What to Do if You Get a Flat Tire on a Road Trip

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Road trips are one of the greatest pastimes. Not only do we get to enjoy the scenery as we drive through different countries, or different states, but we also get to enjoy the trip itself. However, not every car journey is completely great. Sometimes, you can get into a bit of trouble. That’s where our guide for what to do if you get a flat tire on a road trip comes in handy!

When you’re far from home, far from your own mechanic, as well as far away from anyone who you know could help can be frustrating. So whether you are renting a car, or driving your own, you need to know what to do if you get a flat. Because there are lots of ways a flat tire can ruin your road trip, our guide will walk you through everything you need to know!

Plan Ahead

One of the best ways to help is to plan for a flat tire. That’s right, plan ahead what your options are before you even hit the road. That means checking with your insurer to know the answer to “does insurance cover flat tires?”, as well as knowing what you need to do after you change your tire.

Before your road trip, you will also need to prepare for the possibility of a flat. First off, you can start by checking out your spare tire. Check for any damages, as well as anything being wrong with the rim. Furthermore, you should know if you have the right tools to be able to change the tire yourself. That way if anything happens, you have everything you need right there.

Safety First On the Road

You have spent weeks planning for your road trip. You have everything you need and are ready to have fun! However, the dreaded flat happens, and you don’t know what to do first. There are a few steps you need to take to ensure your safety before you can even start to fix your tire.

First, you will need to slowly pull off the road and onto the shoulder away from traffic. Second, put on your hazard lights so that other considerate drivers will slow down, or switch lanes to give you space. Thirdly, you will need to have proper lighting and place wheel wedges to prevent your car from rolling if you have them. All things considered, these steps might be more important that actually fixing the flat. Safety always comes first.

what to do if you get a flat tire on a road trip changing

Change the Tire

Changing a tire is not as complicated as it may appear. All in all, you can take off your flat, and drive to safety on your spare in no time at all. Just follow these easy steps for easily changing your tire.

  • Remove hubcap or wheel cover if there is one on your flat tire.
  • Use your tools to loosen lug nuts on your flat tire (turning them counterclockwise).
  • Place your jack safely under you car and raise the tire approximately five or six inches from the ground
  • Completely take off the lug nuts of the tire.
  • Remove the tire from the car.
  • Align the spare tire to the bolts on the car.
  • Place the lug nuts onto the bolts and tighten them (turning them clockwise).
  • Use the jack to slowly lower the car to the ground.
  • Check your lug nuts again to see if they are tight.
  • Put the flat and tools in the trunk of your car.
  • Drive safely

All things considered, it’s quite simple. However, you can’t drive that far on a spare tire, so be certain to look up a tire center or local mechanic before you start driving. Once there, you can purchase a new tire, or they can try to repair you old tire.

A Flat Tire on a Road Trip Can Easily Be Fixed!

Over all, changing a flat tire on a road trip isn’t that complicated. However, not all of us can change a tire ourselves. If you find yourself with a flat, and no way to change it, be certain to call for a tow to the nearest mechanic. That way you are safely back on the road, without too much hassle.

If you get a flat on your road trip, do not panic. Just follow these simple tips and you will be to your next stop in no time!

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