11 Things to Remember When Planning a Road Trip

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Road trips are fun, but to make yours more enjoyable, you have to plan in advance. Planning your road trip involves a wide range of things from packing, planning your route, car safety, and fiscal budgeting. This article provides a guide on eleven things to remember when planning a road trip.

1. Insurance

Insurance policy is another essential to ensure it is in place before every road trip. There are several kinds of insurance covers available and policies differ across various jurisdictions. Protect yourself and the car at all times, extended car warranty services for instance are important during road trips because they can cover you whenever your vehicle breaks down. 

Therefore, finding a favorable extended car warranty cost is among the things you must include in your road trip planning.

2. Maps/GPS



A form of navigation is essential; it will help you traverse new places during your road trip. Hence, when planning your road trip, bear in mind to carry a map. It could be a GPS, your smartphone app or a paper map. If you are relying on your phone for the map, ensure you have a way to recharge it along the way.

3. Car Check

Before setting off on a road-trip, ensure to service your car and have it inspected properly. Inspections and servicing can help identify any problems your car might have and have them fixed. Other essential car checks include checking the tire pressure, lights, battery, brake fluids oil and wiper fluids.

4. First-Aid Kit

Injury is inevitable on a road trip, hence, a portable and fully-stocked first-aid kit can be of much help when there are no health facilities nearby.

5. Spare Tire

Flat tires can be caused by many reasons such as excessive heat and bad road conditions. You do not want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere because of a flat tire, that is why you must remember to have a spare tire whenever you are planning a road trip.

6. Toiletry

Toiletries like tissues, wet wipes and hand gels are important in helping you stay fresh and clean on your road trip.

7. Documentation

You require certain documents like an International driving license to easily pass various checkpoints along your way. If you are travelling across country borders, identification documents such as passports are a must-have. 

Other important documents you might need include the manual, insurance coverage documents, and breakdown details.

8. Entertainment

You need to spice up your road trip experience with some entertainment. A good podcast, audiobook or music can help pass time smoothly. For that reason, arming yourself with a subscription to audiobook or music streaming platforms such as Spotify is advisable. Other ways to keep yourself entertained throughout your road trip include playing travel games, reading books, or taking photos.

9. Budget

It is advisable to budget for your road trip beforehand to ensure you have as much fun as you can afford. Consider certain expenses such as fuel, accommodation and food and allocate funds for them. You can research destinations online and select the ones that suit your budget. 

Also set aside cash for emergencies that may arise on the way.

10. Route Planning

Unless you like spontaneous adventure, it is always important to plan out the route you intend to take prior to the road trip. This will help you identify and avoid roads with heavy traffic and mark pit stops that can be useful during the road trip. Knowing your destination can also enable you to plan how to spend your time on the road trip.

11. Weather Check


Extreme weather conditions can ruin your road trip plans by spoiling the scenery and making your drive dangerous. Checking the weather forecast can help you prevent this by rescheduling your trip in case of severe weather warnings.

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