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7 Tips to Help You Afford to Buy and Repair Your Project Car This Year

Did you grow up working on cars or find yourself taking toys apart and putting them back together? If so, you probably consider yourself an auto enthusiast or mechanic at heart. You probably even have or want to have a project car.

Finding the means to own and work on a car as a hobby can be difficult, especially when you have a family to support or a job that requires a truck. But if you have gears in your heart, it can be almost impossible to avoid the desire to own a car to tinker or rebuild.

If you find having a project car rewarding, but struggle to find the extra nickels and dimes to pay for one, there are ways you can save money. Whether you’re looking into your first hobby car or your seventh, use these tips to help you afford the car and those parts, fillers, and other supplies you need to keep it running and looking great.

Don't Buy Your Project Car Locally

While you can find some great deals in your neighbourhood, city, or state, don’t restrict your search to finding a car locally. Check places like eBay or Carvana to see if you can find the same model in a similar condition elsewhere. Even if you don’t purchase your car from these websites, they can help you decide if the listed price is fair.

If you decide to buy online, don’t hesitate to ask for extra pictures. If you notice an area that may have rust, ask for a closeup so you can accurately assess the extent of the damage.

Hint: Rust is one of the biggest headaches when it comes to project cars.

Don't Buy Someone Else's Failed Project

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you’ve probably been told not to buy a bobber, but have you heard that failed project cars have the same issues? Sometimes, the more someone knows the project car they’re selling you, the more risk associated with the vehicle. Watch for signs like their explanation of what they tried and how it failed. It’s likely that if they struggled, so will you.

Rent or Lease Your Primary Vehicle

If you need a minivan or sedan for the family, that’s reasonable. But you may not need to buy a brand new one. In fact, studies show most Americans can’t afford to buy a new car, so don’t feel pressured to buy new. When shopping for your primary vehicle, consider leasing or buying used. If you have mechanical skills, you can spot and address issues that may arise from a used car. And if you lease, you can always take the option to buy.

If you need a work truck, talk to your boss about renting work trucks to save money. Renting a fleet vehicle can save you the cost of insurance and the upfront cost of a truck.

Check Price and Availability of Parts

That 1974 Chevy Caramo may seem like an excellent deal, but can you find affordable parts to help bring it back to life? You will want to research where to find parts and how much they’ll cost. If you have to have them shipped, it can add a lot to your budget over a year.

Find a trustworthy car forum for people that just love the model of car you’re purchasing. Spend a week or so asking well-thought-out valuable questions. This will also provide you with a resource if you hit some hiccups along the road to having a show-worthy restoration.

Find A Buddy to Work Alongside and Share Tools With

While you should always invest in the best tools that will last forever, sometimes you just can’t afford one of those tools you will only use once or twice. Taht’s ok. This is when your engine-brained buddies can come in handy.

Invite your buddy over for some beers and engine work. You can also learn a lot from other hobbyists so you don’t make their same mistakes while having a great time. Nothing beats connecting with another experience car restorer. You can always meet new people at local car shows if you’re lacking those gear-head friends.

Ready To Buy and Repair Your Project Car?

From headlight restoration to sanding off body rust, you will need to spend some money on your project car. But if you plan ahead, you can anticipate and even reduce the cost.

If you’re looking for ways to afford a car you can restore back to its shining glory, you need to set a reasonable budget, be aware of national car values, and do your research. Becoming part of the car restoration club can be rewarding and keep prized vehicles out of the junkyard.

4 Signs Your Truck’s Axle Is Failing and How to Mend It

Experiencing problems with your truck’s axle? The truck axles, just like ordinary car axles are very important parts of the truck. Here, we will show you some 4 signs your truck’s Dana 44 front axle is failing and how to mend it.

What is the axle?

The axle is a vehicle part that conveys engine power to the wheels. So, ultimately, power generated from the transmission ends in the tires through the axle. As the axle rotates, the wheels also move. That’s exactly how critical axles are in a truck!

How can I know my axles are failing?

Driving a truck is so much therapeutic. Experienced drivers will reliably tell you that there is practically nothing comparable to it: At least not in this life; afterlife? Maybe.

