What Should You Do If You Lose Your Car Keys?

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Losing the keys to your car may be an everyday affair in your home. You pace your house looking for them, but all in all, you eventually find them and can be on your way. But what do you do if you LOSE your car keys for good?

Looking Everywhere

You’ve looked all over your home, inside your car, as well as in every nook and cranny your keys could possibly be hiding. They are gone. Lost.

Perhaps you even dropped them off the side of a boat, or had them in lost luggage. No matter how they were misplaced, they are gone now. That need for speed is going to have to wait as you take all the different steps you need to take to recover some new keys.

Lose Your Car Keys: The Different Types

One of the first things to consider after you lose your car keys is what TYPE of key you have misplaced. All in all, this may be one of the most important factors of finding a replacement.

The different types of keys include traditional keys, keyless entry remote, as well as transponder key fobs.

Because the type of lost key will determine all of the following:

  • How long it’s going to take to replace the key
  • How expensive the replacement is going to be
  • Whether or not it is possible to make a spare
  • How difficult it is going to be to access your car without one

All things considered, it’s simple to replace car keys once you know exactly what to expect from a dealership or locksmith. Not only does each key take a different amount of time, but they also are different when it comes to price and availability.

New Car Keys

Choosing Between a Dealership and a Locksmith

You don’t have a lot of options when it comes to finding a new key for a car. However, you can weigh the pros and cons of your small pool of options. Furthermore, you can consider a lot of different factors when having to choose between a dealership and a locksmith when you lose your car keys.


No one plans on losing their car keys. So it’s not like you’ve budgeted for the price of labor to create the key, as well as the key itself. Therefore, price can be a big part of choosing between a dealership and a locksmith. Generally speaking, a dealership is going to be a bit more expensive. However, newer cars with transponder key fobs will most certainly have to go through the dealership.

It’s generally expensive to lose a car key.


If your car is older, then a more experienced hand may be necessary. It’s not like you’re taking apart your engine for repairs, but a locksmith generally has more experience dealing with keys and being locked out of a vehicle! Dealerships may produce keys on site, however, they typically just order new keys directly from a manufacturer.

No matter if you choose a locksmith or a dealership, it will not be a quick and easy fix. You may have to wait an extended period of time before a new key fob arrives, or until your new keys are made.

The Best Steps

Now that you’ve decided between calling a locksmith or a dealership, here are the exact steps you need to take.

  • Call the dealership, locksmith, and explain the situation.
  • Figure out costs
  • Figure out a timeline
  • Have the keys delivered, or procure a ride to go have them picked up
  • Try not to lose them again!

There you have it! Finding a new set of keys won’t be too difficult. Some locksmiths can even get you a new set within an hour or two. Sometimes life hands us lemons, and we simply have to make the most of an inconvenient situation!

Plan Ahead

When you lose your car keys, and don’t have a spare lying around, it can be a huge pain. That means, not only replacing the lost key, but also purchasing a new spare key as well! Overall, this lets you relax a little in case you lose another key.

Try Not to Lose Your Car Keys Again! 

Now that you know exactly what to do when you lose your car keys, you can easily take steps to not lose them again! From trying to find them yourself, to deciding the best choice for replacement, to waiting for your new keys, if you lose your car keys, it can be a huge pain in the neck. Don’t fret. Now you have a spare, and can relax knowing you’ll do your best not to lose your car keys again!

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