How To Choose The Best HID Kit For Your Car

Are you looking for the best HID kit for your car? In the past, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps were used on luxury cars for stylish looks and functionality. Halogen lights were meant for cheaper car models, but recent developments in the car manufacturing industry has opened up opportunities for HID kits to take center stage.

When choosing the best HID kit for your vehicle, you need to look at several factors to make sure that you can get the perfect product for your specific need. This buying guide should point you to the right direction in getting the best HID headlight kit.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best HID Kit

HID lights are so much better than earlier halogen models as they can have better light projections in varying distances, provide better road vision, require less energy, and generally have longer life spans. HID kits are more economical and cost-efficient, while giving off a kick of style and hip to your ride.

Here are some factors that you need to look into when selecting between different HID kit products:

  • Type: Some of the most common types of HID kits in the market include single beam, high/low beam, bi-xenon, and telescope.
  • Color temperature: Know what output color you would like your headlights to have. Most products come with specific color temperature degrees ranging from 3000K to 12000K.
  • Warranty: Check if the product that you’re planning to buy has a warranty in case of product defects or short lifespan.
  • Additional components: Does your assembly need capacitors or a relay wiring harness? These accessories are required for some HID kits to work.

Top 4 Best HID Kit

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OPT7 FluxBeam H11 LED Headlight Kit with Clear Arc-Beam Bulbs Best HID Kit

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What makes the OPT7 FluxBeam unique compared to other models is that it gives off a much whiter light. OPT7 has been in the industry for over 20 years, and the company has worked hard in developing and improving their products, and this HID kit model is a showcase of its excellence.

The standard model gives off 4,200 lumens at 40W per bulb, while the low-beam model gives off 3,500 lumens at 30W. Compared to other products in the market that compete for the title “Best HID Kit”, the light that the OPT7 FluxBeam provides is a bit dimmer.

The best thing about this is that although the product does not give off the brightest light, it is engineered to give off light that is correctly distributed to illuminate your road vision.

The product comes with their signature Arc-Glass Technology together with the powerful CREE MK-R LED, which all create the most suitable beam pattern for your headlights. This beam pattern produces long-range lights that do not have dark spots in long projections.

The product is also weather-resistant as it uses a TurboCool technology with a 7,000rpm rainproof fan that spins even underwater.


  • check
    ​Very easy do-it-yourself installation
  • check
    ​Long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
  • check
    ​Comes with product warranty


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​May not suit some car models
SDX HID Headlight DC Xenon Premium Conversion Kits Best HID Kit

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Manufactured by a company known for a commendable customer service and quality in the autoparts and car accessories, this product is known for its simplicity and relatively cheaper price.

The SDX HID Xenon Headlight Conversion Kit comes with a luminescence efficiency of at least 85 percent of the light it emits. This makes the product one of the brightest headlights in the market. It includes a set of 9006 high intensity discharge (HID) xenon bulbs, which are resistant to water, dust, and shock.

Replacement bulbs of the kit come in different colors including blue, white, purple, bright yellow, and pink, and they also come in varying sizes depending on your car’s needs. This product can fit the following sizes: HB4, 9006HP, 9006XS, 9012, HIR2 and HIR.

Because of its lightweight and heavy-duty feature (item weight is 2.31 pounds), it is suitable for snowmobile, street bike, UTV, ATV, and other similar activities.


  • check
    ​Bright light
  • check
    ​Resistant to shock, dust and water
  • check
    ​Easy to install
  • check
    ​Available in different sizes


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Not as premium as other similar products
HID Xenon Headlight Optimum Conversion Kit by Kensun Best HID Kit

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The HID Xenon Headlight Optimum Conversion Kit by Kensun is by far one of the most popular HID kits in the market. The product contains a set of 9006 high-intensity discharge xenon bulbs that come with high quality ballasts and mounting accessories. Its smart plug-and-play installation system can easily be set up in less than 20 minutes, and assures that the product manual is enough to guide you through the installation process.

Offered in different shades of blue, white, gold, green, pink and purple, the product has a total 6-16 volts power input, and comes with a 7-amp power consumption. The product promises good performance in extreme temperatures that can range from -40 to 125 °C. This kit can fit sizes HB4, 9006HP, 9006XS, 9012, HIR2 and HIR.

The product also comes with a smart aluminium carry-case and promises 100% resistance to shock, water, and weather.


  • check
    ​Available in different variants
  • check
    ​Lightweight but stable structure
  • check
    ​Efficient and reliable
  • check
    ​Smart plug-and-play operation


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​More expensive than other similar products
H11 Morimoto Elite HID Kit System Best HID Kit

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If you are looking for 35W ballasts that come with 3000K bulbs or 50W ballasts that come with 6500K, the Miromoto Elite HID Kit System can be customized based on your preference. The product comes with a triple-sealed wire harness that provides resistance to moisture, water, weather and shock.

The wire harness also promises an easy plug-and-play function that quickly sends signals to the ballasts and bulbs of your unit. After all, choosing the headlights for your car should not only focus on the bulbs and ballasts – the wire harness should also be a major concern, and this is where the product works well.

With its lightweight build of 3.6 pounds, the product is designed to run for 2,500 hours under normal use and conditions. It comes with a 5-year warranty on the entire kit—something that is not offered by other brands!

H11 Morimoto Elite HID Kit System offers different mounting options, which make it a lot easier for the user to clean and install.


  • check
    ​Plug-and-play installation
  • check
    ​Good performance
  • check
    ​Can be customized based on the user’s preference and needs


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Shorter lifespan than other products
  • exclamation-triangle
    ​More expensive compared to others in the market

Final Word

If you’re looking for perfect road lighting combined with durability and cost efficiency, one of these four HID kits should look attractive to you. When choosing the perfect HID kit for your vehicle, find the right balance between cost, quality, ease of installation, and lifespan.

We hope this review and buying guide will lead you to purchase the best HID kit for your car. If you find this review useful, feel free to share this with your friends.

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Best Octane Booster Review: Finding the Perfect Fuel Additive For Your Car

Are you looking for the best octane boosters for your car? Octane boosters are inevitably one of the most important tools for drivers and car owners. It helps in enhancing vehicle performance and engine efficiency. While several options are available in the market, there are those that stand out among the competition.

This guide will help you decide on the best octane booster to upgrade your vehicle’s performance.