But the joy of driving is found when the vehicle parts mutually decide to work in perfect harmony. So when something like the truck axle interrupts this harmony, you should get concerned. Given the critical functions it performs, you’ll not only have to stop the truck but also climb down the sidesteps and dive right under it to check the problem.

You are probably asking yourself how you can know axle failure. Brilliant, that is what we discuss next.

Removing wheel locks

The truck can’t stop vibrating in corners

Let’s just get this out of the way. Axles are quite burly and probably one of the most hardened car parts. Secondly, it is placed underneath the truck to ensure minimal contact with obstructions or even other motorists.

But this does not mean they are safe from breakages. Far from it!  In fact, while truck axles are strong and hidden, they are quite a target for bad bumps or potholes on the road. In the worst case scenario, breakages may force you to buy a heavy duty Jeep winch to get you to safety.

If you notice unusual vibrations while you are taking corners, the problem may just be in the axle. Pull over and check the axle. If you are not sure about what to do, drive into a truck repair center to get an “all clear” before you get back on the road.

Clunking sound

If by any means you fail to notice the vibrations, there’s one more thing. The clunking sound when you are shifting gears. These sounds typically indicate a problem with the axle itself, while it may also mean a transmission failure.

When the truck is struggling to complete transmission, it is always detected from the clunking sounds. Usually, the clunking sounds are louder on the side of the axle with the damage. It simply means the transmission is unable to convey power to the wheels efficiently.

Now, upon failure of the velocity axles, you could hear a strange click on the truck’s side. It generally indicates that the axle joints have become weak. The sound may be louder depending on severity of the problem.

Grease Leak underneath the truck

While grease leaks have nothing to do with axle damage, inadequate grease in the axle boot or CV boot could lead to near-future axle problems faster than you think. A broken joint could let in dust that can cause axle damage. 

To mitigate this, you should regularly check for leaks in your truck’s axle boots and boot clamps. The leaks from these places are easily visible from underneath the truck. You should seal all cracks as soon as you notice them.

The truck is just slow

If the truck starts normally, gets in gear but can’t just go anywhere, the problem could be in the axle. As we saw in our description of what the role of an axle is, the truck is probably having an issue with its transmission.

That the car starts just fine, gets in gear but fails to move indicates an incomplete ‘circuit’ in the transmission cycle. It is evident that power from the engine isn’t reaching the wheels for some reason.

The best way to deal with this problem is to pull over and check what the problem is. Running with a damaged axle could lead to further complications that may be costly than the original problem.


The axle plays a critical role in the overall transmission to movement of the truck. It transports all the power generated from the engine and torque to the wheels to bring about movement. Overall it's key to keep any vehicle's performance to the top to face fewer problems.

The safest thing to do once you hear one of these four signs is to pull over in a safe spot and check. It is usually easier to repair the simpler problems rather than wait and replace the whole axles and the spindles.

How to Keep Your Windshield in Good Condition

Your windshield is what protects you from debris while you’re out on the road. And obviously, it’s that part of the vehicle that keeps out rain and intense sunshine. For these reasons, you wouldn’t want to pass up keeping your windshield in the best possible condition. When it comes to caring for your windshield, you will have to make sure you use the right approaches.

Here are a few quick tips that will help you keep your windshield in good condition.

1. Keep away from sunlight

Whether you’re going to the beach or just parking your car outside the office, it’s important that you keep your windshield from direct sunlight as much as possible. Prolonged exposure to heat can wear down the glass and worsen any existing cracks or damage on the surface. Moreover, exposure to UV rays can decrease the tint of your windows, which can be costly to replace.

The best thing you can do is to park in places where there’s enough shade. You can also purchase special covers to protect your windshield and windows from too much sunlight. It will only cost you a few dollars to buy one, but that's nothing compared to replacing the whole glass due to sun damage!

2. Fix the glass before the damage gets worse

If there’s damage on the glass regardless of the size and severity, it’s important that you bring your vehicle to an expert who can help in repairing your chipped windshield, whether it’s because of a rock or a traffic collision.

A good rule of thumb here is to avoid waiting before you take your car to the repair shop. Small chips caused by debris can lead to massive damage, so it’s best that you have your windshield fixed immediately. You can just imagine the money you’ll save on major repairs.

