How Much Does a Head Gasket Repair Cost?

Having to replace your head gasket in your car is never fun. Because having to shell out your hard earned cash for unexpected repairs can be very overwhelming. But how much does a head gasket repair cost?

What Is The Cost Of Replacing A Blown Head Gasket?

Head gasket repairs can add up to thousands of dollars. The average head gasket repair cost is approximately $1,400 to $2,000 depending upon the make and model of your vehicle. Some vehicles may even cost up to $2,500 to repair. This typically includes the cost of labor to remove the blown head gasket and the cost of a replacement. 

Is it Worth it to Replace a Blown Head Gasket?

All things considered, you really shouldn't put off fixing a blown head gasket. However, head gasket repair costs are not completely worth it for some people. If your car isn't worth $2,000, then you might as well buy a new one. 

However, if your car is in great condition besides the head gasket, then it is worth it to replace it. All in all, be certain to research your car's worth. Perhaps even do some research in to slightly used car parts to save a bit on costs. 

Can You Drive a Car With a Blown Head Gasket?

You can drive a car with a blown head gasket. However, you can severely damage your car in the long run. If you notice your vehicle running differently while you drive, or you know your head gasket is leaking, or broken, it's best to get it fixed as soon as possible. 

How Long Does it Take to Fix a Blown Out Head Gasket?

There are several factors that go into fixing your car's blown gasket. The labor is intensive and can take anywhere from six hours to a few days. Overall, it simply depends upon the damage to the gasket, the engine, as well as fixing it properly takes a long time. Because it is one of the worst things your car can go through, it's best to make certain it is done well. 

Does a Blown Out Head Gasket Ruin an Engine?

The domino effect of repairs, as well as the subsequent damage to your car could be devastating. Here are just a few things that would happen to your car if you don't shell out the head gasket repair costs: 

  • Coolant leaking into other parts of the engine. If coolant mixes with your fuel, then your car is definitely in trouble. 
  • Damage to spark plugs, making it so your car won't start
  • Immediate loss of pressure to your moving engine, as well as loss of power because the pistons will not be operating at full force!
  • Oil, as well as coolant, leaking into places they SHOULD NOT BE!

Don't waste time when it comes to a busted head gasket! Because if you put it off, you may be looking for a new car instead of being able to repair your engine now. 

blown head gasket repair cost


How Do You Fix a Blown Head Gasket Without Replacing It?

Long story short, you can't really fix a blown head gasket without replacing it. You may be able to choose a chemical sealant to keep it going until your shop appointment. However, those won't last very long.

All in all, it just depends upon the damage that has already been done. Unless you are a professional mechanic, there isn't much you can assess without help. 

What's a Car Worth with a Blown Head Gasket?

The worth of your car will be weighed against the damage done to the engine. Some dealerships will trade cars with blown head gaskets if they still run. However, the majority of cars that are older, or have other issues can be sold for parts. It is entirely up to the age and model of your car, as well as how well you have maintained other parts of the vehicle. 

How To Prevent High Head Gasket Repair Costs?

The best way to prevent a high head gasket repair cost is to not have the head gasket break in the first place. Because the price of repairs is not set in stone, there are a few ways you can save money! 

  • Find a used head gasket at a junk yard, or possibly a used car dealership to save on the price of the new head gasket. 
  • You could attempt to fix the issue yourself. However, you should be very, VERY familiar with cars. This is not generally recommended, but there are those who love cars and are capable of avoiding head gasket repair costs almost entirely. 
  • Call around to different garages, as well as dealerships. You can and should price shop when it comes to car repairs. All things considered, you will get a few different estimates. Be certain to also check for quality of work as well because this is an IMPORTANT part of your car! 
  • You can try to negotiate the price of your car repairs. Now that you are aware of how much head gasket repair costs are, you can possibly bring the price down a little!

Finding the Best Price for Your Head Gasket Repairs!

When it comes to fixing a blown head gasket, you're going to have to pay up! However, there are ways you can save money and be informed about the head gasket repair costs so you aren't thrown for a loop. This guide helps you to know more about the general costs of maintaining your vehicle, as well as find the best price for your car's gaskets!

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