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How to reset JVC Car Stereo Tutorial

Do you have JVC car stereo in your vehicle? Then, you must know how to reset JVC car stereo properly. This is important to know because you may need to reset it any time.

There are many people who do not know how to reset the JVC car stereo. So, we will show you step by step process to reset the car stereo so that you can avoid the problems. Moreover, it will help you to customize the options very easily.

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How to Remove Dynamat Tutorial

Do you want to have a noise free travel in a car? Then, dynamat is such kind of thing to reduce the noise. This is a sheet that helps to reduce the entry of noise when driving. However, many people also want to remove the dynamat. If you are one of them, our how to remove dynamat tutorial is for you!

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Tutorial on How to Carpet a Sub Box

Do you want to add a sub box for extra music pleasure? Then, a sub box can give you the best music. When selecting a sub box, you may select a normal sub box or a carpeted sub box. Carpeted sub box is easy to find in the market. However, you can also carpet a sub box very easily. Today, we will give you an easy to follow tutorial on how to carpet a sub box.

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Tips on How to Shim a Starter on a Chevy

The starter motor was made to spin you turn on the key, which makes the flywheel spin and turns on the engine. The connection between the starter gear and flywheel can be a little bit picky, and if there is no enough clearance between the two, the result will be a grinding sound, and you will have difficulty in starting your chevy.

To solve this problem you can install one or two starters shim depending on the right spacing. Before we proceed on the tips on how to shim a starter on your chevy, it is best that you learn first how to install the chevy starter shims.

How to Properly Shim a Starter

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Tips on How to Wire a Capacitor

A car accessory like stereo system can strain your electrical system. If you find the other accessories are having a hard time getting the needed power or the other car accessories like the headlights are dimming or blinking then it is time to install a capacitor.

This is an added accessory that serves as a power storage device to provide the additional electricity needed for your vehicle. You can let the auto mechanic to install the capacitor, or you can do it on your own as the process is easy. Before you learn how to wire a capacitor, you need to find the right capacitor first.

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Tips on How to Install Dynamat in Floors

This how to install Dynamat article will help you in solving your concern with the noise inside your vehicle. The quality of the sound system in your car can be affected by noises like rattling doors and sounds in your trunk. There are some cars that already have sound deadening from the factory but the quality is not that good.

Likewise, the older the cars the lower the quality of sound deadening materials are used. To resolve this concern, Dynamat designed various products that will practically fit every application. You can choose sound deadening that you can place in the doors, floor, firewall, trunk, roof, and rear deck.

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Tips on How to Fix a Blown Subwoofer

A blown subwoofer can affect the audio quality of your car’s stereo system seriously. But, when deciding whether to fix the blown subwoofer or buy a new one, the sound quality is not the only issue to think about.

Fixing a speaker can cost you a lot, and buying a new one may cost you even more. The best option is to fix the speaker as this is cost-effective and is also an easy task. This how to fix a blown subwoofer is easy to follow and can repair your subwoofer as if you have purchased a new one.

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Tips on How to Find Short in a Car

The process of finding an electrical short in a car can be a tedious task and time consuming. There are several tools that you can use to make your task much easier. One is by the use of a multimeter and the other by the use of test light.

Even the most skilled mechanic can have a hard time tracing short in a car. A short circuit may likely to occur if your car wirings become old or a specific part of your vehicle deteriorates. Fixing short circuit may not be as hard as locating it, as there are several parts in your car where short circuit may likely to occur. This how to find short in a car can help the process go more smoothly.

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