Car Accessories For Girls Who Want To Make Their Car Look Special

Most cars have standard interiors with just the basic controls you need to move the car around. But for girls who are either on their first car or just want to customize their cars, you will need these car accessories for girls.

Naturally, girls love order; at least slightly more than their male counterparts. This order not only means cleaning the car carpets but also which colors go where and how. In this short guide, we give you some of the best car accessories for girls who want to make their cars look chic.

Yontree Faux Wool Steering wheel, Handbrake and Gear shift cover

The winter can be so unrelenting. But if you want to stay warm and escape from the vagaries of the cold weather, then this car accessories is one of the best to shop for. 

Imagine running back from a chilling lecture hall to these warm and comfy Yontree faux wool covers on your steering wheel. That sounds awesome; right? Yes. These essential car accessories are sure to transform your car into a safe haven for unwinding, rebooting and just enjoying life!

Purggo Long-lasting Fragrance-free car air freshener made from Bamboo charcoal

As a girl, the last thing you would want in your car is an awful odor. Oh not today! Because the car is your baby, you just have to pamper it well. Now, the beauty with this Purggo air freshener is that it does not have a fragrance at all. Confused? I know.

 Here’s how it works: This car freshener absorbs odor from the car instead of competing with and overpowering odor.  Now, this car air freshener is able to efficiently perform this duty for the whole year!

mAuto Car Windshield Sunshade with pretty eyes

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Now, this is one of those rare cases where you would literally kill two birds with one stone. See, this customized car windshield not only gives you the wow moments when you rev into the parking lot but it also endures the test of time and sun. It is UV-protected to ensure you do not have windshield cracks or even leather seat cracks.

Additionally, no matter how hot summer gets, you are sure of a clean sunshade as it does not melt or flake off. Also, this car accessory for girls comes in two surfaces; the silver side for the parking lot and the decorated part for your driving! They are also available from all popular spare stores like and the others.

Chrome Car Eyelashes

Unleash your girly side with these car eyelashes that could turn the apprehension associated with driving into a blissful adventure. These sleek car headlight eyelashes are somewhat one of the must-have car accessories for girls. It definitely can’t get any better than this!

The chrome eyelashes are super easy to install. They also fit in practically all the car headlights.  Feel the air of liberation as you cruise across the street in this showstopper car accessory for girls.

IPELY Universal Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Hanger Holder Hook for Bag Purse Cloth Grocery

Where has this been all this time? Just like all the other girls, you are usually worried about where you will place your purse, handbag purse or even the shopping bag in the car. Well, say bye to the all so common reaching home with supplies scattered all over the place. Welcome the back seat headrest hanger.

With this back seat headrest hanger, you could have a more spacious backseat. You could also clear all clutter from the car and hang just about anything. Name it, umbrella, water bottle, and backpack. Make sure to match with the right upholstery for a more chiq look! 

Iottie easy One-touch Car Phone Holder

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Now, this wasn’t going to miss from the list, or was it? All girls appreciate how our iPhones matter to us. The little beeps, calls and notifications mean a lot. But when you are behind the wheel, the Iottie car phone holder is a must.

This is just one of those car accessories for girls that you just cannot miss out on. It comes fitted with American-grade technology mounting and dismounting system that is super fast. Moreover, it is sturdy enough to hold your phone in place even over speed bumps and in off-road terrains.

Car Accessories For Girls and Making Your Car Look Nice!

While there are a whole lot of cool and essential car accessories for girls to make your ride sleeker and special, these are our top six. Of course, there some essential car accessories for girls like the backseat organizer, backseat kick mats, car cup holders and even water-proof garbage cans.

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