5 Best Wheel Locks In 2022 Reviewed

Updated Oct 14, 2021

Having a vehicle is a great addition to your life. However, there are many potential risks too! Thieves will always look for an opportunity to steal your vehicle - sometimes just the wheels.

So, the best wheel locks can protect your car or bike from moving freely. In addition, it will also protect your wheels from being stolen!


Importance of Wheel Locks

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Wheel locks and locking lug nuts are two of the most important things you need to purchase for your car. These things will help you to protect the wheels of your vehicle. As you know, once the wheels get stolen, it’ll be hard for you to get them back: once thieves place your wheels online, they can easily be bought within minutes.

Best wheel locks can ensure that your vehicle will become immobile. Knowing your car is secure will make your feel secure as well. You can sleep soundly without worrying about your vehicle getting taken while you are fast asleep.

How Wheel Locks Work

Typically, one set of wheel locks has four to five lug nuts and a special tool that will help remove the lugs. The lugs that will come with your wheel locks will seem different to the original nuts since they are larger than usual and will prevent a standard size socket from getting on the nut. A special tool will be needed for you to be able to remove these lug nuts from the wheels.

Each lug nut will be placed on the wheel using the new nut. The spare nuts that you have should be kept in a safe place so you can use them to buy a new set of wheels later on. Thieves may be able to remove four out of five of the nuts, but the wheels can't be removed without removing the fifth lug nut.

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Removing the Lug Nuts From the Wheels

If you want to remove your lug nuts, you can use the special tool that was mentioned above. This tool comes with the set of wheel locks and locking lugs that you have purchased. Below are some tips on how you can successfully remove the lug nuts from your wheels.

Remove the Hubcap

There are some instances that a hubcap is present. If there is, you should remove it. This will help you to access all of the lug nuts. The hubcaps are typically connected by metal clips, which are then held by the lug nuts. Using a lug wrench will help remove the hubcaps.

Check the Lug Nuts

The next thing that you need to do is to start checking the lug nuts, because some need to be removed using a special tool. But some lug nuts can be removed using a hammer, which will be easier for you.

Using a Lug Wrench

A lug wrench - or tire iron, t-bar, or tire tool - is typically included in the tire kit of the vehicle that you have. You should remember that the lug wrench should ideally fit into the lug nuts. If not, then you may need another tool, such as a two crossed bars or a straight bar. Typically the best that you can use is the crossed bar since it can easily be tested using the strength of your arm.

Start Loosening the Lug Nuts

Using the car’s resistance, start loosening the lug nuts by twisting the wrench through the nuts. You need to make sure that the wheel is stable on the ground and won’t move. This is because it will make things easier for you when it comes to loosening the nuts.

Turn the wrench in a counter clockwise position once you have secured it to one of the lug nuts. You should pull it hard until you start feeling the lug nut began to loosen. Don't worry about removing the lug entirely, all you have to do is to loosen the nuts with the wrench.

Continue Loosening the Nuts

Once you are done with the first nut, you can keep loosening the other lug nuts. The best way to do this is to create a star pattern, and you need to make sure that you will skip the nut that is adjacent to the first nut that you have just loosened. This is to ensure that the wheel will be kept centered, which is essential when you are installing the wheel.

Jacking uhe Car Up

Once all the bolts are loose, you can start jacking the car up and remove all the lug nuts. You can do this by spinning them one by one using your hand. By removing the nuts, you can now freely remove the wheel so you can replace it.

This is all the information you need when it comes to removing the lug nuts in your wheels. The reason why these tips are essential is that it is easier to install the lugs than to remove them, especially if they are already tightly sealed in there. By following these tips, you will be able to remove them safely, without damaging them or injuring yourself.

How to Choose the Best Wheel Locks

You need the best wheel locks set for your vehicle. Depending on the quality, you should go with the high-tensile steel wheel locks only.

You can also get bigger U-lock models, and these are good because of having a big padlock with dual hardened parts. Also, you will get many other convenient designs available for the vehicle. Sometimes your dealer can also recommend a special set for the car. Therefore, you need to choose the best model for a better result.

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The size of the wheel locks may be different from one to another. You should choose the right size for your vehicle wheel, or it may not work properly.

Number of wheel locks

Generally, you need only four wheel locks for your vehicle. However, some of the wheel lock sest to offer more than four nuts in case one is missing. You do not need to buy a whole set if you have lost one or two wheel lock nuts.