Things to Consider in Buying the Best Octane Booster

While there are many other options you can find in the market, opting for the best one can be tough. With the different features each product has, the decision-making process may be as confusing as ever.

To help you ease the anxiety of choosing the best octane booster for your automotive, here are some of the factors to consider in picking out the perfect fuel additive:

Product Compatibility with Your Vehicle

Prior to purchasing any octane booster, be sure to have accurate information about your car and its specifications. The best way to do this is through reading the owner’s manual thoroughly and understanding it. The document contains different specifications and power requirements of your car.

This step is necessary since there are certain octane booster specifications that won’t work. In some cases, using the wrong octane booster fluid may damage the parts and systems.

Product Features

Once you’re already well-versed with the features of your car, the next thing to do is check out available octane boosters in the market. Try to figure out the specifications of each product, and see which features you would like to bring to your car.

Octane Rating

Each octane booster bottle indicates how much it can boost the fuel’s octane rating. Check if it is the amount of raise that you want. Having said this, be vigilant about deceiving claims on product labels.


Given the different varieties of octane boosters in the market, you need to balance product features with cost. This follows the idea that buying a premium (read: expensive) product on a regular basis can be quite devastating for the pocket.

To save up and maximize the use of an octane booster, use it on particular occasions such as a long road trips or a special racing event.

Customer feedback

It’s a good idea to weigh in on customer reviews, which are easily accessible through online stores and other review websites. Evaluate their comments and see if you’re willing to look past the negative feedback that the octane fuel additive has received.

Top 4 Best Octane Boosters

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Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster best octane booster

Via Amazon

The components of Lucas Oil Octane Booster make it compatible with turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. Compared to its competitors in the market, the product manufacturer claims that this product performs three times better. Given its components and promising features, this octane booster can work with fuel injected and carburetted engines.

This octane booster allows vehicles to increase mileage per fuel amount. Cars that were pinging before have experienced improvement upon the addition of Lucas fuel booster in its systems.

Another well-loved feature of this octane booster is its capacity to maintain fuel injectors clean in the process. Such feature prevents a clog-up, which can affect the over-all performance of the car. This feature also saves customers’ money since asking an automotive dealer to do the cleaning job might require a bigger payment.

Aside from the amazing wonders it can do to car performance, this product is also more affordable than its competitor products.


  • check
    ​Higher miles per gallon output
  • check
    ​Causes faster acceleration from zero
  • check
    ​Engine and fuel cleansing feature


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Contains manganese, which has been reported to damage car sensors
Torco Accelerator best octane booster

Via Amazon

Labelling itself as a race fuel concentrate, Torco Accelerator is designed for an overall improved car performance. It contains several additives to fuel up its winning fuel performance. As a result, greater efficiency is achieved along with greater horsepower for optimized automotive performance. Collateral damage will not be that much of a problem with this octane booster.

These promised results are achieved through functional features that optimize the car performance. First among these is its customizability. You can come up with a blend that suits your car’s needs.

Another feature it can offer is its capacity to release the maximum power the engine can perform. In fact, it can even increase your octane levels up to 95 to a maximum of 105, given the optimal conditions and with the right processes.

Torco Accelerator does this through its ability to lower the end burn temperature. Such phenomena leads to the complete burn of the fuel and optimize the power of the engine.


  • check
    ​High raise in octane rating
  • check
    ​Flexible use in a wide range of vehicles
  • check
    ​Won’t damage O2 sensors and catalytic converters


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Potential power loss and gas mileage loss in old vehicles
  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Spark plugs may turn orange
Royal Purple ROY11757 MAX BOOST best octane booster

Via Amazon

Royal Purple Max Boost presents itself as a high-performing octane booster with excellent and extremely useful features. Aside from boosting the performance of the automotive, it also promises protection for car parts and functions.

This product raises octane ratings up to 3 numbers, equivalent to 30 points. At the same time, it reduces power loss caused by knock retard. This mostly happens to computer-controlled vehicles.

The octane booster alleviates possibilities of engine pinging and knocking. Along with this process, the formulation stabilizes the fuel to ensure better performance upon usage.

While cleaning deposits from fuel injectors, this octane booster product can do more wonders. In such process, it can also restore power and fuel economy, allowing users to utilize the optimized performance of the car for a longer period of time.

It also replaces lead additives in non-hardened valve seats. With such capacity, these non-hardened valve seats are protected from any damage caused by clogging residues.

Royal Purple ROY11757 MAX BOOST specializes in enhancing the performance of race cars more than vehicles used for daily rides or long trip rides.


  • check
    ​Multi-use feature: increase in octane rating, boost in engine performance, fuel stabilization, and reduction of emissions.
  • check
    ​Protects lifespan of the engine
  • check
    ​MMT formulation addresses pinging and knocking issues
  • check
    ​Works on different engine mechanisms: port fuel injection and direct injection, nitrous-injected, supercharged, turbocharged, and carburetors


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Inconsistencies in product net weight
  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Bottle has short spout that may causes stains on car paint
104+ 10406-6PK Octane Boost best octane booster

Via Amazon

Providing services to automotive users since 1975, 104+ has earned the trust of several clients. Given their length of service, 104+ had proven itself as one of the best of its kind in the market.

104+ 10406-6PK Octane Boost features a powerful synthetic formulation. Acceleration is improved, and fuel injectors along with fuel systems are cleaned at the same time.

The product is designed to restore engine horsepower. It can also prevent pinging, knocking, and stalling. As these processes are made possible for the engine, this octane booster has the ability to improve mileage per fuel spent.

In addition, this fuel additive protects OBD O2 sensor systems, spark plugs, and even catalytic converters.

104+ 10406-6PK Octane Boost has no expiry dates. You can use this for a long period of time with proper handling and storage. However, if you see flaking or sedimentation, it’s best not to use the product anymore.

As for compatibility, it can work with a wide variety of engine types.


  • check
    ​Long product lifespan, given the right storage and handling conditions
  • check
    ​Trusted manufacturer
  • check
    ​Multi-use features: better acceleration, ability to clean fuel injectors and fuel systems, prevention of pinging or knocking, improvement in fuel efficiency


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Results may not be noticeable at the start; takes time for improvements to manifest

So which octane booster you feel is best for your car? Share your views in the comments sector below!

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Best OBD2 Scanner for Your Car

Looking for the best OBD2 scanner for your car? You might feel a bit confused to determine the best suitable scanner for you on the market, but here’s an extensive analysis of some of the best OBD2 scanners available.