3. Choose the right glass cleaner

When you’re cleaning your car, soap and water just won’t do when you need a sparkling and clear windshield. Soap tends to cause fading and makes the glass foggy. For this, you will need to choose a good glass cleaner to wipe away any dust, grime, and bugs from the glass.

However, you will need to find a glass cleaner that in not overloaded with chemicals that could damage your windshield. Ammonia-based cleaners are obviously a big no-no for tinted windows, so make sure you choose a cleaning solution that doesn’t have ammonia. To be sure, you can use an organic, water-repellent cleaning solution that’s cost-effective and safer to use on glass.

4. Use microfiber cloths

If you’re going to clean your windshield by hand, a rubber squeegee windshield cleaner just won’t do. The rubber can leave noticeable streaks on the windshield. That being said, you should make use of a microfiber cloth to wipe the glass dry after you have rinsed it with a pressure washer.

This is a much safer alternative to using old rags that can leave ugly soap smears. Also, make sure to avoid soft sponges as they may cause ugly scratches on the surface of your windshield.

For your windshield wipers, make sure the heads are thoroughly cleaned. As much as possible, you may want to replace these every three months. This will ensure that your windshield doesn’t get scratches during heavy rains.

5. Take care of your windows

Aside from the windshield, your car windows should also be properly taken care of. You can use the same approaches when cleaning or repairing your windshield. For this, you will have to avoid slamming your car doors to prevent cracks. You should also cover your windows with reflective material, such as a sun shield, to prevent sunlight from damaging them while your car is parked. Also for some safety and less long-term in the rainy weather, make sure you have a water repellent handy.

Taking care of your windshield can be demanding work, but the payoffs are well worth it.  With these tips in mind, you can keep your windshield in good condition. That way, you won’t have to waste time and money on fixing damage that is otherwise avoidable.

Car Accessories For Girls Who Want To Make Their Car Look Special

Most cars have standard interiors with just the basic controls you need to move the car around. But for girls who are either on their first car or just want to customize their cars, you will need these car accessories for girls.

Naturally, girls love order; at least slightly more than their male counterparts. This order not only means cleaning the car carpets but also which colors go where and how. In this short guide, we give you some of the best car accessories for girls who want to make their cars look chic.

Yontree Faux Wool Steering wheel, Handbrake and Gear shift cover

The winter can be so unrelenting. But if you want to stay warm and escape from the vagaries of the cold weather, then this car accessories is one of the best to shop for. 

Imagine running back from a chilling lecture hall to these warm and comfy Yontree faux wool covers on your steering wheel. That sounds awesome; right? Yes. These essential car accessories are sure to transform your car into a safe haven for unwinding, rebooting and just enjoying life!

Purggo Long-lasting Fragrance-free car air freshener made from Bamboo charcoal

As a girl, the last thing you would want in your car is an awful odor. Oh not today! Because the car is your baby, you just have to pamper it well. Now, the beauty with this Purggo air freshener is that it does not have a fragrance at all. Confused? I know.

 Here’s how it works: This car freshener absorbs odor from the car instead of competing with and overpowering odor.  Now, this car air freshener is able to efficiently perform this duty for the whole year!

mAuto Car Windshield Sunshade with pretty eyes

Image credit

Now, this is one of those rare cases where you would literally kill two birds with one stone. See, this customized car windshield not only gives you the wow moments when you rev into the parking lot but it also endures the test of time and sun. It is UV-protected to ensure you do not have windshield cracks or even leather seat cracks.

Additionally, no matter how hot summer gets, you are sure of a clean sunshade as it does not melt or flake off. Also, this car accessory for girls comes in two surfaces; the silver side for the parking lot and the decorated part for your driving! They are also available from all popular spare stores like and the others.

Chrome Car Eyelashes

Unleash your girly side with these car eyelashes that could turn the apprehension associated with driving into a blissful adventure. These sleek car headlight eyelashes are somewhat one of the must-have car accessories for girls. It definitely can’t get any better than this!