User Friendly

The wheel locks should be easy to use, apply and remove from your wheels. However, it should not be easy to manipulate for any thieves!

Unique Key

If you want to use a safe wheel lock, then, you need to use a unique key. Some wheel locks come with a universal key. This can help the thief to remove the locks very easily. You should use the lock with a unique key.

Customer Review

A customer review is another big plus for choosing the best wheel locks. You can visit the online stores like Amazon to read the reviews.


The price of the wheel locks is affordable for any person. Therefore, you should not compromise the safety of your vehicle.

Top 5 Best Wheel Locks Reviews

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Genuine Subaru B321SFG000 Wheel Lock Kit

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If you want to buy the best wheel lock kit for Subaru automobiles, then this is it. It comes with a unique matching key kit so no one can unlock the lug nuts to steal your wheels.

The high-quality wheel locks are suitable for most of models of Subaru automobiles. This could be a negative for other the automobile owners. However, Subaru owners will have the best protection using the lock kit.


  • High-quality wheel locks for wheels
  • Best choice for the Subaru automobile models
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Affordable and cheap


  • May not be suitable on other makes

DPAccessories LCB3L6HC-CH04LK4 Chrome Wheel Locks

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This is one of the toughest wheel locks for protecting wheels and tires. It comes with a unique key to lock and remove. You will get a user guide and easy to use key tool for installation and removal. Only one lug nut is enough for protecting one wheel.

Each package offers four chrome wheel locks and one key for installation. The high-end lug nuts come with rust resistant material for durability. On the other hand, the precise design and lock system does not allow any alternative tool to remove it.


  • Precise design with steel metal
  • Rust and corrosion resistance design
  • Easy to use and installation
  • The lock key is unique and different in each package
  • Easy to replace the key tool if you lose it
  • Need only one lug nut for each wheel


  • The wheel locks are not suitable for stock wheels 

McGard 24538 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks

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McGard 24538 Chrome Wheel Locks is made of the toughest materials to protect your vehicle, so no one can remove the wheel locks without its unique tool.

As a result, you do not need to worry about the wheels and tires of your vehicle. The thieves will never be able to remove the wheel locks using any alternative method.

Moreover, each set has a different shape and key tool. Therefore, one packet’s wheel locks tool will not work for another. Therefore, this will provide the best way to deal with thieves. You get five locks along with a unique key to open the locks.


  • Each of the wheel locks keys is different from another
  • Extra narrow grooves patterns
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Uses unique keys for each packet
  • Perfect material for rust resistance
  • Precise threads for strengthened tight


  • As the key is unique for each packet, losing the unique key means you need to to buy another packet 

Genuine Toyota Accessories 00276-00900 Wheel Lock

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Genuine Toyota Accessories is one of the best wheel lock sets available in the market. This is a perfect wheel lock set for Toyota cars. It comes with a unique key to install and remove the nuts. Therefore, you can remain safe from thieves.

Moreover, the lug nuts come with good weight balance and a precise shape. Therefore, you can easily use the steel lug nuts to protect your wheels.

In addition, its triple-nickel plating enhances the quality of the wheel locks so it will always remain corrosion free in any weather. That also indicates the durability, performance, and quality of the wheel locks.


  • Very precise design with quality
  • Comes with a unique key tool
  • Design is perfect with well-balanced for quality time
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Offers easy to follow guideline for using the wheel locks


  • Some of the Toyota 2012 models are not compatible with the wheel locks

Gorilla Automotive 61631 Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks

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This is a unique wheel lock set for automobile wheel and tire protection. You get four lug nuts for four wheels, with a unique key.

It comes with a unique design with external security. You cannot remove the lug nuts without the matching key. The wheel locks are perfect for 60-degree conical seat wheels. Moreover, the precise thread design is easy to install and remove.


  • A complete and reliable set
  • Comes with unique key tool
  • Easy to use and installation
  • Perfect for most of the wheels
  • Don’t need much time to install and remove
  • Easy to replace the unique key in case you have lost it
  • Lug nuts are not removable without matching key


  • This is not rust-resistant wheel locks set 

Simply the Best Wheel Locks!

Now you know the best wheel locks  for protecting wheels and tires. You can choose any of our recommended lug nuts for protection. All of them are affordable and easy to use.

We have also shared the factors that you should consider for choosing the best wheel locks for wheels. Therefore, you can also compare any set of the factors. Then, you can get the best model for your wheels!

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