Best Trailer Brake Controller To Buy 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a perfect but affordable brake controller for your vehicle? Plenty of brake controllers are available in the marketplace right now. So it is extremely tricky to select the best trailer brake controller for your vehicle.

You would find lots of brake controller care tips, buyer’s guide along with some useful brake controller reviews listed here. Just browse around the website to know more about the product and it will be very much helpful to select the best one for your vehicle.

Exactly What’s A Brake Controller?


A brake controller is generally an OEM installed module or device. It is installed to the tow car driver's-side dashboard region. It engages a trailer's electrical stopping system including time delayed, or proportional whenever slowing down or arriving at a halt.

Brake controller isn't required with a trailer rise braking method unless utilizing modern electrical over hydraulic devices. The trailer generally has either electric-hydraulic trailer brake or electric friction brake actuators.

Top 5 Best Trailer Brake Controller



Product Name





Tekonsha p3 Brake Control + Wiring Harness for 95-09



Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control



Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control



Tekonsha p3 Brake Control + Wiring Harness for Toyota 4runner



Tekonsha 90250 Prodigy RF Electronic Brake Control

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Comparison Table of 5 Best Trailer Brake Controller


Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control

Tekonsha 90250 Prodigy RF Electronic Brake Control

Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control

Tekonsha p3 Brake Control + Wiring Harness for Toyota 4runner

Tekonsha p3 Brake Control + Wiring Harness for 95-09

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Item Weight

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6 pounds

12.2 pounds

1.4 pounds

1.5 pounds

Product Dimensions

4.5 x 3 x 10.6 inches

12.6 x 8.6 x 6.2 inches

4.5 x 2.5 x 8.5 inches

4.5 x 3 x 10.8 inches

4.5 x 3 x 10.8 inches







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CEQ90195- 3020B

International Shipping

Selected countries outside USA

Selected countries outside USA

Selected countries outside USA

Selected countries outside USA

Selected countries outside USA


Limited Lifetime Warranty

15-year limited warranty

15-year labor warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

1. Tekonsha p3 Brake Control + Wiring Harness for 95-09


Tekonsha p3 is a super brake control with a lot of nice features. This controller supports actual electric brakes and electric over hydraulic. It is extremely soft in its service.

It is easy to set or change for different trailers and has a memory for every trailer you own also. Tekonsha p3 along with Wiring Harness for 95-09 is very simple to install. Installation is speedy, and the unit can be removed during off season easily.

The boost feature of the Tekonsha p3 Brake Control works great. The automated deceleration feature applies just the right amount of breaking always. Another grand feature is the capability to save the settings in case you have more than 1 trailer. Overall, it provides a proportionate stop based on the vehicle's deceleration rate.


  • Shiny LCD with adjustable contrast
  • Reverse battery security for both breakaway and vehicle systems
  • Boost characteristic for brake personalization
  • Works together with trailers from you to 4 axle assemblies, with both hydraulic and electric brakes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • No installation instructions with it
  • Doesn’t work as expected
  • Doesn’t support international shipping

2. Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control


Tekonsha 90195 P3 Brake Controller tends to be the most intelligent and advanced method of trailer brake controls. One of the security features on the P3 is the capability to self-diagnose the trailer constantly while driving.

Built with a self-adjusting device, this best trailer brake controller supports electric brakes along with electric over hydraulic. This technology permits simple and flexible set up from almost horizontal to vertical. P3 continuously adjusts itself to the place of the tow vehicles.

The P3 electronic trailer braking mechanism control offers proportional braking for one particular to 4 Axle Trailers. It offers customizable LCD, storable configurations, three or more boost levels, electric battery protection and constant diagnostics.


  • Extremely advanced, simple-to-understand and roadside diagnostics
  • The original Boost characteristic permits different levels of personalized braking
  • ​Compact and dash-hugging style
  • ​Unique, simple to use and clip mounting system
  • Restricted Lifetime Warrantee


  • Not suitable for international shipping
  • Insufficient information for installation
  • Does not provide service as expected

3. Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control


Tekonsha 90160 uses primary sensor technology predicated on Prodigy technology. This brake controller is really suitable for 1 to 3 axle trailers. It includes a proportional braking system. It automatically adjusts the trailer's braking depending on deceleration of the tow vehicles.

