4 Best Trailer Locks In 2022

Updated Oct 12, 2021

Trailer Locks are well-suited accessories which make hitches easy to use and maintain. It deters burglars from stealing your gear. A few are also designed to prevent runaway trailers. The best trailer lock provides dependability whatever you have something behind you.

We have done reviews about the best Trailers Locks that may offer optimum security and protection for a long time to come. So read the following article carefully and choose the perfect product for you.


**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

What Is Exactly A Trailer Coupler Lock?

What Is Exactly A Trailer Coupler Lock

A trailer lock is a smaller sized lock that is made to add protection to your trailer. It makes sure that your trailer is attached tightly to the towing truck. It is utilized while the trailer is hooked on the truck.

Trailer locks can be found in numerous designs and sizes, so make sure that it suits the unique ball size of your trailers. Once your coupler has enveloped the tow ball, you may use coupler locks with keys to get your trailer home. Trailer Locks are produced using hard components that resist rust, easy trimming and so are long lasting in general.

Short Reviews on the Best Trailer Lock At a Glance

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

The Master Lock 377KA Universal Coupler Lock fits most couplers. The lock incorporates an attractive chrome finish that gives it a stylish look. The block is fabricated from heavy duty stainless steel that provides maximum protection against corrosion and rust.

It is extremely resistant to sledge hammer assault and hard to pry open up. This lock includes a low-profile style that means it is simpler to install in tight areas.

This particular Lock is simple to install and remove. It is easy to transport and make use of at the time you trailer is not used, such as at the lake or your backyard. The design of the lock makes prising off hard.

This coupler lock shall fit nearly all trailers. When you purchase a new trailer, you’ll not need to buy a fresh lock.


  • Advance fasten resists prying and picking
  • Secure the coupler without headaches
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chrome plated
  • Easy to install Designed to supply security for the coupler


  • Too little in size
  • †Sometimes it doesn’t unlock

The Master Lock 379ATPY Universal Trailer Coupler Lock features a common trailer coupler lock, designed to match 1-7/8 inches, 2 inches plus 2-5/16 inches couplers. The superior locking mechanism gives resistance to prying and picking. The Lifetime Warranty delivers reassurance out of a brand you can believe in.

That is a common lock which is suited to all couplers. This best trailer lock is fabricated from stainless steel to provide optimum protection against corrosion and rusting. It incorporates a drive to lock system and may fit 1/2 plus 5/8- inches receivers.

This Lock provides the convenience of an adaptable design. The modifications can be carried out found in the number of 9/16 to 2-7/5 inches. This lock has a hitch pin number and a canvas bag for hassle-free storage.


  • Advance fasten resistant to picking and prying
  • Rekeyable cylinder for the purpose of keyed as well convenience
  • Common trailer coupler lock suits 1-7/8-inches, 2-inches & most 2-5/16-inches couplers
  • Resists rust as well as corrosion
  • Easy to setup and remove


  • Great value, but it is a cheap lock

This Trimax UMAX100 Premium comes in a big size that weighs about six pounds. The hard external casing is created from airborne nylon to supply maximum power and wonderful protection against the elements. Plastic covers and the metal base material soften the blow of a hammer.

The cover hides the main element insertion spot to keep away dirt, dust and grime. The lock teeth are on the both sides of the chrome bar to provide improved security. The lock is easy to install or remove.

This best trailer lock features a special design that delivers 3600 of hardened metal protection for your unattended truck. It offers immediate security to your camper, motorboat or trailer when it is not installed to your vehicle. This lock is simple to slide the ball up into the coupler and replace the U-shackle.


  • Dual ratchet fasten system
  • Exclusive design supplies 3600 of hardened metallic protection
  • Crucial gap cover maintains out dirt and grime
  • Attractive Airborne quality synthetic housing
  • Key hole cover glides up to seal out dust and grime


  • It requires one more tooth on the bar for locking†
  • The bar seems like thin hollowed out tubing

The Reese Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock can provide you the peace of mind for storing trailers. It protects your unhitched trailer from being stolen.

Use it for vessel trailers, outdoor trailers, power trailers and even more. It's simple to use, and this lock is a perfect answer whether you're storing the equipment immediately or long term. The color is easy to spot and encourages thieves to keep away.

This best trailer lock offers you the utmost flexibility. You can use it with an array of couplers and it features a corrosion resistant complete that withstands changes in climate.

Additionally, heavy-duty cast solid steel constructions protect the locking mechanism from prying and picking. Quick on/off allows you to access your trailers easily. This particular Reese coupler lock includes two keys.


  • Includes two keys and heavy-duty cast steel structure
  • Comes with corrosion-resistant finish
  • Ratchet pattern which has six fastening positions
  • Advanced lock resistant for selecting and prying
  • Provides safety for trailer whenever found in storage
  • Prepared to fit 1-7/8", 2" plus 2-5/16" couplers


  • It does not provide protection at all
  • †Key could be tricky to insert

Benefits Of The Best Trailer Lock

Benefits Of The Best Trailer Lock

The major reason that trailer locks exist is for the security of trailers. Once you have installed one on your trailer, it usually keeps it intact, no matt how hard a thief attempts to unhitch your trailer. It’ll be difficult to do because it offers 360 degrees protection.

Therefore turning it to a particular angle so that you can take it off won't assist you. The existence of a shackle makes sure that a thief shall have a hard time trying to pick the lock.

The best trailer lock prevents the coupler latch from dislodging if you are traveling. A trailer lock shall keep your trailer and the tow vehicle in place in the event the hitch fails. A trailer lock plays a part in the minimization of diving or swaying off your trailer as you travel.

This lock grasps the coupler sturdily to ensure that the hitch doesn’t go over the ball regardless of size. Truck locks are simple to setup. You can lock it, and you are fine to go easily. Hold

The Absolute Best Trailer Lock Brands!

Trailer Locks have undergone demanding fatigue pressure testing to ensure maximum power. The integrated powder covering offers extra toughness and drives back corrosion, oxidation, and rust.

Though there are many manufacturers selling top quality Even, costly trailer tresses out there, using the best trailer lock is equally important since it means that the trailers are secure right from theft all the time.

As a trailer proprietor, based on coupler locks to provide 100 % protection on your trailer isn't a great idea because they're not effective and being that they are a human-made, they could be picked by thieves who've determination and time. But if you can select the perfect product, only then it can protect your trailers, and we think this article can fulfill your demand.

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