The Best Upgrades To Add To Your New Toyota Tundra

A Toyota Tundra is a powerful vehicle to have as an asset because of its towing ability, flatbed and passenger space. It's a high powered machine that was built for the transportation of both people and cargo. That said, there are always little extras you can add to your Tundra to get the most out of it. These extras aren't always expensive but can add a lot of value to your driving experience depending on how you use your Tundra. If you bought your Tundra from a Toyota Dealer Cincinnati in Ohio then it's the same if you buy at any Tundra Toyota Dealer, these accessories will work no matter where you purchased your car from.

You can improve the functionality of your Tundra and change its appearance by going through these five upgrades to add to your vehicle.

K-Source Fit System Snap-on Towing Mirrors

Snap the K-Source Fit System Snap-on Towing Mirrors snap on right over your existing mirrors and they make it easier to see your entire surrounding through your mirrors when you're towing anything with your Tundra. If you don't tow things often then you might not need these mirrors, but even if you sometimes decide to tow anything with your Tundra then they are a necessity.

The best part about these mirrors are since they just snap right on to your existing mirrors, you won't need to use any tools at all for installation. They have special screws you can buy to reduce vibration if necessary but if you feel like you don't need to then no tools are required. The glass on the mirror is scratch resistant so it'll be rugged against all obstacles and terrain and last for years. If you tow anything at all and you want to get a better view of the vehicles around you while you're driving, these towing mirrors might be just what you were looking for.

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

If you're moving cargo in your Tundra then the chances are high that you use the bed in the back for storage. Having a cover to completely secure your items in the back of your vehicle without letting them get wet or damaged is an investment you should think about. Additionally, it'll block anyone passing by from looking inside of your vehicle and prevent them from looking inside of your truck and seeing what you have and possibly swiping your stuff. The Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover is just what you need because it does all of this and more.

The Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover is available in a variety of different sizes and materials. It also can accommodate a ton of different Tundra models and comes in soft top, hard top and a dual coated material that is in the middle of both. It's engineered with air-craft grade aluminum panels if you decide to go with the hard top so you're sure you're getting the best bang for your buck.

There are also stainless steel clamps included with the cover for easy installation and they are designed for securely locking the top in place. At the end of the day, the Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover also improves your fuel economy by reducing drag on your Tundra and making it more aerodynamic so if you get nothing else, you'll get more miles to the gallon.

AntennaMastsRus Short Rubber Antenna

Toyota Tundra

The AntennaMastsRus Short Rubber Antenna is an accessory that you can use to swap out the factory antenna that comes with your Tundra. Many Tundra customers complained about their factory antennas so this has become a top accessory for the vehicle. The AntennaMastsRus Short Rubber Antenna looks sleeker and is a short rubber antenna that comes in a variety of different colors. It's safe for car washes and has a durable rubber construction that shields a copper coil that gets great reception without having to be high in the air to get it. The AntennaMastsRus Short Rubber Antenna is a great change if you have a long antenna that you want to get rid of for something that is sleeker.

JDMCAR Center Console Organizer

Staying organized is important for any vehicle owner, it doesn't matter what kind of car you drive. Fortunately enough for Tundra owners, there is a lot of space in the middle console that you can fit the JDMCAR Center Console Organizer and really separate your belongings to stay organized. This organizer is great for giving you a lot of extra dividers to keep your belongings in while you drive around. You can guarantee that you'll still have access to your cupholders and any other essential buttons and features of your vehicle if you install this upgrade. It was created so that it can be used to assist your vehicle and not hinder its features. For this reason, the JDMCAR Center Console Organizer has become one of the best upgrades to add to your vehicle and a top rated accessory. Check with your Toyota Dealer to add this important feature on.

It fits a variety of Tundra models perfectly and you no longer need to worry about losing your change or having change flying all over your vehicle because you have no space for it. It's a versatile organizer that allows you to keep all of your valuables in the same spot without having them everywhere all at the same time.

APS iBoard Running Boards

The APS iBoard Running Boards has been popular because they provide an easy way to access your truck without struggling. They are available in cool colors and styles and are made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This makes them resistant to corrosion and very durable. They were melded by robotic arms and have a matte black finish so they look great no matter what environment your vehicle is in. Additionally, they fit a wide variety of Tundra models so you don't have to worry about whether or not they will fit yours.

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