It also possesses automatic leveling capability. Tekonsha 90160 automatically levels whenever mounted within a 700 vertical range. It includes digital display, battery protection, 3 boost levels plus continuous diagnostics. 

You can easily transfer it among different automobiles. This brake controller activates actual trailer brakes in proportion to the vehicle's braking action. Its continuous diagnostic check notices you to any type of potential problems.


  • LED display for easy -to-read
  • Built-in and slide-bar manual override
  • Carries a “Boost” feature
  • Proportionally works in overturn Snap-in dash rising clip plus hardware included
  • Self-diagnostics features will illuminate LED readout when problems occur


  • This product can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S only
  • The included 20% restocking fee is a great burden for the buyers
  • Sometimes they don’t attach proper adjusting video

4. Tekonsha p3 Brake Control + Wiring Harness for Toyota 4runner


The Tekonsha P3 is one of the best proportional trailer brake controllers in the marketplace at the moment. The multi-functioning LCD, which includes the most advanced analysis which can be utilized easily.

This brake controller mechanically levels while mounted within a 3600 vertical range. It can be installed easily with the included vehicle precise wiring adapter. So no other parts are essential.

Tekonsha p3 brake controller is an excellent brake controller. It is easy to use and includes a clear screen as well. Brake remotes with a custom made match wiring harness to your Toyota 4Runner help to make trailer towing more secure and set up easier.


  • Highly advanced, simple-to-understand and roadside diagnostics
  • Unique, Small, easy-to- make use of along with clip mounting system
  • Separate, easy to understand LCD with multiple contrast and color options
  • Quick detachment for easy storage space; hassle-free storage pouch included
  • Comes with limited lifetime warranty


  • Doesn’t work on 2015 plus newer model Toyota Tundra SR
  • Not perfect for updated Toyota vehicles
  • Does not fit for all Tundras

5. Tekonsha 90250 Prodigy RF Electronic Brake Control


The effective Tekonsha 90250 Prodigy RF Brake Control comes with automatic-leveling sensor, portable remote, boost feature and nonstop diagnostics. It is well-suited with multiplex wiring system. Prodigy RF, the best trailer brake controller, is absolutely perfect for 1- to 3-axle trailers. It is a proportional electronic brake controller. It will automatically regulate the trailer's braking based on the cessation of the tow vehicles.

The wireless system is perfect for shared trailer or if you are traveling in fleets. The LED screen displays trailer brake voltage, and power diagnostics. The easy-to-use remote control usually plugs into a standard 12-volt actual power accessory adapter. Over all this system has automatic leveling facility right here.


  • Simply no drilling, brackets, or perhaps clips needed!
  • Easy to see LED display for trailer brake pedal voltage, power result, and diagnostics
  • Easy to use remote control hands control
  • Power conserving mode decreases drain on battery once vehicle isn't being used
  • Comes with a 15- year limited guarantee and one year limited warranty on cord


  • International shipping is not supported for all over the world.
  • Wiring instruction is not accurate.
  • Not perfect with Mercedes CDI ML320 diesel car

Why Do I Need A Brake Controller?

Brake controller is the physical link in the middle of your brake pedal on your own automobile and the braking on the axles of the trailer. Without it, uncontrolled weight can push ahead, making the prospect of damage and accidents. It is not only to your car or truck but also other vehicles in the event that you can’t slow or even stop in time.

An electric trailer brake control gives electrical power from a towing car to the electric brake on a trailer. If your trailer possesses electrical brakes, a real brake controller is required. Besides, brake controller is needed for the following purposes:

  • Safety Measures
  • To control the vehicle easily
  • Customizable LCD plus Advanced Diagnostics
  • Much less Maintenance and affordable price
  • Automatic Leveling and Easy Installation

How does a Brake Controller work?

Brake controllers work on a definite way. The magnet is activated when power comes from your own brake controller. It really is attracted to the inside smooth face of the revolving brake hub. The rotating centre causes the magnet to revolve as shown (Magnet is mounted on a good lever that rotates). When it turns it causes the both brake shoes to pass on and then apply your brakes.

