loved the extra features that come with the Superchips 3571 Flashcal F5 Tuner. Not only that, but they loved how quick and easy it is. One customer even stated, “It allowed a quick and easy correction to the tire size which automatically adjusted the shift points.”

Final Verdict

We’ve got the Superchips 3571 Flashcal F5 Tuner Performance chip on our list because it is an extremely affordable option! If you’re looking to enhance your 2007-2016 Jeep, then this is the item for you. However, we don’t recommend this product to anyone looking to upgrade more than one Jeep.

SCT performance Performance Chip

Our number two slot goes to the SCT Performance - 7015 - X4 Performance Tuner that is compatible with a wide array of Ford vehicle models! The X4 Power Flash is easy to read data as it is happening in real time, as well as view popular sensor data from your vehicle. In addition to the EGT, you can also read the air/fuel ratios as well as any other 0-5 Volt source!

This performance chip device is also pre-loaded and read to go! The X4 Power flash comes with DYNO proven tune files that not only increase horsepower, but increase torque as well! Additionally, you can also control your vehicles performance fully with the adjustable tune interface. A great option for anyone looking to take care of their vehicle, just not necessarily a part of taking care of a classic car!

The heads up display monitor with an LCD display can be mounted on your pillar, window, or dash. Because there is also built-in wifi, you can also easily attach to a wireless network for any updates for the device! All in all, an excellent option for nearly any Ford vehicle!


  • Code Clearing: Reads & Clears PCM Diagnostic Trouble Codes.
  • Product dimensions: 12.6” (32 cm) x 9” (22.86 cm) x 2.2” (5.6 cm).
  • Preloaded with DYNO prove tune files.
  • Additionally, able to view and record your vehicle’s PCM data on the device as well as a PC.


  • Works with a wide variety of Ford Models
  • Increases horsepower, torque, throttle response, as well as fuel mileage
  • Pre-Installed tunes


  • Long setup time
  • Need to be certain pre-installed tunes are right for your car

What Buyers Like

Reviewers were extremely happy with how well they were able to calibrate speedometers with their new tires! In addition to calibration, other customers were happy with the SCT being able to help with throttle lag and shifting issues! One review even stated, “I love this thing. Added some power and adjusting the shift point and line pressure helped my transmission a lot.”

Final Verdict

The SCT Performance - 7015 - X4 Performance Tuner is our number two pick for the best performance chip and performance monitors because of the overall quality, as well as the amount of high-quality pre-installed tunes! We don’t recommend this product for anyone who doesn’t have the patience for a long setup, however, it’s an excellent product. Altogether, one of the best on the market.

Edge 85200 Performance Chip

When it comes to our number three pick for the best performance chips, the Edge Products 85200 Evolution CTS Programmer is at the top of the pack! This 4.3-inch (10.9 cm) full-color, high-resolution screen allows you to track the performance of your vehicle with incredible accuracy. The multi-gauge screen layout allows for you to see your how well your vehicle can perform in real time, as well as customize the background with your own pictures!

The scan tool features are able to not only read codes, but also clear troublesome codes that may pop up! This performance chip based power programmer can maximize your truck’s performance, as well as monitor your vehicle’s vital information. Simply plug it in the the OBD-II port, select the performance program level, and you’re on your way to reprogramming your truck’s computer!

In addition to being able to reprogram your vehicle, you can also use this full-color screen as a connection to your backup camera! Overall, seriously one of the best ways to improve your car’s performance!


  • Product dimensions: 9.5” (24.13 cm) x 6.2” (15.75 cm) x 4” (10.16 cm).


  • Maintenance Manager allows you to set mileage alerts
  • Settings are easy to use
  • Custom Backgrounds


  • Not compatible with all trucks
  • May need to call customer support for upgrade help

What Buyers Like

This performance chip and monitor set come in at number three because it is the best option out there for trucks. There were plenty of buyers who not only loved the simple instructions and easy to use monitor, but how well it enhanced the performance of their vehicles! Lots of reviews about the gauge display, as well as how impressive the increase in MPG is. One reviewer wrote, “I can't imagine anything simpler to install that would provide a greater performance/economy boost.”

Final Verdict

We’ve got the number three best performance chip and monitor place taken by the incomparable Edge Products 85200 Evolution CTS Programmer! Not only is the display clear, and incredibly handy, but the performance of your vehicle will be out of this world with this product. However, this product doesn’t work with ALL makes and models of truck, so be certain to check with the manufacturer before you purchase to be certain it is compatible with your vehicle.

The Performance Chip Top Three Review Just for You!

The performance chip for your vehicle is out there! Whether you want something specific to your make and model of vehicle, you’re looking for something a little more affordable so you won't kill your budget, or you’re ready for a product that includes a monitor, our review has something for everyone! Get your new performance chip and get driving!

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