Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident?

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Road accidents happen almost every day. Even if you are the most careful driver, there are reckless drivers out there who can cause accidents without warning. What would you do if someone accidentally hit your vehicle? Are you going to hire a lawyer after a car accident to sue the other party or just let the driver pay for the damages?

It is in your best interest, to get a highly rated car accident attorney to file your claim for a minor accident. It is definitely a smart move. Here are the reasons why.

The Extent of Damage is More Than What You See

During the initial assessment, you may think that you are fine, and the only thing that suffered is your car. So, you may be tempted to accept the settlement offer of the other driver’s insurer or your insurance agent for the repair of your vehicle. Then after a few days, you feel something is wrong with your body.

When you seek a medical check-up, you learn that you have an injury. It may or may not be a serious injury. However, the fact remains that you need to pay for the treatment or even rehabilitation.

If you neglect to get medical attention right after the accident and quickly settle for a payment or insurance claim, you waive your right to seek due payment for accident-related injuries in the future. This is why you need to hire a lawyer immediately. Even if it is a minor car accident. All in all, it is very important because it will spare you from fighting a costly legal battle. Your lawyer will handle any legal details to help you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

hire a lawyer after a car accident minor

The Car Damage or Physical Injury Affect Your Job

If the minor accident caused you to stop working for a while because of the manifestation of injuries, you don’t need to pay for all the expenses. You should claim economic damages to cover medical bills. As well as property/car damage, lost wage, and loss of earning capability while recovering. Also, there are non-economic damages that your lawyer can claim against the other party. Including mental anguish, emotional trauma, physical suffering, pain, or loss of enjoyment of outside activities.

If you have this problem, you should definitely hire a lawyer after a car accident. With an expert car accident lawyer on your side, all of these would be covered and taken care of. However, it is crucial to immediately file a personal injury claim in court because some states have a timeframe. 

The Insurance Company Would Try to Offer a Low-Ball Settlement

Insurance companies have a team of people who would attempt to pay you less than the actual damage of your vehicle. Even if the insurance adjuster appears acting for your best interests, bear in mind that insurance firms would always prefer to settle for a reduced amount. If you have a brilliant lawyer to represent your claim, they will level the playing field and work for the maximum amount to cover all the damages. Car accident lawyers are adept in negotiating for their clients, so let him do his job. 

The Roadway Evidence is Preserved

Roadway evidence refers to the car accident debris, skid marks, wheel gouges on the road’s shoulders, and human witnesses. Calling a lawyer immediately to help you gather pieces of evidence that you are the victim of the mishap will help you claim the right compensation for the damages that you and your car suffered. Your car accident attorney knows what to do during this situation and works fast to document the proofs before the traffic, wind, or rain scatter them. They may look for witnesses and interview them to back up your side of the story. Also, they would immediately get photographs of the car before its repair since it is the prime evidence. 

Takeaways for Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Is it worth hiring a lawyer, even if it is a minor car accident? The answer is YES. If you want to get a higher personal injury settlement, maximum insurance payout, and assurance that the reckless driver will be responsible for future expenses if bodily injuries manifest after the accident. An experienced and expert lawyer in this field would work for your best interest. Because it is not only their job but also their commitment to fair justice. 

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