Best Performance Muffler #1 Review In 2020

Are you looking for the best performance muffler for your car? With the different exhaust systems and components in the market today, it is difficult to find the perfect performance muffler for your needs.

That is why we have created this buying guide to help you decide when buying a muffler. You can find the best performance muffler by checking out its important features listed below.


What ​are Performance Mufflers?

Performance Muffler

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Performance mufflers decrease the back pressure in several ways. Some remove all the restrictions in the path of the exhaust. Unfortunately, ​this delays the muffler’s ability to ​control the noise.

​Unless you are a hardcore performance fan, a performance muffler can be too loud if it emits too much noise ​in order to achieve ultra low back pressure. This type of muffler can be appealing to someone who associates noise with power, but it can be irritating for everyday driving.

Things to Consider When Buying a Performance Muffler

If you are living in areas that are high in moisture, choose a stainless steel muffler. You can choose between two grades of stainless steel – the T409 and the T304. The T304 has the greatest corrosion resistance and your body panels will rust away well before you start noticing corrosion on a T304 muffler. But if you are living in a drier area, you can opt for an aluminized steel muffler.

A muffler that is race-ready has ​fewer baffles. This means more flow and ​more power. But it also means that your vehicle will be very loud. So, if you grab the strongly built race muffler in the market, make sure that you check exhaust decibel limits in your area.

Even the quiet muffler can still release a louder sound than ordinary mufflers and will offer lots of flow to support ​engine mods with room to spare.

Best Performance Muffler


Mufflers are legal as long as they will not exceed the volume levels allowed by the government. If you are in ​a residential area, make sure that you don't ​use race mufflers.

When it comes to muffler size, the smaller you go, the louder they will be. It’s because mufflers with smaller cases will not have as many sound minimizing baffles inside them.​

High-performance mufflers should be welded or clamped in place with the use of special hardware. It is very rare to find an aftermarket performance muffler ​that fits perfectly, so be ready to make some changes to your ​exhaust system to install them. If you cannot find a direct fit ​for your car, you need to measure your OEM muffler’s case-length, inlet/outlet sizes and layout, width and look for the performance muffler that matches the measurements.

Top 3 Best Performance Muffler

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Magnaflow 14832 Exhaust Muffler

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​This is a universal muffler that is available for various applications in different sizes and configurations to fit your specific needs. The product is a great addition since it can improve your car performance but likewise ​give it a show-stopping look. It has a stainless steel construction which makes it ideal for areas with high moisture.

All the Magnaflow mufflers are engineered with a wide open performance design. It is developed using the signature deep tone sound. The product is made ​in the USA.


  • Provide more power
  • More aggressive exhaust
  • Providing a deep, aggressive rumble


  • It is quite expensive but it’s worth it
  • It is hard to install

DC Sports Stainless Steel Universal Muffler

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​The DC Sports is made of high-quality polished stainless steel, CNC-machined. They have been providing high-quality performance products since the 1990s, so they have a wide range of experience in installing products designed to keep your engine functioning at its best.

The materials used in manufacturing the muffler will provide you better performance without damaging new parts, and the process of manufacturing is designed to ensure that any issues are found well before the part reaches your vehicle. The muffler inlet is 2.5 inches and the outlet is 3.5 inches. The tank length is around 12.5 inches and the tip length is 2.125 inches with a total length of 17.25 inches.


  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Offer a deep and smooth tone
  • Reduces the back pressure
  • Made of high quality polished stainless steel


  • It requires welding
  • Professional installation is recommended

MegaBrand N1 4” Burnt Tip Muffler

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​The MegaBrand N1 4” muffler with burnt tip has 2.5 inches Inlet Universal. Your car will have an edge over others because of the deep rich sound the muffler provides. Also included in the package when you purchase this is a removable silencer and a nice sporty look.

The outlet tip of the silencer is 4 inches and the inlet tip is 2.5 inches. The manufacturer used high-quality T-304 stainless steel and with a lightweight design. The length of MegaBrand N1is around 18 x 6 x 6 inches and the weight is around 4 pounds 6.5 ounce. The muffler is made of quality aftermarket performance parts.


  • With removable silencer
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Lightweight design
  • Provides a deep rich sound


  • Requires excessive installation
  • It requires welding on some cars.

The Best Performance Muffler You Can Buy!

Best Performance Muffler


Upon assessing the top 3 best performance muffler, we recommend that you should settle with MegaBrand N1 with a T304 design that has the greatest corrosion resistance. The burnt tip muffler looks good in any type of car. Although MegaBrand requires you to get a professional to ​install it, this is worth it since it will provide you better sound.

As recommended, it is best that you ​first know the decibel limit before you purchase a performance muffler to avoid problems in the future.

We hope this article was able to help you find your preferred muffler with the right design and budget. If you feel this post is helpful, you can share this post with other car enthusiasts.