How to Pick Out the Right Lift Kit ‏

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‏Everyone who owns a truck has thought about adding a lift kit at one point or another. The main issue that people face is not fully understanding what they actually want for the vehicle in the end. Here are three things to consider when deciding which kit to pick. ‏ 

‏What look are you going for? ‏ 

‏Do you want a jacked-up truck that you need side steps or a ladder to get into? Are you going for the Carolina squat look? If you’re unsure you can check out these lift kits for your GMC Sierra 1500 for a little insight. 

‏Regardless of your choice, the main consideration is you need to have a vision of what you want your vehicle to look like after you’ve put the kit on it. How far do you want to lift it and is a lift the only modification you plan on doing to it. Typically when people lift their vehicles they also upgrade their tires to match the aesthetics. ‏ 

‏What Are The Specifications Of Your Vehicle? ‏ 

‏After you’ve decided on what you want your final product to be you need to look into the factory specifications on your vehicle. You want to look at the current lift your vehicle has and whether you have coils or leaf springs.

In addition what your specific vehicle specifications are for modifying so that you don’t mess up your vehicle’s handling.

Finally, you can decide what kind of lift you are looking for. Are you planning on doing a body lift that raises your ride height and is mainly done for appearance or do you want to do a suspension lift that will increase your off-road performance and give you more ground clearance? Suspension lifts generally lift the vehicle higher but most of the time they require a professional whereas body lifts can be done at home.

After deciding which style lift to get you, need to decide how high you want to lift your vehicle. ‏ 

‏How Much Will It Cost? ‏ 

‏The last thing you need to consider is how much will all of this cost you.

Body lift kits are generally cheaper due to them not requiring as many parts and the fact that you’re able to do it without professional help.

Suspension lifts however can greatly range in price depending on how high you want to go. The high you want to go up the more parts you will need and the more work you’ll have to put in or you’ll have to pay someone to put in. If you plan on DIY then make sure you have the required tools and a place to lift your vehicle. It’s also good practice to get a buddy to help you to make things go faster as well ‏ 

‏Final Verdict‏ 

‏Lastly double-check that the kit fits your vehicle and is the right one that you want. Then after it’s all said and done you place your order for that dream lift kit and install it all that’s left is for you to admire your vehicle’s new look. ‏ 

Want to change the body too? Check out this masterpiece to find out how much the body kit costs.

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