Best Octane Boosters #1 Review In 2020

Before going to the list of the top 3 best octane boosters and fuel additives, it is important that you understand what an octane booster is. It is a product manufactured to increase the octane rating of the fuel used in a car.

The majority of ​octane boosters have attractive packaging and ​exaggerate claims as to what they can do. But, there are only few octane boosters that can match ​their claims. Higher octane levels will lead to great resistance to pre-ignition and this implies that the engine will boost the compression ratio and will result ​in more power.


3 of the Best Octane Boosters and Fuel Additives

1. Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment 1 Gal

Product Description

Lucas Octane Booster is one of the most popular boosters. The company has been around for many years now and they continue to provide high-quality car accessories. The Lucas 10013 fuel treatment can boost the octane rating of your fuel and keep your engine protected from pre-igniting.

The product is very versatile and perfect for any type of engine. It is best for easy to perform, time-saving maintenance. The product is safe to use and does not contain solvents, kerosene, alcohol or anything that could harm engine parts. It contains different super slick oils and additives which are made to lubricate the different systems it flows through. This enables the fuel to burn more efficiently within the engine, thus reducing fuel consumption.

​Amazing Features

  • Works well with diesel and gasoline engines
  • It is suitable for locomotive, marine diesel, and non-road engines
  • Best for both fuel and carbureted injected engines
  • Increases power and fuel mileage
  • Lowers exhaust emissions
  • Improve power and fuel mileage
Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment 1 Gal

Editor rating


  • An amazing tune-up in a bottle
  • Cleans and lubricates the fuel system
  • Increases the life of injectors and pumps
  • Low sulfur fuel concerns are neutralized
  • Lucas burns excess exhaust emissions thus increases power and miles per gallon
  • Available in various container sizes
  • Safe for engines
  • Priced reasonably


  • Being known as a general cleaner, it lacks some cleaning power

2. STA-BIL 22214 Fuel Stabilizer (32 Fl oz.)

Product Description

Sta-Bil Stabilizer Fuel keeps fuel ​fresh for fast easy starts after having it stored for several days. It eliminates water to prevent corrosion and keeps fuel injectors and carburetors clean.

This product likewise protects the engine against rust, corrosion, varnish and gum and lengthens the life of any engine. There is no need for you to drain the fuel of your two or four cycle engine by simply treating the fuel with this product before storing. This 32 oz quick measure easy to pour bottle can treat up to 80 gallons of fuel.

Amazing Features

  • It keeps the fuel fresh up to 24 hours during in storage
  • Eliminates the necessity to drain fuel before storage
  • Safe for all two and four cycle engines
  • Removes water and keeps fuel injectors and carburetors clean
  • Keep the engine protected from varnish, corrosion, and gum
  • For use with present ethanol-blended fuels
STA-BIL 22214 Fuel Stabilizer (32 Fl oz.)

Editor rating


  • Safe to use to any type of engine.
  • Easy to pour liquid.
  • It does not contain alcohol.
  • Effective to prevent corrosion above and below the fuel line
  • Stabilizes the fuel up to 12 months
  • Helps increase power and fuel efficiently


  • Flammable and should be transported only by line
  • Take longer to deliver

3. Torco Accelerator 32oz The Best Fuel Additive

Product Description

Torco Accelerator is not an ordinary fuel additive. It is a race fuel concentrate with lots of similar additives. Torco Accelerator is a combination of elements which will convert the premium pump gas to make it ​act like race fuel. Sta-Bil produces greater efficiency and more horsepower on your car.

Amazing Features

  • Can increase the octane of your fuel as high as 105
  • You can customize your blend to fit your needs
  • Oxygen sensors or catalytic converters are protected
  • Available in easy to pour 32 oz. container
  • Several high-performance race car or Applications Street, watercraft, ATV or UTV, motorcycle, snowmobile and watercraft, whether injected, supercharged, carbureted, or turbocharged
Torco Accelerator 32oz The Best Fuel Additive

Editor rating


  • This octane booster will keep your sensitive engine protected
  • This product is very versatile and stands out from all others within the competition
  • Impressive octane boosting capacity
  • Works as advertised
  • Help engine to run smoothly.


  • No known weaknesses for this product

Things to Consider when Purchasing

To make it easier for you to find the right product it is best to consider the following factors:


There are some people who get tempted to buy the cheapest. However, it does not ​mean that you will get ​one with good quality.


If you are in doubt what to buy, you can always check ​octane booster reviews to help you decide.

Octane Boost

It is one of the most vital technical specifications that you need to focus on.

Frequency of Use

When buying, it is best to consider how frequently you will need to use the product. The cost of the product may change in the future ​so make sure that you know how frequently you will use it.


It is much cheaper to purchase the item in a large container. The size of the booster and fuel additives that you need will depend on how frequently you will use it.


Before you decide which ​octane to buy, think about ​your vehicle. Different engines may have different requirements so make sure you choose the one compatible with your car.

The Three Best Octane Boosters and Fuel Additives

Choosing the best octane boosters and fuel additives for your car may not be an easy task. However, if you take into consideration the above factors, it is much easier to decide. Reading reviews can help you a lot and be careful in evaluating the possibilities. Considering the strengths and weaknesses of the above products, Torco Accelerator is recommended since it does not have known weaknesses based on reviews.


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