Best Trailer Hitch Lock #1 Review In 2020

A trailer hitch lock is one of the most important accessories ​you need to protect your trailer. The lock should be easy to maintain and use. When you have the best trailer hitch lock, you ​no longer risk ​losing the trailer.

A good quality hitch lock is durable and will have undergone ​numerous tests to ensure its strength. T​hieves do not want to spend time trying to remove ​​the lock in order to steal your trailer hitch!


Top 3 Trailer Hitch Lock Reviews

Because ​there are lots of trailer hitch locks available, ​choosing the right one can be ​confusing. We analyzed the market and picked ​the best three trailer hitch locks that you can buy. Read our detailed trailer hitch lock review before you ​make your ​decision.

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Tough Auto Trailer Hitch Lock Adjustable & Universal Fits All


If you are looking for a durable and solid hitch lock, this is the best choice. It is made of A36 steel with an aluminum alloy base for durable support. In addition, it has steel safety locking pins to ensure ​quality and performance.

The quality of the lock is ​enough to prevent drill out and other methods of ​theft, so ​you don't need to worry ​about ​your trailer. It will always be ​safe and sound.

This hitch lock is made of high-quality, durable material, and comes with ​two keys. You can also get replacement ​keys by ​contacting the manufacturer. It is suitable for 1 - 7/8-inch to 2-inch trailer, so make sure you check ​this trailer lock will fit your trailer​.

Overall, this trailer lock is the best choice for ​quality, performance and corrosion-resistant material.


  • The hitch lock is made of heavy duty material for durable support
  • It is easy to install and it protects your hitch
  • The material is perfect for support in all weathers
  • It ​is made from ​corrosion-free and rust-free material


  • ​No ​manufacturer warranty
  • The trailer hitch lock is not suitable for a 2 5/16-inch size hitch

Trimax UMAX100 Premium Universal 'Solid Hardened Steel' Trailer Lock


Trimax is a trailer lock well-known for its quality, performance and protection. It is made from heavy-duty steel, ​with 360 degrees protection and ​a drill-resistant design. Thieves will not be able to steal your trailer.

The trailer lock is weather resistent, and it comes with a key hold cover to ​protect the lock mechanism and interior.

The trailer lock can be used for all sizes of couplers, and it comes with ​one extra key with a 7-pin design that thieves will not be able to copy.​

Overall, the trailer lock is a suitable choice if you want to use it for multiple trailers. The quality is ​very impressive for the price​. 


  • It is a steel made trailer lock
  • It provides 360-degree protection
  • There is a key hole cover to protect against all weathers
  • 7-pin key design makes it ​hard to copy
  • The keys will not break or bend


  • Sometimes it is a bit hard to unlock

Connor Trailer Hitch Lock


The Connor trailer comes with a patented design for strength ​and high performance. The lock is ​compatible ​with common hitch setups and its long body construction makes it easy to use. Its ​push to lock technology ​makes it a good choice if you want to ​save ​time and protect your ​trailer.

The trailer lock is durable and strong. Its heavy-duty material can easily tow up to 20,000 GTW. The hitch lock is made for all weathers. You ​get a supportive rubber key slot cap, so the ​lock mechanism will never be hampered due to bad weather.

Overall, the trailer hitch lock is a good choice for its price, quality, design and performance.


  • The hitch lock is made of high-quality materials
  • The patented design makes it durable and strong
  • It comes with all-weather supportive rubber key cap
  • It is easy to use
  • It can tow up to 20,000 GTW


  • It is not scratch-resistant

How To Choose The Best Trailer Hitch Lock?

Selecting the right and quality hitch lock is important. You ​are buying ​it for safety so ​you should not compromise on ​quality, design and protection. If you are thinking of buying a hitch lock in the future​, you should consider ​these factors in order to get the best model for your money:

best trailer hitch lock



It is advisable ​to choose a heavy-duty steel or aluminum ​​lock. This will ensure durability​. Don’t go for cheap or low quality plastic based hitch locks.

Protection Level

It’s all about protecting ​your trailer lock. ​You should select a lock that provides the optimum ​level of protection, ideally one which makes it difficult to drill out or to ​copy keys.


Different hitch locks ​​fit multiple sizes of ​trailer. You should check the compatible sizes before you select a lock for your trailer.

Ease Of Use

The hitch lock should be easy to use. You should feel comfortable locking and unlocking the lock, so don't go for one that has a tough ​lock mechanism!

The Best Trailer Hitch Lock for You!

When you want to protect your trailer hitch, only the best lock for hitch will do. ​So, you need to spend some time researching ​the best hitch lock.

Any of the above top 3 hitch locks will offer you high-performing protection with good quality mechanisms, but you can also use our guide to ensure you make the right decision. You can also check this guide for the best trailer locks.


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