Best Remote Car Starters #1 Review In 2020

The best remote car starters available will not only allow you to get the car started without you, but can also add a little luxury to your everyday life. Whether you want to warm up the car in the winter before you head out, or even cool it down in the summer heat, a remote car starter can make that possible. Not to mention, you never have to leave your house!

All in all, when it comes to finding the best remote car starter options on the market, it may seem impossible to go through ALL of the reviews out there. Not to mention, all of the company websites and misinformation! In order to help you sort through all the nonsense, here is a comprehensive buying guide and reviews for the top three best remote car starters you can buy right now!

Remote Car Starters Buying Guide

Altogether, there are several starters that are considered the top of the line. But finding the ins and outs of this particular niche market doesn’t have to be a challenge! Here is a complete buying guide, as well as specific details to help you narrow down your search for the right remote car starters.

Why Should I Buy a Remote Car Starter?

There are lots of reasons why you should have a remote car starter installed into your vehicle. Overall, whether you’re looking to add a little convenience to your day, you sincerely need the assistance, or you simply want to get ahead of the weather, having a remote car starter can be helpful! All in all, it’s not a terribly huge expense, like buying a new car for ride share driving, or buying a new house. However, it does offer a sense of luxury that is extremely simple!

Getting Ahead of the Weather

Because Mother nature can be unpredictable, you can use remote starters to your advantage! In addition, whether you live in a cold, dry, as well as temperate area, or you choose the heat and humidity closer to the equator, a remote starter is going to help you get ahead of the weather.

In colder climates, your car can sometimes take up to ten minutes or more to warm up. Not to mention, thaw out any frost or ice on your windshield! Not only that, but you sometimes have to plan to be ready to leave the house 20 minutes or more ahead of time because you have to scrape the ice and snow from your vehicle! However, with a remote starter, you simply press the button on your remote or smart device, and your car begins to warm up. Without you ever having to set foot outside!

In addition to helping you warm up in the cold, a remote starter can help you in the dense heat. The heat from inside a parked car can reach unbearable temperatures, as well as make sitting on your car seats practically impossible! With a remote starter, your car can be cooled down, as well as let you finish up getting ready in the cool indoors.

What to Look for in the Best Remote Car Starters

Overall, there aren’t a LOT of technical aspects to finding the right remote starter for you. Whether you prefer a more classic remote style, or even want something to access on your smart phone, there is a product out there for you!


Range is an important factor when choosing a new remote start system. Firstly, you should take into account where your vehicle is normally located in comparison to where you will be. (I.E. parked in the garage, on the street in front of the house, in the parking garage, etc.). Secondly, choose your range. This can be anywhere between thirty, or forty feet, or even up to a mile! Finally, choose a specific range that will be the most convenient to you personally. All things considered, breaking down the right range for you is incredibly simple!

Different Types of Start Systems

When shopping for a new remote starter, you should always consider your level of familiarity with technology, as well as daily convenience. If you’re someone who is constantly misplacing your keys (because, let’s face it, we all do it), then you’ll probably want something that comes with a single key fob. This way, you have your unlock buttons, as well as your remote starter in the same place for easy access!

However, if you’re more tech savvy, then you can find remote car starters that can be accessed using an iPhone or an Android smartphone. In addition to having a less cluttered key ring, you can use your smartphone remote from anywhere where you have cell service! All in all, the range is practically limitless!

How Should I Install the Car Starter?

Buying a new remote starter also means having to install it into the vehicle. Consider how each starter option is installed into your vehicle, as well as the length of time for installs, while you’re shopping around. It can be a bit tricky depending upon your car make, as well as the year and model.

Here are a few questions think about when figuring out the best starter and how you’re going to install it:

  • Can the model be installed in a short period of time?
  • Does my vehicle need to be in the shop for more than a day?
  • Is there an authorized dealer near you?
  • Are they familiar with the model you’re interested in?
  • Is your vehicle a manual transmission? (some places won’t install remote car starters in manual cars because it is a bit tricky.)
  • Can the model be installed by any mechanic?

All of these questions, and possibly more, should go into your consideration of a new starter model. If there isn’t a dealership near you that can install the starter safely, or if it can’t be installed into your vehicle, those are huge obstacles! Because you should be certain before you make your purchase that you can get it installed safely in your car!

Does a New Remote Starter Damage the Engine?

Part of buying a new remote car starter is having a little peace of mind. Besides purchasing your remote starter from a well-known, as well as highly rated manufacturer, you should also consider a professional to do the installation. That way, whether you have a warranty or not, you know that your vehicle is in good hands! Remote car starters have to be installed very specifically, as well as by someone who has experience. Not only will this mean your engine will be safe, but also that they work will be certified.

The Top Three Remote Car Starters

All things considered, now that you know a little more about what to look for in a new remote system, it’s time to get into the best models for your car! The top three remote car starters in this review have a wide variety of ranges, prices, as well as starter options. Take a look at these popular models to find just the right one for your car!



Is the Avital 4205L Avistart Expensive?

Finding a remote starter that won’t break the bank is easy with this Avital model. Not only is this option the most affordable on our list of the top three models, but it also comes with dedicated A-to-D converter. This samples your vehicles voltage, making it unnecessary to have a tachometer wire connection! Not to mention a D2D serial data port that allows the Avital to interface with other devices using a D2D cable.

Does the Avital Avistart Have a Key Fob?

All in all, this 4205L Avistart model is one of the smallest key fob remote starts made by Avital. You’ll not only get the convenience of remote start and key fob entry into your car, but you’ll also get XCR onboard relays that are built into Avital remote start systems!

What are the Dimensions for the Avital 4105L?

