The Best TV Antenna For RV 2017

Nature tripping, camping with family and friends, and going on a road trip on board an RV is pure bliss. However, it would be so much fun if you could still watch your favorite TV shows and news, even if you are on the road or in the campground.

To be able to do all of these things, you need the best TV antenna for RV that can clearly pick up channels even in lowest signal areas. If you are one of many people who are in the market for the best TV RV antenna, you need to consider the following to ensure that you will be getting ​one that works and will bring value to your money:


Things You Need Consider Before Buying TV Antenna For RV

Best TV Antenna For RV


1. Your Antenna Must Be Able To Pick Up Local Channels

To pick up local affiliates of major networks, the antenna should receive signals effectively. It should have good signal receiver in order to capture weak signals even if it is far from the broadcasting tower. It has been categorized into two types according to its signal reception. Those are VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) antennas.

  • 1. VHF antennas are physically larger compared to UHF antennas
  • 2. For TV signals, only 12 channels are on VHF while there are 38 channels for UHF
  • 3. You can get hybrid antennas that can receive both UHF and VHF signals

2. Location Of TV Antenna Mount

Typically, RV TV antennas are divided into two types:

  • Outdoor RV TV Antenna
  • Indoor RV TV Antenna

Outdoor RV TV Antenna

Best TV Antenna For RV

Outdoor TV antennas are best for the suburbs and rural areas, where a TV signal has to travel a greater distance. They also tend to perform better in rainy or stormy conditions, which can also affect how well a signal travels.

For best reception, the idea is to maximize signal and minimize noise. Antennas with a greater reach (more than 50 miles), such as the 85-mile, are designed to be mounted outdoors. Outdoor antennas, especially on a roof or mast, generally offer the best performance, particularly if you are many miles from a broadcast tower.

Indoor RV TV Antenna

Best TV Antenna For RV


Indoor amplified antennae not only look fantastic but ​also pull in a wide range of channels too. Indoor TV antennas don’t require any additional power source. Simply plug it into your TV and you’ll be ready to go.

They’re better suited for cities and more urban areas, where the broadcast signals don’t have to travel as far. For most people, an indoor 25- or 50-mile indoor antenna will suffice. These are typically mounted on the inside of a window. You need to consider how far the window is from your TV, and get an antenna with a longer coaxial cable.

3. RV TV Antenna Should Able To Get HD (High Definition) Signals

The RV antenna which you are going to buy should able to receive HD signals to give you better and crystal clear viewing experience.

Best TV Antenna For RV Review

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The Winegard RV-3095 Sensar III Batwing is an amplified digital TV antenna for RV with a 55 mile range and VHF/UHF capabilities wherever you go.

It can receive clear local broadcast HDTV signals allowing you to watch your favorite TV shows even in ​areas where there are low signals. The Winegard Sensar boasts long lasting durability as it has been the top-rated RV TV Antenna for over 20 years.

It has passed many UV and environmental tests so its quality and efficiency will give value ​for money.


  • It can pick up many channels than traditional RV TV Antennas
  • The reception is excellent and it works as expected
  • It can be easily installed
  • It boasts a state of the art picture quality
  • It is as vivid as almost any cable connection


  • None recorded so far

This 1byone Amplified RV Antenna with Omni-directional 360° Reception, 70 Miles Outdoor HDTV Antenna Caravan TV Antenna boasts extremely high performance and quality.

It is best for ​outdoors and RVs. It comes with an anti-UV coating and it features a waterproof, sturdy and compact mount design. It also comes with a built-in amplifier and mount base.

Its Omni-directional 360° Reception allows it to receive signal from different directions.​ It can be easily installed without any tools and once you have it installed, you can use it for free for life, anytime, ​anywhere.

You will no longer be paying cable or satellite fees to be able to watch local television channels. With this RV TV antenna, you can now experience crystal clear HDTV with the highest quality.


  • It comes with an outstanding product quality
  • It works great as it can pick up around 60+ channels
  • It can receive signals perfectly even from towers that are 50 miles away
  • Easy to install
  • Way cheaper than cable because there will be no monthly subscription fees


  • It receives slightly weak signals causing spotty reception
  • The cable is a lot harder to install than the unit

The KING OA8000 Jack Replacement Head is a sleek HDTV ​over-the-air antenna that is perfect for your RV or home. With this baby, you can ​replace your old over-the-air antenna.

Its wider reception coverage allows it to find a signal easily and search for nearby local channels. This is less directional, less wind resistant, 70% smaller, and offers better reception compared to the RV antennas that people traditionally used before.

It can also be easily and quickly installed without any tools. It comes with a TV bracket so you can have it mounted in an obstruction-free area of your RV or home.


  • It could pull up as much as 70 stations with good reception
  • It can be installed in seconds
  • It looks cool
  • It is small so it is more compact and more aerodynamic
  • It has a led light feature so you will know it is on
  • Perfect for RVs


  • Its signal is not as good
  • Needs a powerful signal booster
  • Not ideal for MH or trailers

Final Thoughts on the Best TV Antenna For RV!

If you are ​in the market for the best RV TV Antenna, we highly recommend Winegard Sensar RV-3095. Despite the fact that Winegard Sensar has been the leading TV antenna for RV for more than 2 decades, it is also very affordable and it boasts many amazing features. It is the only product from our list that doesn’t have any negative reviews. ​If you liked this article and would like to know more about TV Antennas for RV, please leave your feedback in the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy!