7 Sure Ways of Improving Car Performance

Do you believe that no machine is 100% perfect? However much perfect your car may look, you can still improve its performance. Improving car performance varies with personal preferences. You can change the outward shape, replace mechanical components, or just work on the engine system. Sometimes you may have to do all procedures depending on your budget.

In this guide, you will discover why improving car performance matters. Also, you will get 7 working ways to improve car performance. The good news is, anyone can afford to improve their car performance to some extent. You do not need to learn complex mechanical engineering. It is just the basics. Here is why you should improve your car’s performance.

Why Improving Car Performance Matters

Imagine you bought a new car. After several months of driving, you get into your new car as usual. But something unusual happens. You hear an uncomfortable noise, squeals. Other times, you want to drive to the workplace but the engine fails to start. You already understand that the problem is with the ignition system. But you can’t do anything to fix it. So you quit.

A high-performance car should serve you beyond your needs. Here is how.

● High-performance means improved speed, making you drive fast and safe.
● Improved automation with instant brakes.
● Car sensitivity to accidents, including head-on collisions, saving lives.
● Increased number of airbags.
● Your car will undergo check-ups, and help reduce its manufacturing flaws.
● Replacement of worn-out components with high-performance parts.

You deserve a durable car. Once you get a high-performance car, there will be no need to visit the garage often. Sometimes, mechanics can deliberately leave a flaw on your car, so that you may go back to them later on. In reality, car maintenance sucks. There are cases where you visit the manufacturer’s outlets, they charge an expensive consultation fee and additional costly repair fees. So you have to pay the compulsory consultation fees and still can’t fix the problem. You can get rid of these issues for good.

Improving Your Car’s Performance: 7 Proven Tips To Follow

1. Program The Performance Chips:

Car performance chips are diverse. They are available on top eCommerce stores like eBay and Amazon. You can also find them on your local hardware. By modifying or replacing performance chips, you can achieve more horsepower and cleaner emissions. In addition, you will save on fuel costs.

You can vary the ignition timing to improve performance. Also, performance chips can be programmed to meet the engine’s stoichiometric ratio, which drastically improves performance.

2. Upgrade The Carburetor:

A carburetor mixes air with liquid fuel. If you understand how this component works, you can easily fix it by yourself. As air enters through the system, there is a valve that controls fuel flow. There is a proper ratio every carburetor should meet. If it has flaws like vacuum leaks, it can be difficult to achieve the optimum ratio. Instead of regular repairs, discover the importance of upgrading your carburetor.

3. Free-flow Exhaust System:

A typical exhaust system is accompanied by sound. This is due to blockage in the exhaust pipes. Unlike the latter, a free-flowing exhaust system has little obstructions. As a result, there is a smooth burning of exhaust gases. This process improves both fuel efficiency and car performance. Moreover, you have to make sure your fuel injector is clean too!

4. Lightweight Rims:

Heavy rims need a tough rubber tire. They cause wear and tear. Also, heavy rims impose an unnecessary drag on the vehicle. You can replace your vehicle’s heavy rims with lighter ones. You should do this on all four wheels to achieve an equilibrium. This process cuts significant mass on your vehicle.

5. Learn Driving:

Before blaming the vehicle for having less speed, make sure you know how to drive fast. A skilled driver will definitely achieve better results even with a regular car. You will learn how to drive cautiously so that you do not destroy vehicle components.

You need to master the hand position, feet position, negotiating a corner, shifting efficiently, and other aspects of driving fast.

6. Use Quality Components:

The quality of individual parts matter. There are many brands with quality components. But it is the performance that matters, regardless of the brand. Good car components should be automatic, which is more efficient than manual. For instance, a porsche turbo exhaust is a high-performance part for every car. Other car components like the Porsche cayman gt4 exhaust system gives more power, and a distinct sound, ideal for legendary cars.

7. Change Your Car’s Design:

A streamlined car is more likely to have more speed than a car with a blocky front. A car can be streamlined from top to bottom, or side to side. Streamlining your car makes sure that it does not get resistance from friction. Friction is a force that opposes motion. This adjustment can have a significant impact.

Are you looking forward to driving faster? Implement these tips and experience how your car moves with speed. A high-performance car has a comfortable sitting area, that allows an easy control of the steering wheel. Those are the 7 sure ways of improving car performance.

How to Choose a Headliner Adhesive

Like other parts of your car, the headliner will not last forever. It’s critical that you take care of headliners in order to keep enjoying their services, including aesthetics and sound reduction. As your car’s headliner ages, it is likely to start coming off the roof or sagging.

Once the default headliner adhesive wears off, things can quickly get ugly. The sagging headliner will expose your car’s underlying parts, which are quite unsightly. Plus, the loose headliner means that the car’s interior is exposed to the elements, making things even more difficult for you.

If the sagging is too much, you might have to replace the entire headliner. Alternatively, you can simply use a good headliner adhesive so it stays on the car’s ceiling longer. The adhesive for your headliner is used for bonding things together, and it’s made from either synthetic or natural materials.

On one hand, the market has several brands of adhesives you can choose from. On the other, not all adhesives can be used to repair your headliner – leave alone anything in your car. This is because some adhesives contain components or materials that may ruin your car.

The adhesive you choose should be specifically designed for use with headliners. The best headliner adhesive product will help restore the headliner for a long time, and not just a few months. In the end, this will help you save loads of money since you don’t have to replace the entire thing.

When shopping for a headliner adhesive at your local store or online, you will come across hundreds of options. Unfortunately, not all products are the right for your headliner, which is why you need to check on the following before you buy a product.

Product Formulation

Headliner adhesives are available on the market in two formats – aerosol and liquid. As long as both formulations have the right properties to create a strong bond over the headliner material, they are okay. The only difference between the two is their ergonomics and application.

Some car owners and automotive technicians prefer aerosol adhesives since they are easier to apply compared to the liquid alternatives.

In addition, aerosol headline adhesives offer much cleaner and clutter-free results because it’s easy to regulate how you spray for an even coat over the entire headliner. Furthermore, these adhesives are capable of withstanding high temperatures.

Liquid adhesives can be used with a paint gun. If you do not have a paint gun available, you are better off using an aerosol headliner adhesive.


Many car owners would rather purchase adhesive that not only works on headliner fabric but can also be used on other parts of the car.

Considering the amount of maintenance and repair work that needs to be done on a car, it’s always a positive to have a versatile adhesive handy. Plus, it would cost you much more if you had to purchase an adhesive for every single application.

Fortunately, you will find a host of headliner adhesives that work on various materials, including rubber, plastic and metal. Therefore, they are a great option for anyone who is looking for versatility in a product.

Headliner Material

A car headliner adhesive should be usable on both fabric and vinyl headliners. If you don’t see vinyl and fabric on the list of compatible materials, it’s best to skip the product. After all, most headliners are made of vinyl and fabric, and an adhesive will not be of much help if it doesn’t support the two.

Temperature Resistance

It is critical that you use an adhesive with a high-temperature resistance rating since ordinary adhesives cannot deal with extreme temperatures. An alternate adhesive will likely deteriorate faster whenever it is exposed to cold or heat. Since your car is always exposed to the elements, you need an option that offers you round-the-clock protection.

The adhesive should also be impervious to sudden temperature changes; otherwise, this will not work out well for you. Keep in mind that a temperature-sensitive adhesive is not an option for automotive purposes or you will have to keep on re-applying it.

Final Word

Having a headliner adhesive is the most sustainable solution for a sagging headliner. Instead of replacing the entire car headliner, you just patch it up quickly with this specialized adhesive. Here is a video to show you how:

Top 5 Tips On Preparing Your Car For A Long Road Trip

With summer at full swing, there’s that excitement beginning to brew for a great road trip. The question is, how could you maintain your vehicle? How do you get it in perfect condition for a memorable long blissful trip? The wet or icy roads, rainy weather, gritty surface, a flat tire or a dying battery are all risks that you must carefully address. Aside from getting your car examined as part of general upkeep, it’s vital to have it thoroughly inspected by a professional mechanic.


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This is to avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere on your meticulously planned road trip. Follow my tips to keep your automobile in top notch condition for a long journey ahead. Take a look:

Pack The Essentials

Before you even begin getting your vehicle checked at an auto shop, it’s important to pack the items that are essential for a secure and a stress-free driving experience. The items may include the battery backup, windshield cleaner, automobile duster for cleansing, washing lubricant, extra tire, cables, a pair of gloves, radiator lubricant backup and screwdrivers/gadgets etc.

In the Boot

These items must be available at all times in the car boot to avoid any hassles of looking up an auto parts store in a remote location. Additionally, I’d suggest you install a nice monitoring tool like mspy cell phone track app on your smartphone for location tracking of your smartphones. This is especially handy when it comes to tracking your fellow drivers on the route.

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Be Careful Regarding The Fluids

Check the fluid’s level; take care of engine oil, radiator fluid, brake fluid and other auto lubricants. Fluids are pivotal for the smooth functioning of the engine, transmission and other parts of the vehicle. Essentially you need to be vigilant about six vital fluids.  The transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield fluid and the three liquids I’ve highlighted above. You need to learn a little bit about the upkeep of these important liquids. It’s also vital to know when to refill each one for the best maintenance.

Six Essential Car Lubricants

The engine oil generally needs changing every 3,000 to 5,000 miles (all depends on the oil quality and the engine in question). If you’re about to leave for a long trip, I suggest you use a dipstick to check the condition of the engine oil including its level and have it topped up, in case the level shows a drop. The radiator fluid helps keep the car cool; the optimum coolant level prevents the car from overheating. Have it topped up and make sure you clear away or flush the system every 50,000 miles.

Brake Pads Are Important

If you find brake pads in a spongy condition, it means brake fluid is bad and requires immediate change. Have the mechanic fill up the system with a quality fluid and take care to flush it every 36,000 miles.

The power steering fluid provides flexibility so you can easily rotate it but a contaminated fluid may yield less response from the wheel. Make sure you check it every 24000 miles for its smooth functioning.

What Would Happen?

Jerky and uncomfortable rides can be quite irritating. Avoid these by checking the transmission fluid which facilitates the smooth movement of the gears and other automotive parts inside the car. A good transmission fluid lasts a long time; I recommend you check and replace every 60,000 miles.

The windshield fluid helps keep the dust, ice or other tiny particles away for clear visibility. The last thing you want on your road trip is a fluid ‘run out’ indicator for the windshield. It is especially irritating if it’s raining or snowing and you need it to wash the screen for a clear view. The windshield must be clean, so stock up on the windshield washer fluid. You can fill up the gauge using a funnel even during the journey.

Always Have The Tires & Brakes Checked

The tire’s upkeep is as important as maintaining your car liquids and other systems. Before leaving for the trip, have the mechanic check the tires for air pressure, rotation and any cracks or holes. Tires with proper air pressure are mandatory for good fuel efficiency and a seamless driving experience. Too much air pressure in the tires can make your road trip uncomfortable, especially if you’re driving on a rough surface.

Image Pixabay

Additionally, driving with incorrect air pressure would wear the tires unevenly. This may require you to change them sooner than normal. It’s also a good idea to rotate tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles because factors like suspension calibration, weight balance, and road conditions can cause different tires to wear out at different rates. Make sure you check the pressure every 1,000 miles. Depending on your journey, you may need to take a look at the tires a few times.

Remember the Brakes

Also, have the brake pads properly checked. If you hear any squeaky or screeching noise, it means your brake pads need changing. To make your road trip safe, have any faulty brake pads replaced with high-quality ones. Generally, you should replace old ones anywhere from 25,000 to 70,000 miles.

Air Filters & Light Bulbs

While you are driving, the air filter is busy in preventing the debris, insects, and grime from entering the engine. In case your air filter gets clogged, it can hamper the engine’s functionality, fuel efficiency and the air quality of the interior. Experts recommend that you change the air filter every 12,000 miles. Carefully check your light bulbs by turning on the headlights in the park mode and take a look at them to find out if they seem burnt out.

Do the same for the taillights and turn indicators and have them replaced in case they appear dim or faulty. You need headlights with nice LED bulbs for lucid visibility and proper brightness so you can easily spot the road conditions and other vehicles while driving in the night.

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner for Optimum Vehicle Performance

​Driving your own car makes you feel having the freedom to go anywhere you want and at any time you want. But along with owning a car is having the responsibility in taking care of it. In the case of fuel efficiency and engine performance, using the best fuel injector cleaner can make a huge difference for your vehicle.

What is a fuel injector?

A fuel injector is a valve that consists of a body that houses an electromagnetic coil and a sealing mechanism, which is kept closed by a spring. The injectors should either be fully open or fully closed. The amount of fuel that is injected determines how long the injector is open or how long the ball, disc, or pintle is removed from its seat.

This internal device is extremely important as soon as you start your vehicle up. When the fuel injector malfunctions, expect to experience several issues ranging from fast depletion of fuel to engine block noise and motor chatter.

One of the primary culprits in problems related to fuel injectors is cleanliness. No matter how oil companies promise clean fuel, there’s bound to be particulate matter than may get mixed into the fuel. Over time – and especially when the fuel line isn’t maintained – the particles may build up, thereby causing a lot of issues in your car engine.

The easiest way to address this particular issue problem is to use a fuel injector cleaner.

​What is a fuel injector cleaner?

A ​fuel injector cleaner is an additive that keeps fuel lines clean, protects the fuel injectors, and boosts fuel efficiency and mileage. When a fuel injector fluid is added to the fuel mix, particulate buildup in the fuel line and injectors will be dissolved.

Different factors may cause your fuel injectors to be clogged. Hydrocarbons and additives evaporate at different temperatures. Some amount of gasoline may be left behind the tip of the injectors each time the engine is turned off.

In addition, the volatile compound in the fuel may evaporate, leaving a residue on the injector tip. When it accumulates, it may start affecting the spray pattern and fuel distribution. As a result, the overall performance of the engine may be affected.

A fuel injector cleaner is an additive that keeps fuel lines clean, protects the fuel injectors, and boosts fuel efficiency and mileage. When a fuel injector fluid is added to the fuel mix, particulate buildup in the fuel line and injectors will be dissolved.

Choosing The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

If you use your vehicle often, you need to check the fuel injectors from time to time as well.  A service may be required in the following instances:

  • Detonation which can lead to catastrophic engine failure
  • Failed emission
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Poor performance
  • Pollution
  • Poor idle
  • Smoke from the tailpipe
  • Surging and bucking under light throttle

The quality of gasoline may sometimes be inconsistent. This may cause build-up, and lead to inefficient ignition and poor power output.

What could make it all worse is that the high output engines are sensitive to deposits that accumulate on fuel injectors, intake valves, intake ports, and in combustion chambers. With this, it can cause an increase in fuel consumption, poor performance, and increased exhaust emissions.

The easiest and fastest way to address these issues is to use the best fuel injector cleaner to keep your vehicle in tiptop condition.

A complete fuel system cleaner eliminates dirt and deposit from more than just the injectors. This should contain powerful ingredients and solvents to be able to thoroughly clean the whole system.

To be certain that you are purchasing the right fuel injector system for your vehicle, you need to look into the following factors:

Alcohol vs. polyetheramine (PEA)

Alcohol-based products are often used for old vehicles to get rid of years of deposits in the entire system. However, this is best performed by mechanics, and is already considered an obsolete practice.

For most modern running vehicles, polyetheramine will work as the best fuel injector cleaner component. This compound is a premium fuel additive known for its high fuel cleaning action on direct fuel injectors and fuel lines.


Some of the best fuel injector cleaner variants are strong enough to clean decades of solid buildup in fuel lines and injectors, while others are designed for milder approaches. Know first the status of your vehicle (i.e. if it has been in operation for quite a number of years already) before choosing a fuel injector cleaner based on strength.

New car models don’t need too strong compounds to clean the fuel injectors. Doing so may actually do more harm than good, as the strong components may affect the integrity of small moving parts inside your vehicle. In short, being too clean-conscious may end up damaging your car instead of maintaining it.


Don’t be fooled by an expensive product, but don’t choose cheap ones instead. Focusing on price may not always lead you to the best fuel injector cleaner that your vehicle needs.

Having said that, ask around for a variety of the best fuel injector cleaner products in retail shops, and compare their features and prices. In the long run, you will be able to determine which fuel injector cleaner will fit best for your vehicle’s needs and your intended budget.

Frequency of use

Some fuel injector cleaners are designed for one-time use, while others need to be added each time you fuel up. These product types have varying price points, but try to estimate how much you’ll be spending with frequent usage comparing to a one-use product.

Engine suitability

Some of the most efficient fuel injector cleaners are not designed for diesel engine vehicles. Make sure to check for the compatibility of the product with your vehicle engine. Either ask the manufacturer or retailer about the product’s suitability for your car engine or do a quick online search for product specifications.

Using an incompatible fuel additive may create a lot of unwanted issues on your vehicle.

Enclosed instructions

Never buy a fuel injector cleaner that does not come with usage instructions. There’s a lot that you will probably miss out if you fail to follow instructions on how to properly use the product. Remember that while some of the best fuel injector cleaners are quite expensive, damaging your vehicle by not following usage directions will be more costly.

One significant detail that injector cleaners indicate in the label is the required fuel level before pouring the product in. Most products of this kind work optimally when you maintain a particular fuel level (as indicated by your vehicle’s fuel gauge).

Another important instruction has something to do with the right timing to start your vehicle. If you start up your car too soon, the product may not have slid down through the fuel line and injectors yet. Check the instruction manual for the recommended wait time before using your vehicle.

Top 3 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners

Find below the best fuel injector cleaners that are highly recommended by us, as well as several car manufacturers and dealers:

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

1. Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner - Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Overall

Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner best fuel injector cleaner products

via Amazon.com

This fuel injector cleaner from Red Line is a unique product designed for cleaning and prevention of moisture build-up, carbon deposits, and other debris. It has a polyether amine content of 30-50%, which means that you are getting the best quality of cleaning.

One of the outstanding features of Red Line Complete SI-1 is that it can handle the highest and lowest engine temperatures. It has been proven to provide positive performance results. If you are looking to thoroughly clean out your fuel system injectors and improve your vehicle’s engine performance, Red Line SI-1 is easily one of the best fuel injector cleaner products that you should consider.

Most fuel injector cleaners are intended for one purpose (i.e. for cleaning). Red Line SI-1 gives you an all-in-one product that you can use to prevent carbon deposits and other debris that can affect the performance of your vehicle.

In addition, octane requirement is reduced significantly. This means that it contributes to smoother functionality of the vehicle’s cleaning system, which in turn decreases the need for higher octane fuel and saves you money in the long-run.

On the flip side, the product may not work well for motorcycles and small vehicles that have not been used for a long time. It may be recommended to replace the fuel injectors instead. It is also likely for ethanol build-up to occur during the winter season, so it is best to warm up the vehicle for a few minutes before travel.

Overall, using this product gives you assurance that your vehicle will always be in great running condition.


  • check
    ​Reduces the need for octane up to two points
  • check
    ​Powerful yet non-abrasive
  • check
    ​Restores fuel gauge functionality


  • ​Not designed for diesel vehicles
  • May not guarantee the elimination of sputter, particularly in motorcycles and small vehicles

Via Amazon.com

Among all the best fuel system cleaners, Chevron Techron may be the most popular. Coming from one of the leading companies when it comes to lubricants, refining fuels, and additives, Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus improves deposit control by cleaning corrosive sulfur deposits that accumulate in a fuel system. It has the ability to restore the efficiency and performance of your vehicle, and you can safely use this in all ethanol-based fuel systems.

Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus boasts of being at par with the best fuel injector cleaner products in the market. It is designed to clean carburetors, combustion chambers, fuel injectors, intake valves and ports, and gas gauge sensors. It also protects against fuel system sulfur deposits, and prevents gas gauge sensors from malfunctioning.

With its PEA composition, this fuel injector cleaner lowers emissions, reduces deposit-related engine knocking and pinging, relieves cold startup problems, and restores lost power and performance.

The best points of Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus is that despite using PEA technology, its price is budget-friendly. As a highly effective fuel system cleaning product from one of the most reputable companies in the industry, it provides the highest standard of efficiency while keeping the costs lower than its competitors.

All in all, this fuel system cleaner not only helps your vehicle maintain its good performance, but also allows you to save more due to a boost in fuel efficiency. Expect your vehicle to literally glide smoothly on the road!


  • check
    ​Strong cleaning power using advanced PEA technology
  • check
  • check
    ​Produced by one of the most well-known automobile service companies in the U.S.


  • exclamation-triangle
    ​Not designed for diesel engine vehicles

3. 3 Pack BG 44k Bg44k Fuel System Cleaner Power Enhancer - Best Fuel Injector Cleaner for Increased Mileage

Via Amazon.com

BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner is made of high-quality detergents and additives that can help restore performance and gas mileage. It dissolves deposits in the intake manifolds, ports, combustion chambers, and on the valves, as it restores the flow in the fuel injectors.

With its unique combination, it does what is expected of it, in terms of eliminating carbon deposits and buildup in manifold and intakes. It can clean up the whole system efficiently when used regularly.

What we like the most about this product is that it is easy on the pocket. Even with its monstrous capabilities, you only spend a few dollars on their 11 oz. can, which is already enough to treat 20 gallons of gasoline.

The formula magically restores your vehicle’s engine performance and improves fuel efficiency.

One of the ingredients used in BG 44K is High Flash Naptha, a slow-evaporating aromatic that is used as a retarder. It acts in the improvement of the flow of other compatible chemicals.  It also deteriorates harmful carbon deposits, making it possible to easily flush them out of the engine.

You can definitely get your money’s worth with this 3-pack fuel system that comes with a free funnel to help you pour it into your fuel line easily.


  • check
    ​One of the most affordable fuel system cleaners in the market
  • check
    ​Easy to use
  • check
    ​Reduces emissions
  • check
    ​Reduces fuel consumption
  • check
    ​Restores vehicle performance
  • check
    ​Cleans the entire system if used regularly


  • ​May not be able to completely clean a vehicle that hasn’t been used for a long time
  • ​Need to use it several times before being assured that all deposits have been completely dissolved


We hope this buying guide for the best fuel injector cleaner can help you buy the right product for your specific needs. Based on this review, Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner takes the top spot for its significant impact on fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance. Its synthetic upper cylinder lubricant component helps clean pollution control valves, intake valves, and other fuel line components.

With its fantastic features at a cost-friendly price, it’s no wonder that Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner is one of the bestselling fuel injector cleaners in the market.

Do you agree with our list of the best fuel injector cleaner additives? Feel free to share this information with your family and friends, and post your thoughts in the comments section.

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Best Garage Door Opener to Secure Your Home

​The mechanism that operates a garage door is very crucial to the functionality of the home. Homeowners who have vehicles open and close the garage door frequently, and so they expect it to work flawlessly all the time. This is where installing the best garage door opener will come extremely handy.

Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is a welcome upgrade to the way you safekeep your vehicles. This motorized assembly controls the opening and closing of the garage door using either a wall switch or a remote controller.

Most garage doors are designed for security and protection of your cars, but many people find it inconvenient to manually raise or lower the garage door. Hooking up your home with the best garage door opener makes things much more convenient for you.

Benefits of Using the Best Garage Door Opener

Although there are several garage door opening assemblies available in the market, installing the perfect device for your garage can work wonders in the way you use your garage. Here are some of the biggest advantages of using a garage door opener:

  • Security: Aside from keeping your garage door closed unless you activate it through a control mechanism, some garage door openers are equipped with a security system such as rolling codes. Bottom line, the best garage door opener will only open or close at your discretion.
  • Convenience: Instead of pulling up a heavy garage door with your bare hands, a garage door opener takes the physical exertion away from you. Aside from being able to open the garage door with a remote control, some products may be connected to your smartphones for easier access.
  • Safety: Gone are the days when you need to watch your head for an accidental closing of the garage door. By hooking it up to an electronic opener, the door is kept securely in place. What’s more amazing is that some garage door openers are designed with sensors that interrupt the closing of the door when it senses an obstruction (say, your child, a house pet, or an incoming vehicle).

Choosing The Best Garage Door Opener

It is best to be aware of the primary features of the best garage door opener before deciding to buy one. Homeowners must check on the following:

Motor type

One of the biggest differences between the best garage door opener products is the motor’s mechanism in lifting the door. For this purpose, you need to know the most common types of motors in most garage door openers:

  • Chain-driven: A lot of the earlier models made use of chains to pull up and bring down the door. Because of the low cost of chains, garage door openers with this type of motor tend to be cheaper than others. Unfortunately, the chain mechanism creates a significant level of noise that may affect the peace and quiet in the rooms directly above the garage.
  • Belt-driven: Although it has a similar mechanism as chain-driven motors, this type of motor does away with the noisy chains by using a rubber belt to hoist the door up or down. Compared to a chain, a rubber belt is softer and therefore less reliable.
  • Screw-driven: A more modern way of bringing the garage door up or down is through the use of a steel screw that moves a trolley along a pre-installed track. This type of motor is stronger than belt motors and more silent than chain-driven motors.
  • Direct drive: The latest trend in some of the best garage door opener devices makes use of a direct drive system that lets the motor move in an installed track together with the garage door. The result is a durable and extremely quiet setup. Because it’s a relatively new technology, expect this type to be the most expensive of the bunch.

Motor size

Not all garage door openers are created equal, because some of them can carry heavier loads than the others. Check the weight of your garage door and ask which size of motor you will need.

The most common garage door opener motors fall into either ½ HP or ¾ HP, the latter of which can pull up garage doors more than 300 pounds.

Device control

The convenience of an automated garage door opener cannot be disregarded, but some people don’t like the idea of having to walk to the garage and control the door through a keypad. If you prefer to operate the garage door opener without leaving your car, a remote-controlled device will be an important feature that you may prefer. This allows you to open or close the garage door while you are inside the vehicle.

The latest models of garage door openers can now be accessed online, either through a smartphone or a remote PC. You may integrate the opener assembly with a mobile app, thereby allowing you access and control to the garage door opener from wherever you are.

Security light

Do you want the light inside your garage to automatically turn on or off when you open or close the garage door? Some garage door openers are equipped with this feature, to integrate with lighting fixtures. That way, you won’t come home to a dark garage.

In other varieties, a light beam is used to detect obstructions that may get hurt or damaged by a closing mechanism of the garage door. Imagine having your dog stay under a heavy descending garage door. With the interruption in the light beam caused by an obstruction, the closing mechanism may be stopped or reversed, depending on the situation.


Who wants a door that creaks or makes sounds as you open it? The same is true with garage door openers, because some devices may have motors that crank up too loudly or hum annoyingly as you operate them. If you are too sensitive to noise, a garage door opener using a chain-driven motor may not be the best product for you.

Battery backup

Choose the best garage door opener that comes with a battery backup. This will allow you to use the garage door even during a power outage.

Motion sensors

This is useful particularly for small children when they accidentally pass through the garage door while it is about to close. The motion sensors will suspend its action once it detects any obstruction. If you want to ensure safety in your garage area, this factor should be a primary concern for you when choosing the best garage door opener.

Ease of installation

Putting a garage door opener shouldn’t sound like building a rocket ship! Some products come with instruction manuals that describe the installation and usage steps in detail. This will definitely come handy if you prefer to DIY your way into installing a garage door opener mechanism.

Having said this, don’t force yourself to install the device on your own, especially if the garage door opener has too many moving parts or has a complex wiring system. Sure, you can save on labor, but damaging the garage door or its opener may prove to be more expensive if you installed it incorrectly.

Available space

What good is a state-of-the-art garage door opener if you have no available space to install it in the garage? Measure the dimensions of your garage area and garage door, and use these figures as basis in choosing the perfect opener device. Better yet, ask the seller about space requirements for installation of the device.

Manual override

There may be instances when you need to work in your garage, and not having proper ventilation may become a problem. For this particular issue, a garage door opener with a manual override feature may do the trick. Being able to manually control the system will allow air to go into the garage without having to rely on the door opener controls.

​​Top 3 Best Garage Door Opener Devices

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series 8500 Jackshaft Operator best garage door opener

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The LiftMaster 8500 Elite series is a sleek and space-saving design that mounts on the wall beside the garage door. Its unique compact body frees up ceiling space, but it’s not lacking in features. The device is equipped with Security+ 2.0®, MyQ® Technology, and the Timer-to-Close System.

It works with MyQ, which provides core features such as control of your garage door from anywhere and subscription-based partner integrations. Its MyQ app integration allows you to receive alerts and enable you to control the opener from anywhere when you pair it with the MyQ Internet Gateway (sold separately).

Other garage control options are voice control and geofence closing. You will have a 30-day free trial, after which a subscription fee may apply.

The LiftMaster 8500 garage door opener has a wall mount feature and a quiet DC motor that eliminates noise and vibrations through the ceiling, thereby providing smooth operation. It has a lifting power of up to 650 pounds, as well as a battery backup that ensures access even if the powers are out.

The device ensures that the door cannot be forced open with the use of a power lock deadbolt. Additionally, the Timer-to-Close automatically closes the door after a preset amount of time.

In terms of safety, it comes with a motion detector that automatically turns on the light. It also has a protection system that auto-reverses the garage door if it detects any obstruction.

As a high-end product, it is only befitting that it should be installed by professionals.


