What to Consider When Selecting New Tires for Your Used Supercar

Modern supercars are a far cry from supercars circa 1980s. According to the tire experts at Tirereview.com, supercars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Teslas have changed drastically since the 1980s and ‘90s. When considering contemporary $300K+ supercars, you’re typically talking about a two-seater coupe that’s outfitted with tires that have been Y-rated to ride safely at 186MPH and above. At base, the car is engineered to deliver maximum performance via aerodynamic and power-driven designs that possess much higher levels of mechanical grip speed than a standard variety vehicle.

Unlike the supercars of yesteryear, today’s cars utilize engines with immense horsepower, thrust, and torque all packaged in sleek, ultra-lightweight materials and a lean, chiseled appearance. What’s more is that customers are outfitting supercars with premium car detailing that take their high-end vehicles to the next level and offer a much more detailed level of customization and personalization.

Not Everyone Can Buy Brand New

But not everyone can afford a fresh supercar off the lot. Often, consumers purchase used supercars to offset their cost. Buying a used supercar allows you to still get the car of your dreams without breaking the bank. From here, maintenance is important. Whether your intention is to race the car on a track or enjoy every ride to work, you’re going to require the right tire for the right kind of driving.

That’s why when a customer consults with a tire company for a brand-new set of replacement tires, it’s a good idea to sit down with the salesperson to discuss precisely how the supercar is being used. Only then can the salesperson recommend a tire that will offer the proper type of handling, comfort, and overall safety the customer will come to expect out of what might be a rather expensive tire purchase. It’s not uncommon for a single supercar tire to cost upwards of $1,000+. You need to get your money’s worth out of every mile you drive. With that in mind, here’s what you need to consider when selecting new tires for your used supercar:

Ultra-High Performance

Supercar owners should at the very least utilize an Ultra High Performance or UHP summer tire that aligns with your preferred driving environment and driving habits. Taken a step further, if a customer has no interest in driving their supercar on a normal road, but racing only on a qualified racetrack, then naturally a race/competition tire with hirer speed ratings is the way to go. These tires are usually softer than open road models since a softer tire means more grip, which is essential when reaching speeds of 200MPH or more.

Supercar tire designer and manufacturer, Pirelli, told TireReview, “A more track-oriented UHP Department of Transportation performance tire with a softer compound is more aggressively designed to handle the immense torque/horsepower of modern-day supercars.”

Everyday Road Performance vs. Race Track Performance

On the other hand, it’s not very often that a tire dealer will recommend a competition level tire to today’s supercar owner since many competition tires are V- and W-rated (149 mph to 168 mph), while the majority of competition tires are Y-rated or able to handle 186mph and up. Many supercar tire purchasers simply don’t require those higher speed ratings. They are typically focused on everyday road performance.

Supercar owners who wish to race are focused on lap times, consistency, and the overall reliability. What it all comes down to is this: just like when dealing with average customers who require replacement tires for their average everyday family minivan or Volkswagen hatchback, the dealer must focus on the supercar’s customer’s needs in terms of tire fit, tire rating, along with soft or hard grip. Is the customer racing on the track or driving around the neighborhood? It should also be noted that supercar wheels have larger diameters which means wide tires are necessary, regardless of which speed rating you require.

Supercar/ Super Power

Buy Tire for Supercars

It’s important to keep in mind that supercars have super power output. That’s a big part of their allure and precisely why people are willing to pay a small fortune for them. Most supercars possess rear-wheel drive which means if they are outfitted with low-grip tires, even for normal driving on normal suburban roads, the car can easily slip, resulting in accidents, some of them potentially dangerous.

Buy the Best Tires for Your Supercars

Today’s supercars are faster, more powerful, have higher torque and output than the supercars of the past. That makes tire selection of the utmost importance. You should choose softer, higher speed-rated, UHP tires for racing on your local racetrack. Or, you should choose harder, lower speed rated DOT approved tires for cruising the neighborhood. You can’t have it both ways. You need to choose one type of tire or the other. Driving a high speed, performance tire on normal roads could lead to accidents, and racing lower performance tires on a racetrack will do the same. Be smart about the tires you choose for your supercar. Consult your expert tire dealer and take his or her recommendations seriously.   

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