This research will help save you plenty of time and effort while making it possible to make the right purchasing solution. Without further delay, here is a breakdown of the best OBD2 scanner devices.

Top 4 OBD2 Scanners

1. BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool – Best Overall OBD2 Scanner

Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool

Lemur is a small company based out in Canada, but their Bluetooth BlueDriver app and adapter are one of the biggest things to happen in the automotive diagnostics world. However, it’s not because the BlueDriver is a revolutionary device – after all, many other companies have Bluetooth adapters that work through specific smartphone apps.

In fact, some of the other solutions offer features that are closely similar to what’s available in this model. What makes BlueDriver stand out is its simplicity and great integration.

The BlueDriver is a one-off hardware purchase, and you can install its app on as many devices as you have. Also, the adapter unlocks all functionality, vehicle-specific modes, recall databases and service bulletins.

The system utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 protocols that are compatible with Android 4.0 or iOS 7.0 and higher devices. The app and adapter connect immediately and transfer data seamlessly between each other.

Lemur also offers drivers an extensive list of what their app can and cannot discover for specific vehicles through their compatibility list. Before investing in this tool, you should have a look at the list and see what you can and cannot get.

The black plastic casing of the device measures 2.25 inches long by 1.75 inches wide, large enough to accommodate an OBD2 plug on one end. The dongle will plug into your car’s OBD2 port, which is usually located under the dashboard on the driver’s side.

The app home screen features icons for the main functions, and the stripe along the bottom, labeled Live, is the shortcut for viewing data streaming from your engine. The secondary menu screen has icons for BlueDriver customer service, manual and ordering information.

For a novice, the app features a Read Codes function for interpreting error codes generated. You can use the Clear Codes function to reset the check-engine light, but if the problem still exists, the engine will send the code again.

The app also features the capability to print a Repair Report that interprets codes, showing what could have caused it and potential fixes. The reports are like having your own experienced mechanic in your pocket!

The BlueDriver app also throws in a handy flashlight feature that uses your phone’s LED flash. Use it whenever you need to dig around your engine or look for the ever-elusive OBD2 port.


  • A convenient tool for first-time users
  • Compact design that easily fits near the car’s dashboard end
  • App offers possible repair methods


  • The device’s app does not offer sufficient information to interpret live engine data

2. Launch Creader 6001 OBD2 Scanner Code Reader – Best Wired OBD2 Scanner


The Creader 6001 OBD2 unit features a simple design that makes it easy to read and clear trouble codes fast. Also, it offers you extensive information on your car through a set of enhanced features. Below is a brief review of yet another good OBD2 scanner tool and oxygen sensor by Launch.

This unit is capable of reading generic diagnostic codes for all OBD2-compliant cars as well as some manufacturer-specific codes. You can also determine whether your vehicle is ready to go in for an emissions testing and it’ll pass based on information available on your car’s onboard computer. With the 6001, you can also:

  • Scan codes
  • Clear codes
  • Monitor vehicle operation

Some of the extended Creader features include the capability for specific tests of the evaporative emissions system, oxygen sensor, and other OBD2 supported tests. A recording feature allows for capturing of the diagnostic and operating information for review once you disconnect the reader from the car. You can upload the recorded data to your computer using a USB cable.

The Creader also features comprehensive reference information on every diagnostic code, which gives you an idea of what the source of the problem is and you can order the right parts. With the information from the scanner, you get further information on diagnostic codes on the Internet.

The Creader 6001 is compatible with vehicles made after 1996 in the United States. The unit will also work with OBD2 protocol Asian and European cars made from 2001 to date. Furthermore, the scan tool supports ISO15765-4, SAEJ1850, ISO14230-4, and ISO9141-2.

The scanner features a built-in DTC designed to enhance fast problem identification. The Launch Creader 6001 offers responsive OBD2 PIDs, which request data from a car.


  • A help button offers access to basic OBD information
  • An inexpensive tool that performs all functions as advertised
  • Free updates available via the Internet
  • check
    Works on 12V diesel engine cars
  • check
    Enables adequate preparation for an emission test
  • check
    Includes live data graphing feature


  • Lacks software for reading transmission or engine trouble codes
  • Cannot diagnose Airbag (SRS) and ABS systems
  • Doesn’t come with a battery
  • Few sensor tests available don’t function with every car brand
  • The software upgrade website is usually flagged as dangerous
  • Does not support connection to Android and iOS devices

Autel AL519 AutoLink Enhanced OBD ll Scan Tool

The Autel AL519 AutoLink features all that a basic and a professional scanner would have. If you are in the market for a midrange scanner, this is the right choice. This code reader is designed to troubleshoot your vehicle effectively.

The AL519 is easy to hold and operate with one hand. It measures 7.83 inches by 4.11 inches by 1.48 inches. The device’s TFT color measures 320 by 240 dot per inch resolution.

While the screen features vibrant colors, it’s also easy and clear to read. This is especially important if you prefer reading the information on the screen rather than feeding it to an attached laptop.

The AL519’s external power source is your car’s battery. Plus, it weighs 0.48kg with the wire included. You can use the AL519 OBD2 scanner just about anywhere without getting tied down to a workbench in your garage.

This scanner works with just about all vehicles manufactured after 1996. The array of cars include domestic and imported with OBD2 and CAN capabilities. Unfortunately, it does not cover cars before 1996.

The AutoLink’s package contains useful accessories like a long OBD2 cable, CD for software, a USB cord, and a handy case. The software is easy to install on your computer as long as you follow the instructions to the dot. You can also use the software to print all retrieved information and codes via a PC.

This Autel scanner model helps read trouble codes while providing a useful freeze data functionality from the time you first create the code. You can reset car trouble codes, and you get live views of the codes in real time.

You can record up to three sessions each about a few minutes long. This is a helpful feature that allows you to review the sessions on a PC, making it extremely convenient and easy to diagnose fairly complex problems.

The tool can retrieve lots of information very quickly and easily, including generic and manufacturer-specific codes, and pending codes, as well as vehicle CIN, CVN and VIN information.

The device also features a unique and popular I/M one-click readiness functionality. This feature helps you perform a fast state emission readiness check and cycle verification.

An integrated notification system in the gadget features a small speaker. This notification system produces audible sounds whenever your car is ready.