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    ​Clean and stylish design
  • check
    ​Free from noise and vibration
  • check
    ​Absolute remote control (using the MyQ app)


  • ​Expensive compared to other garage door openers
  • ​May need professional help to install the device
Chamberlain B730 WD962 Garage Door Opener Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive best garage door opener

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The Chamberlain B730 is a worthy inclusion to our list of the best garage door opener devices. It comes with a battery backup, so you are assured that even when power supply is down, you are still able to use it. It comes with secure access to its Lift Power System, which delivers unparalleled lifting capacity equivalent to the ¾ HP category.

This device features an extra strong steel-reinforced belt drive with anti-vibration technology. It is designed for years of smooth and quiet performance.

Additionally, it has a timer-to-close function that will automatically close the garage door by allowing the user to encode a preset time. This way, you are assured that your home is kept safe when you leave.

With the MyQ Technology integration, this Chamberlain garage door opener has the ability to turn on the lights as soon as the door opens up. The motion detecting panel allows programming of remote controls, MyQ lighting accessories and keypads. It also automatically turns on the light when movement is detected.

Moreover, the opener also features a smooth start and stop that reduces the noise of the garage door when it opens and closes. This is a perfect feature for homes with a bedroom near the garage.

Some homeowners have experienced difficulties in accessing their garage door openers during extreme weather conditions. But with its auto force-sensing technology, the Chamberlain B730/WD962 Garage Door Opener can monitor the system and easily adjust forces to temperature fluctuations.

You may also link the Remote Control System into your car by using an external adapter. The functionality and compatibility will depend on the make and model of your vehicle.


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    ​Equipped with MyQ Technology, allowing you control using a mobile device
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    ​Receive alerts when your garage door opens and closes
  • check
    ​Motor vibration isolation system eliminates powerhead vibration for reduced noise
  • check
    ​Built-in battery backup allows complete use even during a power outage
  • check
    ​Timer-to-close function


  • ​Short battery life (due to the powerful features). Low battery alarm may be annoying.
  • ​Expensive battery
  • ​May encounter issues with WiFi connectivity
Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener Model GD 200 best garage door opener

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This particular assembly from Ryobi is not your typical garage door opener. The added features may seem to be a bit too much at the start. But when you think about how technology evolves ever so rapidly, you may immediately have a change of heart.

This product has an ultra-powerful 1 ¼ HP motor and steel-reinforced belt drive designed for maximum lift capacity while keeping the noise level down. Its components create a quieter operation of the garage door, longer motor life, and more reliable operation than some of the best garage door opener devices in the market.

This Ryobi garage door opener has an integrated long-lasting LED light that keeps your garage illuminated and assures you that you don’t need to spend time changing light bulbs in your garage. You can monitor and control your garage remotely by simply downloading the compatible smartphone app.

The Ryobi GD 200 comes with 5 different modules that may seem rather unusual, but will definitely enhance your garage experience:

  • Bluetooth Speaker: Includes a microphone for hands-free phone calls
  • CO Sensor: Monitors carbon monoxide, temperature, and humidity from your phone
  • Cord Reel: 30ft auto-retracting cord, 3 outlets, and green LED live wire indicator
  • Fan: Dual pivot point and adjustable speed (3 speeds from keypad and full-variable-speed from an app)
  • Park Assist: Dual lasers for two cars, and auto-activates when you enter the garage

Its accessories include 2 car remote controls, an outdoor keypad, and an indoor keypad. If you are looking for a complete garage door operation system, this may be the perfect choice for you.


  • check
    ​Compatible with MyQ app that provides wireless remote control on the garage door
  • check
    ​Option to add modules to enhance the usefulness and functionality of the device
  • check
    ​One of the most silent running devices on the market
  • check
    ​Ability to recharge batteries if it detects loss of power


  • ​Short range for remote control
  • ​The lighting system may not be bright enough, and difficult to clean
  • ​Closing time for the garage door has a more noticeable lag compared to other systems


When purchasing for the right garage door opener, look for the safety features that will allow you to have peace of mind at night and while you are away from home.

Out of the items on this list, the winner is LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series 8500 Jackshaft Operator for its perfect balance of features and price. While most modern garage door operating devices have similar features, its biggest edge over the competition is its sleek and compact design that keeps it hidden from plain sight.

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