5 Steps to Take if You Lose Your Car Keys

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We have all been there. You go to leave your house, or your job, and suddenly, you can not find your keys anywhere. You search and search, but it seems all is lost. Don’t fret! Here are the five steps to take if you lose your car keys! 

Retrace Your Steps

If at all possible, the first thing you need to do is retrace your steps. Figure out where you were, as well as what you were doing the last time you had your car keys. This is a tried and true method to finding a lost set of keys, or anything else really.

First, close your eyes and visualize yourself the last time your keys were in your hands. Then attempt to see what you did after that point. All in all, this is how a lot of people remember where their keys were put. However, it doesn’t work for everyone! 

Use Trackers and Spare Keys

Modern technology is very helpful when it comes to recovering misplaced items. You lost your keys and now it is as simple as opening an app and making sure the sensor is in range. If you don’t have a key or wallet finder, there are lots of available brands. 

Here are some of the most popular key and wallet trackers out right now: 

  • Tile
  • Apple AirTag
  • Verizon Smart Locator
  • Chipolo

All in all, these GPS locators are great for finding your keys. If you don’t have one, then you can always find a spare key in your home. If neither of those are an option, there are still steps you can take. 

Lose your car keys FOB

Find Help

You may be wondering as you search, “does car insurance cover key replacement?” However, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Sometimes another set of eyes is incredibly useful. If you are in a public place, or at home with your family, then it’s time to ask for a little help. 

Explain where you have already searched, as well as any unique traits about your keys. If you have a colorful keychain, or how many keys are in your set can assist people in easily tracking down your keys. 

Call a Locksmith

All things considered, you may not find your keys with your eyes, with help, or even with a tracker. That means it is time to call in the calvary. When you lose your car keys, sometimes your only option is to call a local locksmith. 

You will have to pay a fee for their services, but you will be able to access your car for a tow truck. Not to mention be able to have it transported to your home or a dealership. You won’t have to resort to hot-wiring your car just yet.

Order a New Set

You’ve tried everything you could. Nonetheless, you have to order a new set of car keys for your vehicle. When you lose your car keys, really and truly lost them, the last and final option to get back on the road is to order a new set from your local dealership. 

A new FOB or car key can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to arrive. That means you may have to make other travel arrangements until then. It all depends on how quickly your car dealership of choice can have one made for you.

Don’t Panic if You Lose Your Car Keys!

By using these five easy steps you can be back behind the wheel in no time. No matter if you have a new Malibu, an old Mustang, or even a pricey Jaguar. Just stay calm, and don’t panic if you lose your car keys. You have options and will be driving again before you know it! 

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