  • Simple, easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Improved notification
  • Comparatively affordable


  • ABS and SRS testing does not support many vehicles released before 2014
  • Software update no longer supported

4. Innova 3030g Diagnostic Code Reader/Scan Tool – Best Portable ODB2 Scanner

Innova 3030g Diagnostic Code Reader Scan Tool

The Innova 3030g is a basic essential code reader for the DIY car owner that informs you of the initial car diagnosis. The scanner features expert components that address the requirements of mechanics and professionals. Overall, it’s simple and easy to use for people just entering the car diagnostics world.

This code reader is capable of displaying all scanned data on a single screen. This feature is enhanced by its ability to display 25 scan data results at a go.

For instance, the display will show test results, and it’ll be available for scanning the mark. This means that technicians out there will home more than their requirements satisfied when using this scanner for repair purposes.

The Innova 30303g automatically refreshes the data on the screen every 30 seconds. This makes it a dependable and efficient diagnostic tool.

This OBD2 features a Rich component, which includes a USB port for allowing connections to external motors and components. Another feature that makes this scanner stand out is its ability to update via the Internet. This means you can manipulate your device to be compatible with cars that were previously not included in its range.

The plug and play component makes it easy to use, and the device’s engine scan allows technicians to verify scanned data easily. A direct feed function allows for transferring data frame freezes.

The 3030g is fitted with a backup battery that’s common in most Innova devices. This makes it easy to use the device even when you’ve turned off the ignition. Apart from this, this scanner is multilingual in the transmission of data – no more painful translation processes.

The Innova 3030g features a wide compatibility list that includes older OBD1 and newer OBD2 compliant cars. This is something largely attributable to the fact that you can update the scanner and a relationship that allows detection of generic code and specific manufacturer code.


  • Easy to use hotkeys
  • Supports all ODB2 protocol
  • Compared to ODB2 scanners in its quality range, it is the cheapest
  • check
    Brings you unique capabilities
  • check
    All icon monitor in one screen
  • check
    Multilingual support for Espanola, François, and English


  • You need to purchase the website repair solutions software
  • Does not support ODB2 and SRS live data
  • Short cable

How to Choose the Best OBD2 Scanner for Your Car

By now, you may have gleaned some knowledge about the best OBD2 scanners and their functionality. The next thing you need to know is all about the different consideration you need to take into account when choosing a scanner.

Choosing the best OBD2 scanner for your car wouldn’t be as easy as it seems. When setting out to purchase one for yourself, you need to equip yourself with precise knowledge on the requirements of your vehicle.

Every car is unique and its needs ought to be treated this way, which makes choosing the best OBD2 scanner somewhat hectic. However, once you’ve installed one in your car, it becomes safer with a better driving experience compared to before. Plus, the right OBD2 scanner will help keep you confident about your car.

Before purchasing an OBD2 scanner, here are a few considerations you ought to take care of.

1. Expected Level of Functionality

The first thing you need to do is settle on what kind of tool you want; whether a high-end or basic model. The basic scanner offers limited functionality. It’s capable of a couple of things that are geared towards notifying you about issues that require a diagnosis.

The basic scanner is the best option if you’re working with a limited budget. The biggest disadvantage of such models is that they may not be compatible with some car models. However, they can be life-saving tools.

On the flipside, there’re the high-end models that feature advanced features and inspire greater confidence. These models are great for extended use and bring you functionalities like:

  • On-screen information for a better user experience
  • Live feed from sensors
  • ABS and airbag control
  • Printable codes and scanning results
  • Storage and data logging for future reference

2. Upgrade Capability

Cheaper OBD2 systems don’t usually have functionalities to upgrade their performance. While the high-end models are a bit more expensive, in the end, they are an acceptable bargain, especially if you can upgrade yours in the future.

A smartphone lets you update apps for better features and usability. The same way, upgradable scanner systems bring you more features that work with newer car models. Unfortunately, the updates might not be free, so it’s advisable you enquire about costs before making the purchase.

3. Compatibility with Your Car

The best OBD2 scanners feature five different signal processing procedures. This means you need to ensure that you are not faced with compatibility issues while installing one of these types of scanners. Some products are advertised as 100 percent compatible, but it’s always better to play safe before buying.

4. Type of OBD2 Scanner

As mentioned above, there are five different types of OBD2 scanners on the market, these are:

  • PC-based scanners – They draw power from a PC to work, and they are effective for diagnosing and troubleshooting car issues.
  • Bluetooth scanners – Such systems work via your smartphone and tablet through Bluetooth connectivity. These scanners can also work with computers and are usually advanced tools that detect, notify and troubleshoot sensor or engine issues.
  • Hand-held scanners – The devices you usually see used by mechanics and professionals to diagnose and detect engine, brake or transmission system problems. They are sturdy, advanced devices with more informative displays for data. Hand-helds often come in a package that consists of a power cable, power supply, an extra battery pack, and more.

5. Brand

When it comes to choosing products like an OBD2 scanner, the brand is a critical component that you should factor into your decision. The market is flooded with many quality brands that offer quality service for years. So, the choice is not limited, even when you only look at the top brands on the market.

Some brand names you should consider include Launch Tech USA, BlueDriver, Innova, and Autel. Fortunately, the review covers all these brands. Each of the brands offers car users a large variety of device ranges, which result in an extensive collection of products to choose from.

Characteristics of the Best OBD2 Scanner for your car

It’s possible to come up with a short list of basic characteristics you should be on the lookout for when purchasing the best OBD2 scanner:

  • The delay between reading and producing results should be as small as possible for greater accuracy
  • The system should be compatible with most car models and makes
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Capability to store data and information for future reference
  • Capable of running on all available platforms with errors or glitches
  • The scanner should have a database or software that’s upgradable to support new features
  • Display screen should be vibrant and large enough to offer great readability and categorization of necessary information
  • The scanner should feature alternative power sources
  • Attachments and adapters should be in the package and easy to replace in case of damage
  • The product should be well worth the money you are spending
  • The scanner should have wireless connectivity capability and modern amenities included
  • Lookout for a direct manufacturer’s warranty


If you’ve driven your car long enough, you will see a check engine light. When this inevitable scenario occurs, most people choose to call a mechanic.

On the other hand, some people would rather know what the problem is. Such people want to make sure that the issue is truly something that can only be handled by a professional. The latter category of people is the one that needs an OBD2 scanner.

