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Car Accessories For Girls Who Want To Make Their Car Look Special

Most cars have standard interiors with just the basic controls you need to move the car around. But for girls who are either on their first car or just want to customize their cars, you will need these car accessories for girls.

Naturally, girls love order; at least slightly more than their male counterparts. This order not only means cleaning the car carpets but also which colors go where and how. In this short guide, we give you some of the best car accessories for girls who want to make their cars look chic.

Yontree Faux Wool Steering wheel, Handbrake and Gear shift cover

The winter can be so unrelenting. But if you want to stay warm and escape from the vagaries of the cold weather, then this car accessories is one of the best to shop for. 

Imagine running back from a chilling lecture hall to these warm and comfy Yontree faux wool covers on your steering wheel. That sounds awesome; right? Yes. These essential car accessories are sure to transform your car into a safe haven for unwinding, rebooting and just enjoying life!

Purggo Long-lasting Fragrance-free car air freshener made from Bamboo charcoal

As a girl, the last thing you would want in your car is an awful odor. Oh not today! Because the car is your baby, you just have to pamper it well. Now, the beauty with this Purggo air freshener is that it does not have a fragrance at all. Confused? I know.

 Here’s how it works: This car freshener absorbs odor from the car instead of competing with and overpowering odor.  Now, this car air freshener is able to efficiently perform this duty for the whole year!

mAuto Car Windshield Sunshade with pretty eyes

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Now, this is one of those rare cases where you would literally kill two birds with one stone. See, this customized car windshield not only gives you the wow moments when you rev into the parking lot but it also endures the test of time and sun. It is UV-protected to ensure you do not have windshield cracks or even leather seat cracks.

Additionally, no matter how hot summer gets, you are sure of a clean sunshade as it does not melt or flake off. Also, this car accessory for girls comes in two surfaces; the silver side for the parking lot and the decorated part for your driving! They are also available from all popular spare stores like and the others.

Chrome Car Eyelashes

Unleash your girly side with these car eyelashes that could turn the apprehension associated with driving into a blissful adventure. These sleek car headlight eyelashes are somewhat one of the must-have car accessories for girls. It definitely can’t get any better than this!

The chrome eyelashes are super easy to install. They also fit in practically all the car headlights.  Feel the air of liberation as you cruise across the street in this showstopper car accessory for girls.

IPELY Universal Car Vehicle Back Seat Headrest Hanger Holder Hook for Bag Purse Cloth Grocery

Where has this been all this time? Just like all the other girls, you are usually worried about where you will place your purse, handbag purse or even the shopping bag in the car. Well, say bye to the all so common reaching home with supplies scattered all over the place. Welcome the back seat headrest hanger.

With this back seat headrest hanger, you could have a more spacious backseat. You could also clear all clutter from the car and hang just about anything. Name it, umbrella, water bottle, and backpack. Make sure to match with the right upholstery for a more chiq look! 

Iottie easy One-touch Car Phone Holder

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Now, this wasn’t going to miss from the list, or was it? All girls appreciate how our iPhones matter to us. The little beeps, calls and notifications mean a lot. But when you are behind the wheel, the Iottie car phone holder is a must.

This is just one of those car accessories for girls that you just cannot miss out on. It comes fitted with American-grade technology mounting and dismounting system that is super fast. Moreover, it is sturdy enough to hold your phone in place even over speed bumps and in off-road terrains.


While there are a whole lot of cool and essential car accessories for girls to make your ride sleeker and special, these are our top six. Of course, there some essential car accessories for girls like the backseat organizer, backseat kick mats, car cup holders and even water-proof garbage cans.

How to Turn Your Passion for Cars into a Great Sustainable Career

How many times have you worked a job day after day just to make ends meet? You’re not happy at your job and your true passion is in a field totally unrelated to the job you’re currently working… If this sounds like the story of your life, then you’re not alone in this.

There have been reports stating that more than 87 percent of American employees cannot perform at their highest potential due to not having the passion and drive for the work that they do. If you feel that you fall into that percentile, then it’s probably time to re-evaluate some things and figure out what your passion is.

What makes you tick? What really gets your motor running? For some people, it may be fashion or interior design, while it may be teaching for others. If you happen to have a passion for cars, did you know that the car industry is a great way to earn a living, no matter which path you take?

Being that you love cars, you don’t just enjoy driving them. You’re probably passionate about the craftsmanship of how the car was made, and your curiosity is sparked with the level of engineering that goes into the creation of each different vehicle.

According to a 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the auto industry employed around 4.2 million workers in the U.S. and being that there are over 250 million vehicles on the road, that should let you know of the high demand for skilled automotive workers in this day and age.

