Five Mistakes to Avoid After A Car Accident

A car accident can happen to anyone at any given time on the road. Such an event can be frightening and overwhelming, with a possibility of severe injuries as a result. Parties involved in the accident may take some time, even months dealing with damages incurred. To better protect yourself after the accident, you need to do a few things and a few to avoid, regardless of the accident's nature.

Not Calling the Authorities

Immediately after an accident, calling the police is of utmost importance. Exchanging the personal information of parties involved is not enough; a police report is a legal requirement should you need to open up a case. Not calling the police and obtaining an accurate account could negatively affect your claim and open up false information from third parties and witnesses. As a car accident victim, avoid admitting to any wrongdoing to the police as that may work against you

Neglecting Evidence Collection

If you are in a car accident, never underestimate the power of collecting as much evidence as possible. Avoid relying on someone else to manage and secure much-needed evidence post a car accident. In a case where you cannot collect or capture the evidence yourself, find the closest witness you can find and take down their details. Valuable evidence can be anything from taking pictures or videos, vehicle structural damage, and photos of physical injuries you may have incurred.

Not Exchanging Personal Information

Collecting as much personal information as possible is critical in a car accident from the other driver and witnesses at the scene. Collect all insurance and contact information regardless of how small the accident may appear to be at first; more findings and injuries may develop later. Critical information you need to gather includes the drivers and witness details, license or identities, insurance name and policy numbers, vehicle make, and plates.

Car accident

Delaying Medical Treatment

It’s prevalent for accident victims to misjudge the severity of their injuries during the initial stages due to adrenaline and shock. It is critical to seek medical help soon after the accident, even if you think all is well. Many serious injuries take time to develop into severe cases; however, if you open a medical report as soon as possible, it could prove helpful as proof of your injuries should you need to make a serious claim. Delaying or neglecting medical attention may come across as injuries too minor for a claim.

Falling into The Insurance Trap

Almost immediately after an accident, the other driver's insurance will get in contact with you before the situation gets worse for them. Insurance companies primarily want to make money and not pay out victims, be careful and not agree to anything presented to you. In the early stages after an accident, insurance companies are looking to pay out as little as possible or avoid paying out at all if possible. You are not obligated to give a statement without legal counsel at your convenience.

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