How to Clean Your Car Using a Pressure Washer

We take many means to maintain our cars. One of them is washing, so that it looks beautiful and shiny. There are two options you get when you go to wash your vehicle, one is to take it to a car wash and the other is to clean it at home using the traditional method. If you are comfortable in washing your car in a vehicle washing shop then this article might not be of good help. If you plan to wash your vehicle at your home using a pressure washer will not only make your work easy but also your cleaning will be far more effective. Find a best pressure washer for cars and follow the techniques below.

Place Your Car at a Comfortable Place

Cleaning the dust off a car can be done at any place but washing a car is a little different. You have to take your car to such a place where there is proper drainage system for the water to pass. It can be your garage or an open area such as under a tree, etc. The open area will provide you fresh air and the tree will protect your skin from sunburn.

Set Up the Machine

A pressure washer comes in different parts that need to be connected to make one unit. You have to connect the HP hose and the garden hose properly; there should not be any leakage. Put the proper nozzle tip at the top of your spray gun. For cleaning cars 25-degree or 40-degree nozzles provide the best service. Plug in the power cord if you have an electric pressure washer, otherwise put fuel in your gas powered machine. The best pressure washer for cars is an electric pressure washer. Now you are ready for your main task.

Rinse the Car with Water

Put some water to get your car wet so that you can put detergent or rub the stain that you got carelessly. You should use the 40-degree nozzle for this purpose and keep a little distance from your vehicle. Getting too close might harm your car’s paint. Don’t leave the tires and the underneath where you will find most of the dirt. Wet the windshields properly because it’s an important part. To get a better idea about different nozzle tips you might visit

Put Some Detergent

Now it’s time to put some detergent. You will have to do it immediately after rinsing the vehicle so that the water doesn’t dry out. After putting detergent, rub the surface properly to remove any unwanted dirt and clean the stain. Use some soft cloth or foam for using as a rubbing material; this will not make any mark on its delicate surface. Use brush to clean the tires as dirt and mud get stuck on them very hard.

Wash the Vehicle Entirely

Now it’s time to wash the vehicle thoroughly to clean all the detergent from it. Take the 25-degree nozzle and spray water on the surface. You should keep proper distance while spraying water. A pressure washer sprays water with immense speed which might harm any delicate surface if proper distance is not maintained. The underneath of your car needs sufficient spray of water and you should provide that. Check if the entire car is washed properly and if it looks clean.

Rub the Surface

After washing the entire car it’s time to polish it to make it shiny. Take a clean and soft cloth and wipe off the water from your vehicle. You can keep the water to dry out but it might keep the water mark on the surface. So, it’ll be good to wipe the water. You will find some waxing wheels to put wax on your car’s surface and rub it. This will make your car clean and shiny. Putting wax is a good idea as it will protect your vehicle’s surface and give it a different look.

Best Pressure Washers for Vehicles

Among many options you should choose the best pressure washer for cars. For washing cars you don’t need a powerful machine, so you can go for an electric pressure washer. Gas pressure washers are comparatively powerful which might harm the paint of your car. On the other hand an electric machine is easier to handle.

The above described process will take maximum of 30 minutes of your time and it’ll save a lot of your money. You don’t have to put any effort to take your car to a shop for cleaning. You can easily do it at your home or office if you spend some time. You know the value of your car and it’s only you who can handle it properly. Why would you depend on others when you yourself can clean? Buying a pressure washer is only one time investment which will provide you service for a long time.