The best OBD2 scanner offers you enhanced access to your car’s various mechanisms and systems and informs you if any of the components are failing. The information derived can then help you take remedial steps without searching every nook and cranny of the car. Moreover, the OBD2 scanners above are an excellent way of ensuring that your car is in a healthy condition all through its life.

Editor’s Pick

The feature list for the Lemur BlueDriver OBD2 LSB2 Scan Tool is truly impressive, making it the easy winner of the best OBD2 scanner title. As long as your car is among the long list of supported vehicles, this device will show you even the most difficult to remember trouble codes and reset them. The BlueDriver’s report sharing and live display functions make it the best unit in its class.

So, what do you think? Have you decided which is the best OBD2 scanner for your car?

Best Oil Filter Review To Guide You Before Buying

Are you looking for the best oil filter?The performance of your vehicle goes beyond exterior modifications and a total mechanical upgrade. You should also make sure that the engine is kept in tiptop shape and protected from wear and tear. Using the right oil filter is one of the best ways to lengthen the lifespan of your vehicle.

Choosing the Best Oil Filter

Although most oil manufacturers follow the strictest quality standards and clean manufacturing practices, dirt particles and other contaminants may still find their way into the oil product. This is where the beauty of the oil filter comes in: It filters out particulate matter that may otherwise affect engine performance.

It’s easy to get lost in the wide variety of oil filters to choose from. However, you can zero in on the best oil filter options for your automobile if you focus on these factors.

Oil filter size

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all oil filters come in the same size. Most of them may look the same, but the size will always matter when it comes to fitting it into your car. Check the owner’s manual for the right oil filter specifications for your vehicle.


Car oil filters are available in various forms and types, and it’s up to you to choose between the following: magnetic, mechanical, centrifugal, sedimentation, cartridge and spin-on, and high-efficiency (HE). Ask your trusted mechanic or car manufacturer about which type of oil filter will work  best for your vehicle.

Capture efficiency

This figure tells you how much of the particles (larger than 10 microns) will get filtered out on the first pass. In other words, for an oil filter with 96% filter efficiency, only 4 percent of the particulate matter will pass through.

In some brands, this information appears as beta ratio. A higher beta ratio indicates a higher capture efficiency, which makes the filtered oil cleaner.

Mileage limit

Most vehicles don’t have an indicator to tell whether your oil filter is still working efficiently or if it’s already due for a replacement. The best way to make sure that you have a working oil filter is to change it based on your vehicle’s mileage.

Some oil filters require replacement after 3,000 miles, and others at longer distances. Refer to the oil filter product manual or a professional mechanic for the recommended mileage limit.

Top 4 Best Oil Filter

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Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter best oil filter

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This premium oil filter product from Mobil 1 is designed with longevity and performance in mind. With a multi-pass filtering efficiency of 99.6%, it’s easily one of the best oil filters in terms of oil cleaning and engine protection.

Mobil 1 M1-110 Extended Performance Oil Filter is built from an advanced synthetic fiber blend that ensures durability and long life. It has a dirt holding capacity of 28 grams, close to double the capacity of other filters. It also has a high pressure threshold of 615 psi, which is nine times more than the average operating system of the engine system.

One safety feature that this Mobil 1 oil filter contains is a silicone anti-drain back valve, which removes the possibility of internal leaking while on shutdown, thereby preventing incidents of dry starts.


  • check
    ​99.6% multi-pass efficiency rating
  • check
    ​Higher dirt holding capacity (close to double) than other brands
  • check
    ​Made of advanced synthetic fiber blend for long life
  • check
    ​Comes with silicone anti-drain back valve to prevent dry starts


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​More expensive than other oil filters
Royal Purple 17807 17807 Oil Filter best oil filter

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Designed with superior protection and extended life, this oil filter from Royal Purple is made of 100% synthetic micro-glass media that allows up to 99% filter efficiency for particulates larger than 25 microns. Its high-strength filter housing made of heavy-gauge steel backplate can withstand high burst pressure, while its thick shell material protects the internal parts from road debris.

It’s also designed with a silicone anti-back drain valve that eliminates incidents of dry starts caused by internal leaking. Furthermore, its premium nitrile rubber gasket with special lubricity compound has the ability to minimize torque when installing and/or removing the oil filter. The rubber base gasket also ensures that the product is free from leaks.


  • check
    ​99% filter efficiency to remove particles larger than 25 microns
  • check
    ​Strong built protects internal parts from higher burst pressure and road debris
  • check
    ​Comes with silicone anti-drain back valve to eliminate internal leaking
  • check
    ​Leak-free rubber base gasket


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Oil filter may come in wrong specs during delivery
Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter best oil filter

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This premium oil filter from Bosch uses an exclusive FILTECH media technology to filter out more particulates and boost protection for your car engine. The filter is made of a premium media blend designed to provide 99% filtration efficiency. It can also hold up to 14 grams of particulate matter before it needs to be replaced.

In terms of design, Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter is made of tough steel housing and base plates that ensures a snug fit and prevents leaks and deformities. Its high lubricity gasket seals the filter tightly but is easy to dismantle during installation and/or removal. Another strength-building reinforcement is its metal spiral-wound center tube.

As a safety measure, this product has a silicone anti-drain back valve that protects the engine from internal leaks when it’s started.

All of these features are available in one of the most affordable prices for a premium oil filter by a reputable brand. This ensures that you’re getting your money’s worth when you buy this product.


  • check
    ​99% filtration efficiency
  • check
    ​Above-average dirt-holding capacity (at 14 grams)
  • check
    ​Exterior is made of strong steel
  • check
    ​Has an anti-drain back valve made of silicone, to prevent dry starts


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Might be difficult to install due to fitting issues
Mann+Hummel HU816X Oil Filter best oil filter

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If you own a BMW, this product is highly recommended for performance and engine protection. Mann+Hummel HU816X Oil Filter is built for modern high-performance oils, and can withstand tough engine challenges.

This German product is designed with high pressure resistance and anti-corrosion features. Its filter media and sealing rings are also meant to last long, and so much more because of the spin housing protection.

Its price tag is considered cost-effective, considering its high filter efficiency, dirt-holding capacity, and product strength.


  • check
    ​Cost-effective: cheaper than most oil filters, but delivers equal performance
  • check
    ​High efficiency in filtering particulates
  • check
    ​High dirt-holding capacity


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Limited compatibility (only applicable to selected BMW models)
  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Product’s mechanical system may not be as reliable as other brands


These are four of the best oil filters available in the market today. These products are built with high-quality design and filtering efficiency and they come in varying prices, but your ultimate factor for deciding the right oil filter for your needs should be compatibility with your car engine.

