9 Tips to Save Money on Your Next Rental Car

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Regardless of where you’re traveling and how far it is from home, there’s no reason to pay a ton for car hire services. It might seem as if rental cars are extremely expensive, but that isn’t always the case. Use the tips listed below to save money the next time you need a rental vehicle.

Compare Options Online

Take a look at different online options for car rentals. This gives you an idea of what is available and the average prices you should expect. Once you know what is reasonable, this will make it easier to avoid sites with high prices.

Choose a Trusted Provider

Whether it’s a national site or a local one, you want to be sure the car hire you choose is reputable. Look into reviews and see how people like the provided services. 

Choose a Smaller Car


Most people like big cars. However, if you don’t mind a smaller vehicle, you can often save money. You’ll be provided a mid-size vehicle in many cases since those are the most common to find on the lots.

Don’t Go for Extras

There’s no need to buy everything you’re being upsold when visiting a car hire service. Most people don’t need all the extras. Instead, you can save a few dollars by going with a standard contract without the bells and whistles.

Select the Same Pickup and Drop Off Site

Australia is large so not everyone can do this, but it’s often a good idea. Many rental cars are more expensive if you use separate drop-off and pickup locations. Instead, pick one site and enjoy inexpensive car hire.

Check for Additional Fees

Are you worried about spending too much? Don’t be afraid to ask whenever there are any hidden fees on the rental you choose. There’s no reason to spend more than you expected because someone hid part of the cost from you.

Fill the Gas Tank Before You’re Done

Depending on the car hire, you may end up paying more if you bring back the vehicle without a full tank of fuel. Take the extra time to fill the tank before you drop off the car. It’s an easy way to save money.

Read the Entire Contract

Many people’s eyes glaze over in front of a contract, but you should not be one of them. Look for any charges you aren’t aware of and note any “free” upgrades that have a cost in the paperwork. Check what damage is indicated so you aren’t considered responsible for something you didn’t do.

Book Early

In many cases, the price of car hire gets higher as the date of travel comes nearer. If you have the opportunity to book the rental early, go for it. You may save more money than you expect.
No matter where you are going, there are car hire services to help you. For example, Zippy Rentals offer a way to choose a pickup location, date and time, and immediately see which cars are available. See your options and get ready for your next road trip.

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