On a serious note, if you truly do have a passion for cars, then don’t settle for working a job that you’re miserable at. Look into automotive positions that can get you paid, all while creating a deeper passion for the thing you love.

Become a Car Designer

The world of car design is a tough and competitive field to emerge in, but that shouldn’t shy you away from taking on the challenge. A car designer has a very creative mindset and must possess a strong background in math and science, as well as having a knowledgeable background in computer science.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that with consumers’ growing more concerned about fuel economy and environmental preservation, that people are becoming more accepting to vehicles that run off of electricity, creating more job opportunities for electric car designers! So if any of that sparks your interest, then it’s definitely worth considering… there is definitely a market for it with you included!

Work on Cars as a Mechanic

As a child, if you enjoyed tinkering with toys, or taking things apart and putting them back together, then becoming a mechanic is the perfect fit for you! You will service and have a working knowledge of mechanical components such as engines, transmissions, and braking systems.

It’s not just about fixing cars when you have a passion for cars. As a mechanic, you want to get down and dirty and understand why things work the way they do. Having the knowledge of the ins and outs of cars, along with access to all types of car parts, you could start your own auto parts business.

All you would need to do is establish your brand, have your inventory of parts available, and then spread the word! With all the cars on the road now, there is a serious need for people knowledgable on cars. While you may enjoy going to work every day working on cars… there’s no better feeling in the world than to work for yourself doing what you love

Through your website, you could not only sell parts, but you could also give tips on how to use a trailer brake controller or what to look for in exhaust resonators. Your website can really be what you want it to be, you have full control and ownership!

Become a Car Salesman

Being that you love cars, imagine the high you’ll get by being surrounded by the newest production of cars coming fresh off of the assembly line! Going to work every day, being able to smell the scent of new cars is only one of the perks!

Car salesmen have a multitude of responsibilities. From greeting prospective customers with smiling faces to crunching numbers and negotiating prices and contracts. If you are considering taking the career path of a salesman, consider these responsibilities.

Here are some things to consider:

●Engaging with Potential Customers.

We’ve all experienced the rushing of salesmen when a potential customer steps foot onto a car dealership ready to hand out smiles and handshakes! It’s not to intimidate customers, but it’s really to engage with customers and get them to open up to you about what their car buying needs are. This is one of those positions where you must have top-notch people skills.

●Knowing the Inventory.

Another responsibility of a good car salesman is to become familiar with the dealership’s inventory. You should know the make, model, feature and price of every car on the lot. Being knowledgeable about this information will instill trust in the customer that you will be able to make educated recommendations to meet their car buying needs.

●Add in a Little Persuasiveness.

The goal of a salesman is to keep the selling process moving forward. Find out what they want, show them a nice selection of cars that meet their needs and wants, and then accompany them on a test drive!


While the customer is still interested in the vehicle, this is when you have to strike while the iron is still hot! You will need to talk with the customer about discounts and rebates, financing options, special offers, and various other areas of financials with the car.

●Seal the Deal.

This is the part of the job where you will encounter back and forth between the customer, the car salesman, and the finance manager of the dealership with the determining of the final price of the car. You will be the facilitator of the back and forth and meet the customer and the finance manager in the middle to come up with a deal that the customer is satisfied with. From there, you will need to get an approved and signed contract, sending that customer on their merry way! Good job!Enter your text here…

What Are Wheel Locks and How To Use Them

Imagine walking back from the grocery store to find your car wheels blasted out and carted away. Apart from the shock that this would present, you will also have to buy a new set of wheels to drive home on. So, for your safety, we shall discuss what are wheel locks and how to use them.

While it’s not any car owner’s wish to have a bad experience, thieves are always on the prowl and when they are not stealing the car, they are taking the wheels. What then can you do to have your peace of mind while you sleep, shop or go to work and park your car outside? Wheel locks!

So, what are wheel locks?

You are probably asking yourself the questions: “What are wheel locks?” 

Wheel locks, just as the name suggests are special lug nuts that come with a specific key  for each set. These lug nuts help to secure your car wheels and rims from unauthorized tampering unless you use that particular key. Typically, a wheel lock set comes with a pack of 4-5 high tensile steel lug nuts meant for each wheel. A single lug nut is enough to secure one wheel.

Car wheel thieves will ordinarily begin removing the regular wheel nuts in a bid to steal your wheel. But when they get to the special lug nut also known as the wheel lock, they will be stuck.

How can I use wheel locks?

Removing wheel locks

Wheel locks are pretty simple to use. What you have to do is buy a set, unscrew one regular lug nut from your wheel and keep the nut safely as you may need it when you are buying a new set in the future.

Next, remove one wheel lock from the set and use the accompanying special key to install the new tamper-proof lug nut. Once tightly fastened, do that to the rest of the wheels and keep the remaining one in a safe place.