Remember that replacing your oil filter periodically is relatively cheaper than delaying the replacement only to cause severe and lasting damage to your vehicle.

We hope this review will lead you to purchase the best oil filter for your vehicle. Feel free to share this article or comment below if you find this guide helpful.

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Best Car Speakers to Pimp Your Ride

Upgrading your ride’s sound system with the best car speakers is one of the easiest and most rewarding projects you can ​try. Fortunately, you can add watts to your wheels through a variety of ways. You have the option of going all-out and building an award-winning sound setup from scratch, or just make a few simple modifications.

A quick look at ​aftermarket parts ​reveals a host of components that are used to make the sound system. It’s recommended that you start upgrading your system by changing your stock front door speakers to the best aftermarket car speakers as this ​will make the most difference.

Once you’ve dealt with these speakers, you can move on to thinking about subwoofers, amplifiers and other speakers. Are you ready to crank up the sound in your car? Here are the best car speakers available right now.

Top 5 Car Speakers

You will find thousands of car speaker brands on the market but which is the best speaker system for your car? You need to carry out research and compare systems before making a decision.

Instead of spending lots of your valuable time researching numerous online resources, we did it for you and here are the top picks:

Rockford Fosgate P1675-S 6.75 Punch Series Component System

With conventional coaxial speakers, the woofer and tweeter units are combined into a single speaker. While it’s a great way of providing awesome sound from a single opening, the design means compromising woofer and tweeter quality.

Component speakers, like the Rockford Fosgate P1675-S, separate both drivers and use a crossover to let them work even better. In short, 1-inch tweeters are placed at ear level so you can benefit from the directional higher frequencies.

High-pass crossovers, located in the speaker frame, act as the traffic cop for transmitting information from your amplifier or radio. The crossovers’ locations in the speaker frame mean that you don’t need to create extra space for mounting a separate box. Also, the slots around the frame eliminate re-drilling of screw holes.

Most people prefer installing the component woofers of the P1675-S speaker system in their doors. Free from the interference of tweeters, the woofers are capable of producing better low frequencies.

The Rockford Fosgate P1675-S component speakers are built from the ground up to offer durability and sound quality. Replacing your factory-installed speakers with this set will instantly improve the sound quality you experience.

These 6.75-inch car speakers are capable of handling impressive power on a continuous basis – 120 watts peak power. The speakers sport a heavy duty, reliable motor structure for incredible bass response and smooth midrange frequencies.

Each of the 6-3/4-inch woofers has a butyl rubber surround and responsive polypropylene cone that can withstand hours of high-volume jamming. The separate dome tweeters are made of treated PEI for extended highs that are capable of holding their own once the bass gets ​heavy.

A closer look at these speakers reveals Rockford Fosgate technology that brings on the benefits of attaching a cone that offers you 25 percent more cone area. These advantages include stronger performance and fuller sound.

What’s in the box?

  • Two 6-3/4-inch woofers
  • Two woofer grilles
  • Two 1-inch tweeters that come with 6 inches of speaker wire, which are terminated by female quick-slide connectors
  • Two front and rear flush mount brackets
  • Two surface mounting housings
  • Two tweeter trim rings
  • 2 M4x25mm, M4x10mm, M4x15mm machine screws and stud bolts
  • Eight 1-1/4-inch Allen head screws and a 3mm Allen head bit
  • Eight speed clips
  • Two lengths of 40-inch tweeter speaker wire with quick male slides on one side and quick female slides on the other end
  •  An owner’s manual and installation instructions


  • Great sound quality
  • Good value for money
  • Powerful bass
  • check
    Easy installation


  • May require minor installation bracket modifications
  • Woofers lack mid-bass punch

Pioneer TS-A1686R A-Series 6.5" 350-Watt 4-Way Speakers

Pioneer Electronics is a world-renowned manufacturer of high quality, state of the art music equipment. And one of their engineering marvels, regarding sound quality output, are these Pioneer TS-A1685R 6 1/2-inch 4-way car speakers.

The pioneer TSA1685R comes in pairs with both speakers designed to please you with their amazing sound quality. The speakers have 350-Watt maximum power for better sound performance. When combined, both speakers produce precise and crisp sound.

One of the most striking features of the two speakers is their compact size, which allows for easy installation in most cars as ​they don’t occupy too much space.

Despite being small, this doesn’t make them weak in power output terms. Compared to other higher-end brands, Pioneer managed to create a well-developed and audible product in this model.

The manufacturer has the technological advantage on what it takes to increase power output out of such speakers, even at reduced sizes. You should expect their speakers to get smaller but with pretty powerful outputs.

The overall design of the TS-A1685R is sleek yet sturdy, small but powerful, sophisticated but easier to install than you think. The speakers have a distinctive black color and oval design that gives them a look that’s appealing to the eye.

The Pioneer TS-A1685R speakers also have a soft dome midrange/tweeter driver that capitalizes on a unique wave-guide enclosure. This enclosure enables both high and mid frequencies to be projected uniformly for a smooth response.

The diaphragm’s fiber on the speaker is developed from various materials to ensure that it’s rigid and extra light for clear sound reproduction. A large magnet further enhances the diaphragm’s drivability.

Tweeter capabilities are further enhanced to disperse sound even more widely using top-notch control. No matter the conditions or listening positions in the car, everyone is treated to superior sound. Tweeter performance extends all the way to the lower frequencies for a wider response to midrange fidelity.

The TS-A1685R brings you cones that are 14 percent larger than what you would find on conventional 6-1/2-inch speakers. Thankfully, even with bigger dimensions, the speakers will fit in the same cutout dimensions.

What’s in the box?

  • Two 4-way speakers
  • Two grilles
  • Two 12-inch lengths of speaker wire with female quick slides on one side and bare on the other
  • Eight 1-inch self-tapping screws and speed clips
  • Information on warranty, installation instructions, and the cutout template on the box


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Easily fits in most speaker housings
  • Available at most audio equipment retailers
  • check
    Compatible with most audio systems, allowing for low-cost light installation
  • check
    Low impendence and high output


  • Slight cut-off of the bass quality, but you can offset this by adding sub-woofers


The second installation in this best car speakers review is the 6.5-inch component speaker system JBL GTO609C Premium. The speaker is from one of the most renowned American companies in the sound industry. Founded by James Bullough, the manufacturer is reputed for creating high-quality audio components that reflect genuine standards regarding service and products.

