Best RV Toilet Buying Guide 2017 Edition

Nothing puts you in fear when you’re in transit than a having to grapple with a bathroom emergency. Adults squirming on their seats and kids hollering that they want to go can make even the toughest traveler tremble. Consequently, it’s highly important that your RV is fitted with a toilet that’s tailored for use in a car and one that’s immune to bumps on the road.

Before looking at the top four best RV toilets, let us first look at two important things, the need for RV toilet, and the factors to consider when looking for RV toilet


Why You Should Buy The Best RV Toilet

Best RV Toilet


Are you planning working outdoors, heading out for a camp or going for a road trip? If yes, then you certainly need a RV toilet. Having the convenience of a restroom facility is highly important.

Here are some of the reasons you need a RV toilet:

  • RV toilets makes your outdoor activity highly convenient
  • They help you manage odor perfectly
  • They make the management of waste a walk in the park
  • They are easy to install, clean and maintain

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best RV Toilet

Best RV Toilet


Hygiene: Hygiene is the most important factor to have in mind when in the market for an RV toilet. In addition to your toilet lacking any leakages, you should also choose one that doesn’t spread bacteria.

Price: In selecting the best RV toilet, its price is one of the important things you need to consider. The last thing you want to do is purchase a toilet that’s cheap and/or is made of pitiable quality materials. Settle for one that’s made of high quality materials.

Extra Amenities: Additional amenities include things such as a flushing system, as well as other additives like spouts and hand sprays. It’s a defining factor because you have additional amenities for the cost of one.

Easy Installation: The best attribute about RV toilets is the fact that they’re extremely easy to install. The important to ensure is that your toilet is easy to repair. In terms of size, the smaller ones are effortless to install compared to the bigger ones.

Features: Which features do you want your RV toilet to have? This is another million-dollar question you should ask yourself. Ensure the toilet you settle for has features that will be beneficial to your road trip.

Best RV Toilet Reviews

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1. Domestic 310 RV Toilet

The Domestic 310 RV toilet is certainly a leap forward from the normal plastic toilet, which most RV’s normally come with.

Have you been looking for a high performance TV toilet, which offers an effortless-to-clean porcelain bowl? Then look no further than this toilet. In addition to the many great features the toilet has, two stand out.

The first one has to do with the fact that it boasts great build quality and full circumference water delivery when flushing.


  • 360-degree vortex flush
  • Available hand sprayer
  • Flush ball seal replaced devoid of toilet disassembly
  • Porcelain toilet bowl


  • Plastic toilet seat
  • Toilet bowl is not elongated

2. Domestic 320 RV Toilet

You can’t deny that the Domestic 320 RV toilet is a darn great RV toilet. One of the best attributes about it is the fact that it features an elongated porcelain bowl.

Secondly, it has a residential-style enameled wooden toilet seat.


  • Low water usage
  • Full rim flush
  • Available hand sprayer
  • Elongated porcelain toilet bow
  • Wooden toilet seat


  • Costlier in comparison to other RV toilets
  • Requires more clearance between back wall and floor range because of its elongated shape

3. Thetford Porta Potti-Curve RV Toilet

This RV toilet is an incredible toilet that stands above the rest in its league due to the many features it boasts. For starters, it utilizes an electric water pump thus eliminating the need to pump manually.

Secondly, the toilet has a modern design that brings some little flair to a usually mundane task. Whether you own a large vehicle or a van, you can rest assured that the toilet would be handy during your tent adventures or camping. You can also use it in your outbuilding or garage if the main house toilet is under repairs.


  • Modern design
  • Comfortable seat height
  • Integrated toilet paper holder
  • Large 5.5-gallon waste tank
  • Oval toilet bowl shape that guarantees residential-style toilet comfort
  • Electric pump meaning that you don’t have to flush your toilet manually


  • Needs batteries
  • Electric pump might fail

4. Camco 41541 RV Toilet

A great thing I loved about this toilet is the fact that it is pocket friendly. It features a huge 5.3 gallon waste holding tank, which is removable. That means that getting rid of waste is an effortless process. In terms of weight, it’s only 11 pounds. That attribute makes it light and among the most portable options in the list.

Additionally, it has a highly convenient carry handle. The toilet also features a highly compact design. While that might be the case, it remains a highly portable solution. You can secure the tank with side latches to prevent waste spillage.


  • It features a huge holding tank
  • Odors are kept sealed inside the holding tank
  • The unit is highly stable
  • It’s lightweight


  • Dumping can be highly challenging since there’s no pour spout
  • The unit’s seat is small
  • The bowl isn’t deep

In Summary…

Having a toilet in your car makes it convenient when camping in an RV. Whether you reside in a go globetrotting or trailer in your RV, you definitely require an easy to clean and comfortable toilet. The toilet you settle for should have all the features listed above. Additionally, it must be made from quality and sturdy material.

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