3 Best High Flow Catalytic Converters In 2022

Updated Oct 12, 2021

A high flow catalytic converter help improves your car's performance without affecting your emissions output. We are now living in the most environmentally conscious stage of our life. This can help our planet and our future. But car lovers need to find ways to boost their horsepower and pass the emissions tests every year.

We have listed in this article three of the best high flow catalytic converters to improve your horsepower without spending a lot or breaking the law.


The Function Of Catalytic Converters

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The catalytic converter is part of the car’s emissions control systems. The gas your car emits from the engine contains harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons. The function of the catalytic converter is to reduce these dangerous emissions as much as possible to protect the environment.

The converter forces the exhaust gasses to get in contact with a chemical catalyst, in this case, the metals palladium or platinum. The catalyst will convert the gasses into less harmful chemicals, like water and carbon dioxide.

To make sure that the exhaust will not come in contact with the catalyst, the converter has a ceramic honeycomb coated with the catalyst metal, which gases should flow through to continue along the exhaust path.

What is High-Flow Catalytic Converter?

A high-flow converter functions almost the same as the stock unit. The only difference is that the high-flow works faster than the stock unit. Performance changes to the exhaust system, boosting the flow capability to enable the engine to breathe more easily so it can get more power. The faster the catalytic converter can complete its task, the higher the flow capability will be.

The high-flow converter uses honeycomb shapes. There is an increase in flow rate once you boost the overall cross section of the honeycomb.

It may also widen the passages to help the exhaust gases flow freely. Models with bigger cross sections have to be designed to fit in the specific space on particular vehicles, and designs with bigger passages need to contain more catalyst metal to boost the reaction.

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The most important thing is that the high flow cat cannot sacrifice effectiveness for greater performance, otherwise the environment will suffer.

Because of this, you should buy the catalytic converter only from a trusted source that complies with the emissions laws in your State. You can ask an emissions repair shop in your area to help you choose the one that is both legal and effective. Keep in mind that it is fun to go fast, but keeping the environment protected against harmful smog is everyone's responsibility.

Top 3 Best High Flow Catalytic Converters

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

The Universal Catalytic Converter is 2.5 inches direct fit stainless steel. Before you make an order make sure that this size will fit your car. This three-way cat can clean up polluting gasses and is made from high-quality T409 stainless steel. It improves the fuel conversion rate and minimizes corrosion.

Universal Catalytic Converter 410250 Features

Universal Catalytic Converter 410250 cat is an ECO II that is 11 inches total length and 2.5 inches inlet/outlet diameter. The product is compatible with engines up to 5.9 liters. The test weight is 6000 pounds with 5 years or 50,000 miles Structural Integrity Warranty.

Pros Of Universal Catalytic Converter 410250

  • Welded firmly together
  • Helps regain the vehicle’s power
  • Very durable
  • Reduces corrosion and improves the fuel conversion

Cons Of Universal Catalytic Converter 410250

  • The exhaust is too quiet for some drivers

Why Should You Consider Universal Catalytic Converter 410250?

There were lots of reviews that commented on how easy the install for this product is. Not only that, but they also said that it was an excellent product that fit their various brands of cars well. One reviewer even stated, "'m happy with it, especially for the price point. I would definitely recommend it..."!

Should You Buy This High Flow Catalytic Converters?

We love this product because of all of the various cars it fits, as well as how easy it is to install. Whether it's done professionally, or you are great at welding yourself, look for a simple installation! Not recommended for those looking for a loud exhaust system!

Check here to see reviews and prices on Amazon.

The Universal Catalytic Converter 425250 series has a 2.5 inches inlet and outlet. Before buying, make sure that the size fits your car. This product is recommended for vehicles manufactured before 1998, beyond this date you might require an O2 Port Round Body length 4 inches and overall length of 11 inches.

Universal Catalytic Converter 425250 Features

The catalyst type is ECO II inlet, has 2.5 Outlet type and 2.5 inches substrate with ceramic of 400 cell and test weight of 6000 pounds. The engine limit is 5.9 liters. It has a professional quality upgraded catalytic converter convenient installation fitting with 5 years equivalent to 50,000 miles manufacturer defect undertaking. This product reduces catalyst to eliminate NOx.

