Engine Repair: What Can Be Wrong with Your Engine

When it comes to engines, there can be a lot that can go wrong. The tiniest parts can wear out and break. Without proper service and engine repair, even the minor glitch might start a chain reaction of breaking down your car's engine. 

At the same time, the majority of car owners know nothing about the heart of their cars. Even the smallest amount of information can be helpful! Whether you're in need of car repair, or trying to figure out why your car makes that noise. The more information you have BEFORE it breaks down, the better off you will be! 

All the Moving Parts of Engine Repair Options

Your engine is a complex machine. Not only are there practically an infinite number of things that can go wrong, but there are just as many ways to fix it! Knowing the basics of what could be troubling your engine is a big part of being a responsible car owner. Let's take a look at some of the most common engine issues for your vehicle. 

Cooling System Issues

Almost every engine works with hydraulic cooling installation. It consists of a refrigerator and a water pump that makes liquid circulate through the system. When it is damaged, the engine overheats and breaks. That is why it's important to find a timely replacement.

Fans in the engines are vulnerable to pollution, normal wear and tear, and breaking. The most fragile parts are fan belts and clutches. Their replacement is an obligatory duty of every car owner, as they tear and crack over time. Without changing these parts, the fan will not work correctly. Not only that, but the engine will heat and the other details are more likely to wear out or break.


The radiator is another vital part of the engine cooling system. If the engine got massive mechanical damages, a full radiator replacement is required. Furthermore, it starts with the full diagnostic of the cooling system.

Here is what happens when your radiator is in need of repair:

  • Specialists flush the cooling system
  • Set up and install a new radiator
  • Replace the anti-freezing liquid
  • All airlocks are removed. 

If your car cannot reach the maximum speed, gathers speed slowly, as well as the engine heating more than usual, the engine oil cooler might be broken! 

Don't Try DIY 

Not only that, but oil can also leak out of it and get into the combustion chamber or exhaust system! Overall, most car owners will try to perform a DIY repair. Because of that, more often times than not, everything ends with engine oil cooler replacement.

The coolant tanks rarely break. However, it suffers from three main problems:

  • tearing of the tank body
  • leakage of the liquid
  • breach of a plug gate

As it is a vital part of the cooling system in the engine, its damage leads to overheating and clogging of other essential elements. Sure, you can help reduce carbon build up, or help your engine in other ways, but sometimes DIY doesn't work! Make sure to maintain your cooling system with annual labor, as well as frequent checks. 

Issues with Transmission

Timing belts have limited durability. All in all, they might tear, and a valve breaks and damages the other engine components. Due to these internal collisions, the pipe can bend and hit the piston. Altogether, this is extremely difficult to replace. 

The u-joint transmission element can wear down. It might break in connection with driveshaft elements. Then, during a speed change, you will hear noises and feel the vibration. Without it, the car will not move. Its timely replacement and checks are crucial to avoiding costly engine repair! 

Control Arms

The engine rear seal prevents oil from leaking. This problem will lead to not being able to properly drive your vehicle. Usually, the replacement of a seal cannot be done DIY. Because it requires removing the transmission, or other integral engine details. 

Control arms suffer from the following problems:

  • Fastening elements wear out. Rubber from the silent blocks gets old, cracks, and disappears. 
  • The ball sockets are affected by the uneven roads and lead to the hanger bracket yawns. 
  • If you think that a control arm is a solid detail, you a wrong. It can bend or break.

Without timely replacement of the control arms, the break of any element will affect the wheel, and the car will not move. 

Fuel Pumps, Gaskets, and Spark Plugs

Fuel pump replacement might be required when the engine loses power. It might begin vibrating and changes the tonality of performance. This altogether terrifying symptom is typically diagnosed when the engine won't start on your car. All in all, low quality gas and overdue fuel filter replacement lead to the issues with the fuel pump. 

The valve cover gasket prevents the engine oil from leakage. Despite its size, it is an essential element of the engine that keeps it clean and uncontaminated. Over time, it becomes tough and less elastic.

Not only that, but the oil will begin to leak through micro cracks. As a result, the engine covers with dirt that is very tough to clean. That is why a car needs a valve cover gasket replacement from time to time. 

Spark plug replacement is the most common engine repair procedure. Due to continuous performance and engine overheating, make the central electrode burn out. It leads to power losses and increases fuel consumption. At the repair service, the specialists will pick the proper spark plugs for your vehicle. 

Repairs Cost Money, Don't Cut Corners!

Every repair of the head of the cylinder block must be accomplished with the engine gasket replacement. It is a one-time detail, so there is no need to cut corners on budget. Otherwise, it might let the motor oil leak from the engine. As usual, the engine overheats and leads to the destruction of the gasket with the further replacement of the auxiliary details, like engine mounting!


Starter replacement is essential for proper car care. The problems with the starter make it impossible to start a cold engine. Usually, the starter aperture wears out. However, it can be replaced without removing the carburetor. 

Problems with oil pan and its gasket happen as well. Ignoring them can be dangerous, as loss of oil might lead to expensive engine repair. Specialists recommend professional assistance, as the wrong manipulations with the drainage plug can damage the pan. 

The engine durability depends on the conditions of performance and the model. For instance, BMW users might have problems with Valvetronic motor. Sometimes the producer or poor assembling lead to the problems with electricity. The replacement of the alternator is the most frequent request in the repair services. 

Knowing What Is Wrong With Your Car Can Help YOU Avoid Costly Engine Repair!

These facts about the main problems with your engine are provided by the Auto Repair Dubai company. This service is able to solve every trouble with your car. Timely diagnostics and detail replacement will make your car live longer and help you to save big money.

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