How to remove wheel locks

On how to remove wheel locks, you only need to remove the other regular nut lugs with a T-bar then use the key to remove the wheel lock.

Of concern is that you should always look for the best wheel locks to protect your vehicle as thieves could easily crack some of the locks with generic keys. Likewise, ensure you always have your wheel lock keys in the car just in case you have to change a flat wheel or when you are having the car serviced.

How can I choose the best wheel lock?

These are some of the features to observe before making a purchase of a wheel lock.

  • Size: Your chosen wheel locks should be able to fit correctly into just like the regular nuts. Buying bigger locks may not only fail to fit properly but also jeopardize your safety, especially when they are loose.
  • Exclusive Key: As we earlier discussed, your chosen key should be unique if you want to keep your car safe and secure. Thieves have universal keys. So, be careful with the type of wheel locks you buy.
  • Ease of use: Always go for the practical wheel locks as the more complicated ones would take much of your time when you have a flat tire and you have to rush to work.
  • Number of wheel locks: Generally, the wheel lock set comes with 4-5 locks. You only need four locks at any given time, but having that extra one isn’t that bad, or is it?
  • Affordability: Always go for a wheel lock that falls within your budget. Fortunately, most of the wheel locks are affordable and will accord you a greater sense of safety.


Wheel locks are a major invention that most car owners will find useful, practical and affordable. In a dynamic world where you will have to move from one spot to another for work, school or fun activities, safety should be a top priority.

As car theft is increasingly becoming difficult due to GPRS tracking and cut-outs, car thieves are resorting to stealing individual car spares, especially the wheels. These could be sold online within minutes leaving you desperate and frustrated.

If you want to stay ahead of the car thieves and also protect your car tires and rims, you should consider strongly using wheel locks. Now you should know what are wheel locks and how to use them. Get yourself a wheel lock set and quit stressing every time you park across the block.

Buying a Second-Hand Car? Here Are 3 Safety Features That Should Still Be There

There is no question that a lot of people are dreaming of owning their own cars. The freedom that driving our own vehicles brings is just priceless. No more waiting for buses and trains. No more ending appointments early just so we’re able to catch the last ride home. We basically gain more control over our time and ultimately our lives.

Because cars are inherently expensive, many get to own one by going after preloved cars. Owning second-hand items is not bad per se, but the selection process requires more patience and a more inquisitive outlook. Because somebody else has already used the item before, it really is important to make sure that everything is still in good working condition. For that, a buyer needs at least the basic technical know-how.

If you are buying your first second-hand vehicle soon, there are a few very important things that you should keep in mind. Aside from ensuring that the engine and the brakes work well, you should also pay close attention to the features that are added to prevent or lessen car crash injuries in case of an unfortunate road mishap. While you can always ask for monetary compensation with the help of a good accident lawyer, the severe injuries that you will sustain in the absence of these important safety features will surely make you suffer way beyond what money can soothe.


Most vehicles are equipped with airbags. These features prevent the driver from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard, and windshield in case of a violent collision. According to records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a total of 47,648 lives have been saved by frontal airbags from 1987 to 2016. Given this figure, it truly is important to ensure that the airbag mechanism in the second-hand vehicle that you are going to buy still works.

There are signs that will tell you if the airbag in your potential car has already been deployed. Check the airbag cover. If it’s repainted or there is some unevenness to it, it might have just been repaired after an airbag deployment split it in the past. 

Seat Belts

Data collected and processed by the NHTSA also show that a total of 359,241 lives have been saved by seat belts from 1975 to 2016. Had it happened that all passengers who got involved in accidents within those years were wearing seat belts, an additional 384,156 lives would have been saved. These figures convinced many agencies and policy-makers that seat belt use is among the most effective ways in mitigating the harmful effects of road crashes on passengers and drivers. Because of this, it is imperative for you as a buyer to make sure that the seat belts in your potential car are still sturdy enough to do their job.

You also have to take note that there are now a lot of seat belt innovations. For one, some belting systems of today have adjustable upper parts. This additional feature allows you to adjust the position of the shoulder strap in order to accommodate a bigger driver or passenger. This makes the seat belt more comfortable, and therefore less of a hassle to use, especially during long rides.   

Stability Controls

Safety features advance together with car technology. More recent models now have reliable electronic stability controls incorporated in their systems. These controls are able to detect when a car is already oversteering or understeering. Under such circumstances, an automatic brake is applied, increasing traction so that the car does not crash further into whatever is nearby. This feature can be checked during test runs with your seller.

Many car buyers go with pre-owned vehicles in order to save money. But saving money doesn’t have to mean putting safety in jeopardy. Making sure that the car is still equipped with the necessary safety features is always worth the hassle.