The GTO609C is designed by engineers to offer users a clear, strong sound from their amplification unit or head-unit. The speaker is capable of producing 25 to 270 watts of power, making it ideal for amplifier power outputs.

You can even go a step further and match this unit with a GTO series amplifier. This means that you can use it in car audio systems that have one or more subwoofers for the satisfaction of audiophiles ​​who are in love with ​high-fidelity sound.

This GTO609C features the patented Plus-One woofer-cone technology that’s in a class of its own. This technology allows the speaker to radiate more air. Plus, the stiffer and lighter cone results in better low-frequency response for better response to those critical notes associated with larger speaker systems.

The speaker system also includes non-magnetic, carbon-composite frames designed to maintain their integrity no matter what you throw at it. This ensures that you get a long lasting speaker that will stay with your car for years.

JBL GTO609C has vented magnetic assemblies on the mid-range and woofer drivers, which helps keep the voice coils cool. The benefit of cooling the voice coil is that it will increase the speaker’s reliability regarding power handling and power compression elimination.

This speaker features 3-ohm voice coils that help in compensating and adding resistance using thin speaker wiring. The ​allows for more output compared to other factory-installed speakers on the market.

This GTO model also offers a wide frequency response that goes further than 20 kHz, resulting in component tweeters that deliver a full-range frequency response. A duel-level tweeter volume facilitates smooth volume adjusting.

The JBL GTO609C speaker box includes:

  • Two midrange loudspeakers and tweeters
  • Two speaker grilles
  • Two tweeter mounting kits with angle cups and flush
  • Two passive crossovers
  • An owner’s installation manual


  • The JBL GTO609C is relatively easy to install in your vehicle
  • Speaker is made from good quality materials designed to last for years
  • The speaker system offers you a smooth sound experience
  • check
    The packaging includes important hardware for your car audio system
  • check
    The GTO609C’s highs are very clear


  • Customers have complained that the tweeters respond poorly
  • The unit doesn’t home much power in some instances

JBL GTO939 GTO Series 6x9 300W 3 Way Black Car Coaxial Audio Speakers Stereo

Another installation from the popular JBL brand, the GTO939 3-way black car coaxial audio speakers are the perfect solution for anyone looking for aftermarket best car speakers with great sound quality. Like the GTO609C above, these speakers offer you a clear, crisp sound, and are fitted with several interesting features.

One of the biggest appeals of these GTO939 speakers is that they are extremely easy to install. While you need to consult with a specialist to install some of the products on the market, you don’t need one for these speakers.

The speakers are designed to replace stock OEM 6 inches by 9 inches speakers, right out of the box. They'll ​fit just about any car model, and you can easily install them yourself at home.

Fortunately, you don’t need to gather special tools. However, if you’ll be replacing smaller speakers, you might be required to modify space to allow the speaker to fit.

This model also features JBL’s unique Plus One cone technology that’s larger than the average cones on the market. This larger cone allows for more air vibration for better bass quality.

Peak power handling of the JBL GTO939 speakers is 300W each speaker, so you are getting approximately 600W for a pair. The RMS power capability is 100W for a single speaker.

This wattage means that you can use the GTo939 speakers with your car’s stock audio system, and you will still notice a remarkable improvement in sound quality. If you upgrade the audio system to run through an amp, then they come out of their shell and offer you incredible sound.

The sensitivity rating on these speakers is important. A speaker’s sensitivity rating indicates how it’s expected to respond to power. In other words, the higher the rating you get from your speakers, the better the response you will achieve.

Power required for delivering the same volume tends to decrease to around have with every 3dB increase. GTO939 speakers bring a sensitivity rating of about 94dB, meaning that you are getting about 50W of power. In most 91dB speakers, you’d need to about 100W for the same volume level.

Another huge advantage of these speakers over other similar brands on the market is the fact that they come with tweeters. This single component allows the GTO939 to compete with even higher priced speakers on the market.

These 1-inch tweeters are made from a Mylar and Titanium composite, better known as My/Ti. The material helps in reducing distortion, offering more efficiency as well as increasing the units power handling capabilities.

In most cases, distortion reduction occurs within the mid-range frequencies, where most tracks have vocals. My/Ti allows the GTO939 to offer you a richer, clearer, crisper sound compared to other speakers.

The tweeters also make use of the UniPivot system that’s designed to allow you to adjust the tweeter position. A control switch allows for after installation customization, so you adjust tweeter dB output depending on your preferences.

What’s in the box?

  • Two 6 inches x 9 inches GTO939 loudspeakers
  • Two protective grilles
  • An owners installation manual


  • A minimum mounting depth of 2 inches means that these speakers are compatible with most cars
  • A frequency response range of 45 to 21,000 Hz
  • They are designed to offer you a well-balanced sound
  • check
    They are reasonable speakers that feature quality found in higher-priced units
  • check
    Speakers have gone through a battery of tests to ensure durability and quality of materials used


  • Unfortunately, no hardware is included in the box, so you might have to make some extra purchases
  • While they work with stock radio systems, you need to upgrade your system to achieve most of their advantages
  • The upper mid-range and deeper lows require some improvement

5. Kenwood KFC-6965S 6x9 Inches 3-Way 400W SpeakersBest Budget Car Speakers


These 6-inch by 9-inch three-way flush mount speakers from speaker aficionados Kenwood are designed to fit into your existing car while boosting the tunes. The manufacturer, Kenwood, has been in business since 1947, so ​you’re getting a product from someone who’s been in the speaker industry for a long time.

The Kenwood KFC-6965S leverage on the company’s expert knowledge and advanced material used to deliver super high-quality sound. The speakers are perfect for those who are looking for a really powerful bass as well as high-quality treble.

The 600 watts of max power output in the KFC-6965S is equitable to the 89 dB/w you get at a 1m sound sensitivity range. Furthermore, the speakers’ frequency response range is from 60Hz to 2500, so all levels of music are going to be well presented.

These speakers are designed to fit in spaces measuring 6 inches by 9 inches, and they have flush mounting for a 3-way design. The brand new polypropylene cone features rubber butyl surround that helps lower the need for frequent changing after wear while keeping music quality consistent no matter the conditions.