Pros Of Universal Catalytic Converter 425250

  • Compatible with vehicles manufactured before 1998
  • Durable and safe
  • Reduce corrosion
  • Manufactured well and nicely welded
  • Inexpensive
  • Exhaust will sound better and smell better

Cons Of Universal Catalytic Converter 425250

  • Does not fit all the vehicles
  • Not allowed in California since it does not comply with the emission test.

Why Should You Consider Universal Catalytic Converter 425250?

The reviews for this product were incredibly positive. Not to mention all of the reviews that stated how well it was made. One even said, "The Mechanic that installed this said that it was not only made really well, it is extremely light weight and slim profile. He was actually surprised that not only was it actually stainless steel it welded in without difficulty."

Final Verdict

The Universal Catalytic Converter 425250 series makes our list as one of the most durable and well made catalytic converters on the internet right now. We don't recommend this product for anyone living in California! Overall, a great product for a great price! 

Check here to see reviews and prices on Amazon.

Flowmaster 2230130 223 Series is considered one of the best high flow catalytic converters. It has excellent flow characteristics. This US-made high-grade catalytic converter has a stainless steel shell construction for optimum durability. The carefully designed internal substrate and the precious metal loading provide optimum efficiency.

It is also designed this way to avoid Malfunction Indicator Lamp code issues that are usual in lower quality converters. The universal converters need fabrication or welding and must be installed by professional technicians. It is manufactured to be used on vehicles with an engine size up to 5.9 liters and a maximum weight of 5,500 pounds.

Pros Of Flowmaster 2230130 223 Series

  • Available for various applications
  • With stainless steel construction
  • Designed to keep the MIL light off
  • Meets the federal EPA emission requirements
  • Will fit most vehicles

Cons Of Flowmaster 2230130 223 Series

  • Not for sale in California

Why Should You Consider Flowmaster 2230130 223 Series?

There were lots of reviews for the Flowmaster converter were all about the high-quality. Not to mention how well it worked for sportier cars, as well as larger vehicles. A few reviewers were excited about how small it was so that it could fit into the tight spots where they needed it to go!

Should You Buy Flowmaster 2230130 223 Series?

The Flowmaster catalytic converter makes our list as the number three choice for how compact and well made it is. Not recommended for those looking for a larger converter for their cars. We love this product and highly recommend it for those tight spots!

Check here to see reviews and prices on Amazon.

The Best High Flow Catalytic Converters

Among the three products reviewed in this post, we find the Universal Catalytic Converter 410250 High Flow Direct Fit Stainless Steel a good choice. Stock cats are most of the time worthless and noisy, so getting a good replacement is vital. The products mentioned above can help boost your car’s performance and keep the emissions low to pass the emissions tests. Also don't forget to check for the best catalytic converter cleaners in the market for even better performance!

Keep in mind, if you are in California, you will not be able to use the above items since they were not able to comply with the state’s emissions rules. It is important that you know what features you are looking for a particular converter. Make sure that the item you will purchase will fit your car perfectly. If you find this post helpful to you, feel free to share it with others.

So what do you think? Did you decide which is the best high flow catalytic converter for you?


Is a High Flow Catalytic Converter Worth It?

With High Flow Catalytic Converters, you often see increases in engine power, as well as fuel economy. All in all, it may be worth it for the fuel saving benefits alone! 

Does a High Flow Cat Increase HP?

Overall, high flow catalytic converters tend to increase the horsepower of your vehicle. 

Does a High Flow Catalytic Converter Make the Car Louder?

High Flow Cats are less restrictive than most stock converters. This means more sound will pass through your exhaust system. 

How Long Do High Flow Cats Last?

Typically, a high flow cat will last a little over 36,000 miles

Do High Flow Cats Make a Difference?

Because high flow cats reduce and control emissions, they may not only make a difference in your vehicle's performance, but also in the environment! 

Do High Flow Cats Smell?

High flow cats "smell" a lot less than stock converters. 

Will a High Flow Cat Cause a Check Engine Light?

Yes, a high flow cat may cause a check engine light in some makes and models. 

Will a High Flow Cat Pass Inspection?

Whether or not a high flow cat will pass an inspection depends upon where you live. Different countries, states, as well as localities will have different regulations. 

Do High Flow Cats Require a Tune?

No, high flow cats don't require a tune

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