Innovate Car Scholarship is your source for the latest automotive news and reviews. By combining thorough tests with up-to-the-minute information on our news blog, InnovateCar covers the fast-paced auto industry from every angle. As well as reviewing automotive parts & accessories, our website offers detailed tips and tutorial on different aspects of the automotive field, including tools and equipment.

We put a lot of effort into bringing the best, most useful and relevant automotive content to our readers, including students who have a special interest in cars. The fact is that we love cars, and if you are a student who genuinely loves cars and may buy a new car after graduation, that’s great news for us.

This year, we offer a scholarship program valued at $600 in order to support our readers, especially students. So read the terms below and if you think you are eligible, apply for the scholarship program.

Terms of Participation

  •  University and college students over 18 years old are eligible.
  •  Passionate about cars, of course.

How Can You Participate?

We would like you to write a short essay of about 500 – 1000 words.
You can choose one of the two topics below:

Topic 1: What do you think about the future of cars? Where do you see the technology of cars taking us in the future?

Topic 2: What is your dream car and why?


Make sure that the views expressed in this essay are original and your own. They should not be plagiarized from any other source. If you could attach a relevant picture, that would be an added bonus.

After you have completed the article, please send it to by email to:

Deadline for essay submission is November 15, 2018

When submitting your essay, please include the following details:

  •  Full name
  •  Address
  •  Phone Number
  •  School name
  •  School address
  •  Proof that you are a student
Announcement of the Winner

After processing all the applications we receive by the deadline stated above, we will choose the most eligible candidate as the winner by November 15, 2018. Once the winner is finalized, a $600 check will be sent to his or her college by December 1, 2018.

If you miss out on the application deadline, don’t worry. This is an annual scholarship and we award it each year. So if you miss it this year, you can always apply the next time.


  • We only accept essays in English.
  • Please carefully proofread your essay before submission. Any serious grammatical errors will disqualify your submission.

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