The diamond array pattern, along with a ferrite magnet, allows for a more dynamic response with a much lower distortion level. These speakers have a sexy, sleek black color with a silver finish for the treble output to enhance the looks. The added hard black steel basket around the speakers ​fit well ​while preventing the speakers from being damaged unnecessarily.

Actual measurements of the speakers themselves are 153mm by 229mm. The mid-range section measures 1 inch, or 25mm, which features a dome diaphragm that helps push the sound through. The P.E.I balanced dome design measures 3/4 inch, or 19mm.

Once you receive your Kenwood KFC-6965S 6-inch x 9-inch speakers, the box should have:

  • The speakers
  • Two grille frames
  • Two grilles
  • Two 11-inch long speaker wire
  • Eight by 1-1/2-inch self-tapping screws
  • Eight large flat, small flat and split washers
  • Eight M4 by 70mm machine screws and nuts
  • Two 4-inch strips of putty for the speaker grille
  • Warranty documentation
  • Instructions and specifications as listed on the box


  • An attractive packaging that keeps the speakers protected and sealed to prevent damage to the unit before opening.
  • An unbelievably good sound output level that offers you high-quality production at every frequency, even when you push them to their highest limits.
  • It is quite easy to fit the units into your vehicle even with limited ​DIY skills. The instructions on the box are clear enough for added peace of mind.


  • The speakers only come with double-sided sticky tape for holding the speakers, and they could eventually peel off due to constant use and vibration. However, adding an extra layer of tape can help prevent ​this from occurring.
  • Some customers find fixing the speaker frame grill ​a bit tricky ​because you have to cut the putty into shape yourself. But this does not seem to be much of a problem because most users managed to overcome it eventually.

How to Pick the Best Car Speakers for Your Car

Now that you’ve got a pick of five best car speakers to create a new custom sound system in your truck or car, you have some pretty important factors to consider. Unfortunately, it can be confusing to know where you should start.

Fortunately, here is a guide that has been developed to help you find the best car speakers for you. One of the things you need to consider is whether you should get component or full-range speakers. Also, you also need to consider four other critical factors, which are:

  • Speaker size
  • Sensitivity
  • Power handling
  • Build quality

You might also need to consider your budget but keeping these five factors in mind will help you choose the best car speaker system that works best for your car while achieving great sound.

1. Which is Better, Component or Coaxial Speaker Systems?

On the one hand, the argument of component versus coaxial car speakers is complicated, since there is no right answer to what is better. For a start, component speaker systems offer you separate components – subwoofers, woofers and tweeters that work together for high-quality sound output.

Most component systems have crossover connections – or cables – that are used for offering a clean separation between woofer and tweeter frequencies. The configuration offers you better, crisper sound.

Pros of Component Speakers

  • You can move the different sections around because component speaker parts are ​separate for a customizable, unique audio experience
  • Produce higher quality sound with the capability to achieve more enhancements than on full-range systems
  • While pricier, these units are built to last and usually feature high-quality materials

Cons of Component Speakers

  • Component speakers are usually more expensive and bring you lots of customization choices and accessories, so you need to take care that you don’t go over your budget
  • Component units are more complex to install and require some degree of expertise
  • Also, they are more complex to repair

Coaxial car speakers are the all-in-one models that have all the components in a single unit. They are also sometimes referred to as full-range systems. Introduced in the 1970’s, coaxial speakers offer you a range of choices and designs that are built to last for years in your car.

Pros of Coaxial Speakers

  • Less expensive and great for everyday use
  • Easy to install – you can install them on your own
  • They offer you an enhanced listening experience and are great for replacing factory speaker systems

Cons of Coaxial Speakers

  • Fewer customization or optimization options
  • Do not offer you specific high-tones or bass-tones found on component speakers
  • You need to carry out research based on your make and model of car

2. Speaker Sensitivity

Sensitivity is measured in decibels (dB), and it is the measurement of a car speaker’s loudness. The sensitivity is usually determined by the non-echoing environment or by the room.

However, room environment sensitivity measurements are inflated by about 2 to 3 dB over non-echoing environment measurements. The higher the sensitivity rating on a speaker, the louder it is, and speakers with over 90dB sensitivity are considered as excellent.

3. Speaker Configuration and Size

Before you start shopping for a new set of best car speakers, gather information on the ones you already have in your vehicle. If you have to replace them, you have to take out the stock speakers and measure them. Plus, most stores ​give specifications of car speakers you need based on your vehicle model.

4. Power Handling

Car speaker power is measured regarding Watts (W), and it indicates the unit’s capability to handle power without incurring damage. If you subject a speaker to more power than it’s rated at, you will damage it. Speakers also have two power ratings, which are continuous and peak or RMS.

RMS rating is a speaker’s continuous output without incurring damage, while Peak power rating is the speaker’s max power handling capability. When comparing different speakers, make sure that power is indicated in RMS.

5. Extra Features

When looking at car speakers, you should also consider the extra features they offer you. Some of these include detachable tweeters on component and coaxial systems for added mobility. You will also get pivoting tweeters that allow passengers to rotate speakers toward their preferred listening direction.

6. Budget

It’s important you consider your financial situation and put in place a reasonable budget. While new speakers will greatly improve your driving experience, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg!

Fortunately, there’s a great range of best car speaker systems that fit in just about all price levels, so there’s something feasible for everyone out there. Therefore, determine your optimal budget and stick with it to weed out some impractical choices on the market.

7. True Value

Despite how much you spend on getting a new pair of car speakers, you should understand that they may not necessarily raise your car’s value. Plus, they don’t enhance engine lifespan nor do they have any other additional value apart from enhancing passenger and driver enjoyment.

This means that you don’t have to take into consideration your vehicle’s overall value when choosing a speaker system. The best news is that many of the systems above are easily removable and can be installed in new vehicles.

Completing Your Sound System

Putting together your car sound system is much like putting together a puzzle. In some cases, it can be a complex undertaking, but it’s an extremely rewarding experience when you are finally finished. While choosing the best car speakers from the list above, you also need to consider the factors mentioned.

Editor’s Pick 

The clear winner in this best car speaker battle is undoubtedly the Rockford Fosgate 6.75-Inch P1675-S Component System Speakers line. These speakers come with lots of hardware, so you can install it into your vehicle without extra purchases. In addition, the speaker set is a component system that features a clear separation of the diverse sound ranges.

What do you think? Have you decided which is the best car speaker for your car?

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