The chrome eyelashes are super easy to install. They also fit in practically all the car headlights.  Feel the air of liberation as you cruise across the street in this showstopper car accessory for girls.

IPELY Universal Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Hanger Holder Hook for Bag Purse Cloth Grocery

Where has this been all this time? Just like all the other girls, you are usually worried about where you will place your purse, handbag purse or even the shopping bag in the car. Well, say bye to the all so common reaching home with supplies scattered all over the place. Welcome the back seat headrest hanger.

With this back seat headrest hanger, you could have a more spacious backseat. You could also clear all clutter from the car and hang just about anything. Name it, umbrella, water bottle, and backpack. Make sure to match with the right upholstery for a more chiq look! 

Iottie easy One-touch Car Phone Holder

Image credit

Now, this wasn’t going to miss from the list, or was it? All girls appreciate how our iPhones matter to us. The little beeps, calls and notifications mean a lot. But when you are behind the wheel, the Iottie car phone holder is a must.

This is just one of those car accessories for girls that you just cannot miss out on. It comes fitted with American-grade technology mounting and dismounting system that is super fast. Moreover, it is sturdy enough to hold your phone in place even over speed bumps and in off-road terrains.


While there are a whole lot of cool and essential car accessories for girls to make your ride sleeker and special, these are our top six. Of course, there some essential car accessories for girls like the backseat organizer, backseat kick mats, car cup holders and even water-proof garbage cans.

Liquid or Aerosol Headliner Adhesive: Which is the Best Option?

The choice of the headliner adhesive that you use is very important when replacing/repairing your car headliner. This is because it is necessary for your headliner material and the board to bond permanently.

A headliner is that cloth that you see at the ceiling of your car. It consists of a board that is covered with foam-backed fabric by gluing them together before attaching it to the ceiling of the car.

Car headliners are very important not only for aesthetics but also insulation. It also protects your head during the impact into the interior roof area of the car.

You should replace the headliners whenever the fabric deteriorates or when the material and the backing starts to separate. Sometimes, the foam backing crumbles leaving the headliner fabric sagging.

When you see these signs, there is no need of injecting glue through the fabric or stabling the fabric up. This is because things will only get worse and your safety is further jeopardized.

Types of headliner adhesives

There are several brands of headliner adhesives, but they fall into two categories:  liquid and aerosol headliner adhesives. This makes it easy to find the best adhesive because both types may be sprayed on the fabric and work great but in different conditions.

You can spray liquid headliner adhesives using a paint gun and have very strong adhesive power. On the other hand, you can apply aerosol adhesives using aerosol cans. You can do this by removing the cap and then spraying it right away.

It may not provide a strong hold as that of the liquid adhesives. But it can withstand extreme temperature conditions without melting. This makes it an ideal adhesive if you live in hot climates. In hot areas, the interior heat in a closed up car or truck can get as high as 200 degrees.

Choosing a headliner adhesive

The problem with many people is simply choosing any adhesive that they happen to come by. Even those who go for the right type of adhesive find themselves buying one of the most affordable or widely available headliner adhesive.

What differentiates a good headliner adhesive from others. It is its bonding strength, the ability to withstand varying temperatures of the inner lining of the car roof and its compatibility with the vinyl material of the car as well as the fabric.

Liquid or aerosol adhesive

The secret of finding a good headliner adhesive is considering not only the type of the adhesive but looking at the respective features as well. Every brand of headliner adhesive has its own list of features that it boasts about. And it is cumbersome to keep going through them every time you want to buy an adhesive.

The good thing is that there are only a few features that really matter in a headliner adhesive. The primary one is the adhesive to ensure that you get a permanent hold that will not have you re-glue it every time.

Another important feature is temperature resistance. You do not want one that melts at the slight increase in temperature and makes your headliner to sag and fall off within a short time.

Compatibility with the mostly used headliner materials like vinyl and fabric is also very important. This is because adhesives are designed to work best on specific materials like vinyl, foam, fabric, rubber, trims, polyethylene and so on.

It is clear that both liquid and aerosol adhesives are good for their respective applications. Whether you are buying a liquid or aerosol headliner adhesive, choose a brand that has all the basic features before comparing other extra features like the price, staining, drying time and ease of use among others.