The brake controller gets installed into the car (on or close to your dashboard). It also controls the power that gets delivered to the magnet at the wheel.

The controller includes a direct connection to the battery for the actual source of power. It has a link with the stop light also, typically from the switch at the brake pedal. This explains to the machine to supply capacity to the magnet, with a direct cable from the controller. An earth is required also.

Types of Brake Controller

There are various kinds of brake controllers currently in the marketplace. Some of them are as follows:

1. Proportional brake controller


Proportional brake controllers utilize a motion-sensing device to identify how fast the tow vehicle is stopping. Best proportional brake controller is also recognized as pendulum brake controller due to the method they sense motion. When the driver applies the brakes, the brake controller is applicable the same amount of power to the trailer's brakes.

2. Time delayed brake controller


Time delayed brake controllers place more wear upon braking systems, yet they're less costly and simpler to install than proportional brake controller.

The power is defined beforehand by the drivers and depends upon just how much trailer weight he is towing. A delay will occur when the brakes are pressed always. Nevertheless, the driver is allowed by a sync switch to adjust the span of the delay.

3. Hydraulic over electrical controller


This particular brake controller uses the hydraulic pressure of the brake mechanism on a car. With hydraulic power it provides a current to regulate the electric brakes of the trailer. Some vehicle manufacturers give this as an OEM option, like Ford using its Ford Tow Command.

Some of the best Brands


Tekonsa is the leader of the entire break controller brands in the marketplace. Smart trailer braking tends to be the key to the achievement of the Tekonsha product line. They launched their journey since 1964. The Tekonsha line has been trusted by professional towers plus weekend warriors really for worry-free travel.


Founded in 1953, Hopkins manufacturing Corporation is regarded as the automotive industry's innovator in towing electrical items. Living by the mission, the company's focus is still making the towing encounter easier and even more satisfying through innovation plus value


Hayes trusts that safe braking includes total braking power to the trailer when needed. Most Hayes versions deliver 100% capacity to the trailer brakes. All models are designed to accommodate both electrical trailer brakes and hydraulic trailer brakes


Founded in 1952, the Reese brand has become a familiar name inside the heavy-duty towing sector. With proven deign that exceeds the industry standard, Reese has become the brand of choice whenever performance is the anticipation

Things To Consider When Buying A Trailer Brake Controller

We can see many types of brake controller in the marketplace. So it is very difficult to choose the right one. Some crucial tips are as follows:

1. Proportional or non-proportional

Proportional brake controllers may use different systems to sense the cars deceleration, and then utilize proportional power to the electric brakes.

Non-proportional brake controllers could be time delay activated or even solid state. They apply a set amount of capacity to the trailer braking system at any time.


2. Electric-Hydraulic

Some very specialized trailer brakes are a mixture of electric and hydraulic. So you must ensure your braking controller offers this kind of capacity

3. Voltage

Voltage is probably the first and most important item. They can be found in 12V and 24V and must match the power source in the towing vehicle. Unless mentioned as 24V, almost all controllers are intended for 12 volt vehicles

4. Number of axles

The controllers are created to match a particular number of axle assemblies on the towed caravan or trailer. It is actually a measure of how much total power they can provide. So actually if the controller shows it is ideal for 4 axles. It could be used on a single axle, tandem axle, or even triple axel trailers

5. Display type

Basically LED is perfect for all brake controllers. To digital display, effective power is delivered and a menu system to create the controller

6. Mounting

The brake controllers can be mounted in a cradle below the dashboard or even remotely with the controls protruding throughout dashboard


A best electric brake controller is absolutely indispensable for any type of vehicle. It is not only essential for your vehicles but also safety for your life. A brake controller provides power from a car to a trailer's electric brake. Different types of brake controllers are found in various shapes and sizes.

To control the brakes you require having electric brake controller tactically placed in a location which is easily in a range of the driver. Brake controllers are very crucial for vehicles. So read the above brake controller reviews and buying guide carefully and it must be helpful for you to purchase a good one.

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