5 Essential Car Accessories for Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are an incredible way to see the country we live in from a completely new perspective because you see the landscapes between destinations and small towns and tourist stops that you’d never have visited had you been 35 000 feet up in the air. If you’re taking a road trip, you might want some additional comforts, however, so here are five top essentials you should consider packing.

Something to Support Your Back

By its very design, you’re going to be spending an awful lot of time sitting in the car.  This means your back is going to take some strain on those long days behind the wheel or in the passenger seat admiring the views. Several different lumbar support cushions or chair backs are made for those who are spending a lot of time driving, and if you’re taking to the roads for your next holiday, having something to support your back in your car seat will make all the difference as the days go on.

Roof Racks or a Bike Rack

You can augment your car’s storage space by using any number of good roof storage options, from the humble roof racks for that canoe to roof boxes that you can use for your luggage, freeing up the inside of the car.

Don’t forget that you might need to specify on your insurance that you’ve included the extra addition to the car. If you’re in the over 50 age bracket, look at these auto insurance quotes from The Hartford.  AARP membership can help to lower the cost quite significantly.

A Standalone GPS

Pretty much all our cellular phones, even the most entry-level, have built-in GPS, and there are plenty of good mapping apps available for them. Both Google and Apple supply first-party Maps applications, which can help you navigate, but there’s nothing better than a standalone GPS unit. If your road trip is going out of a reliable mobile signal area, then the GPS with its preloaded maps will be a welcome addition to any road trip.

A Phone Mount and Mobile Charger

Mount Charger

It might be many hours or even overnight between opportunities to charge your cellular phone, so having a way to do so on the go will come in handy. There are a plethora of options available if your car doesn’t natively have a USB port, most of which will make use of your car’s cigarette lighter port. A good dashboard mount would also come in handy, so you can see your phone without using your hands.

A Car Vacuum

Since you’re spending so much time in your car, you’re going to be enjoying a snack or two on the go, and that means that crumbs and a bit of mess are inevitable. Being able to vacuum them up when you stop quickly will keep your car clean and a better place to be.

With these items packed into your car, you’re ready to hit the road and have an amazing road trip full of new experiences and quality time with your friends or family. Don’t forget to take a camera!

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