Product Packaging Dimensions: 7.8” (19.8 cm) x 7.8” (19.8 cm) x 3” (7.62 cm). Item Packaging Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg)

Product Specifics for the Avital 4105L:

A dedicated A-to-D converter samples your vehicle’s voltage hundreds of times each second, eliminating the need for a tachometer wire connection. TheD2D serial data port; Quickly connects your Avital system to other interface devices via D2D cables. XCR onboard relays; Extreme capacity remote start relays are built-in to Avital remote start systems. Bitwriter programmable.

Pros Of Avital 4105L

  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Small Key Fob
  • Decent range

Cons Of Avital 4105L

  • Bitwriter required for wiring
  • Horn honk features make the horn honk twice when unlocked

Why Should I Buy the Avital Avistart?

There are lots of reviews about the easy installation of this product, as well as the easy use of the small key fob. All in all, lots of customers were really happy about the extremely affordable price point. Not to mention, how well this product works over an extended period of time!

Final Verdict on the Avital Avistart

This product is great for anyone looking to get a remote car starter on a budget. However, we don’t recommend this product for anyone who isn’t familiar with Bitwriter, as it is required for installation. Altogether, this product is easy to install, has a great price, as well as it has a small key fob to keep you key ring uncluttered!

Viper Best Remote Car Starter


Does the Viper 2-Way Remote Starter Have a Long Range?

The Viper 5706V not only comes with a five-button LCD remote transmitter, but it also has a range of one mile! Not to mention it also has a 4-Channel vehicle security system, as well as a liquid-crystal display, and an onboard lithium-ion rechargeable battery with micro-USB recharging.

Is the Viper 5706V Come with a Full Kit?

All things considered, this remote is extremely tech friendly. It comes with an active temp check that lets you see the temperature inside your car. Not only that, but it also has a priority user interface that includes SmartStart, Timer Start, Runtime Reset, TempCheck, Silent Mode, and siren-less arming modes.


The various platforms can do anything from let you know your car doors are open, to arming your alarm system! It comes as a full kit, with all of the necessary components to get these functions up and running.

What are the Dimensions for the Viper 2-Way Remote?

Product Dimensions: 4.7” (11.94 cm) x 3.8” (9.65 cm) x 1.2” (3.05 cm). Item Weight: 0.43 lbs (0.2 kg). Shipping Weight: 2.9 lbs (1.31 kg)

Product Specifics for the Viper 2-Way Remote:

Viper 5706v Responder LC3 is a complete security, as well as remote start system with a full one-mile range. Easy to understand priority icons, as well as a text screen on a LCD display. The five buttons control up to 24 different functions on two cars.

Pros Of The Viper 5706V

  • Lots of functions
  • Easy to use
  • Long range
  • Two Vehicles

Cons Of The Viper 5706V

  • Needs to be professionally installed
  • Because installation is “unique”, it is difficult to find shops to install it

Why Should I Buy the Viper 5706V Responder LC3?

Lots of customers who purchased this product were really happy with all the functions this remote starter provides. Not to mention how long the range is! There were several customers who raved about the overall quality of the model, as well as how it works on a variety of vehicles.

Final Verdict on the Viper 5706V Responder LC3

This is an excellent product that includes a variety of functions, as well as an impressive one-mile range! However, this product is NOT recommended for anyone looking to do the install themselves. As the installation isn’t easy, it should be done by a professional! All in all, this is a great product for anyone looking for a long range remote car starter.

Directed Remote car starter


Is the Directed Electronics Python LED Remote Start Easy to Install?

With an extremely simple to use key fob remote, this Directed Electronics model is easy to install… if you’re a professional! The 4806P Python LED 2-way remote has 4 auxiliary outputs, onboard stinger double-guard remote-adjustable shock sensor, as well as a Neo Revenger Soft-Chirp 6-tone Siren. It’s not like checking your transmission fluid. All in all, this install is for the pros and the pros alone!

Does the 4806P Python Work with A Lot of Cars?

This model is great for practically any variety of vehicle, as well as model variations. Not only can you use the One Responder HD Color SuperCode 2-Way and One 5-Button 1-Way remotes, but you can also opt for a SmartStart add-on.

What are the Dimensions for the Directed Electronics Model?

Product Dimensions: 6” (15.24 CM) X 6” (15.24 CM) X 6” (15.24 CM). Item Shipping Weight: 1.9 lbs (0.86 kg).

Product Specifics for the Directed Electronics Model:

2 CR2 batteries required. Onboard Stinger Double-Guard remote-adjustable shock sensor. One Responder HD Color SuperCode 2-Way, as well as One 5-Button 1-Way. 4 Auxiliary Outputs.

Pros Of The 4806P Python

  • Small key fob
  • Simple design
  • Decent range

Cons Of 4806P Python

  • Complicated installation 
  • Key fob life isn't very long

Why Should I Buy the Directed Electronics Inc 4806P Python LED?

With lots of customer reviews about the great range, it’s no wonder this product has so many great reviews. Several customers liked this model because it was really simple to use. No need for any complex smartphone apps. Because this model comes with a straight-forward key fob!

Final Verdict on the Directed Electronics Inc 4806P Python LED

This model is great for its simplicity of use, as well as the variety of vehicles that it is compatible with. However, don’t get this model if you’re looking for a self-install. Because this particular remote car starter needs to be installed professionally! Altogether, an excellent option for you!

The Best Remote Car Starters for Your Car!

Because not every car, or every car owner is the same, there is a large variety of products for this best remote car starters review! Find the model that works best for you and your car, as well as your budget! The best remote car starters are out there for your car!

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