How to Clean an Engine Bay

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There are lots of ways you can clean an engine bay, but not all of them work long term. Getting tough stains off your car parts, or trying your best to manage a greasy engine can be exhausting. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your engine bay clean and looking good for the long haul!

There are tons of benefits to keeping your engine bay clean. Whether you are in depth cleaning certain parts like you intake system, or doing a full deep clean once every few months, you can help to keep your engine running stronger for longer.

Let’s deep dive into how you can clean an engine bay and keep it looking immaculate for months!

Cut the Grease

First things first, you need to get your hands on some supplies. You can go a few routes here to clean an engine bay. There are intense chemicals that cut the grease and grime right away. You can also try an all natural approach that is safer for the environment. But this might add a few minutes to your cleaning time because it needs longer to set into the grease.

First, you will want to spray the cleaning agent of your choosing throughout the engine bay. Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle to the letter! That way you aren’t harming any engine parts, or any of your human parts. Something like a degreaser will work well with a cleaning agent, so don’t be afraid to use both.


Get the Brush Out

Once you’ve sprayed your cleaning agent on the engine bay parts, it’s time to get a little elbow grease involved. You will need a non metallic brush that you don’t mind ruining. They make hand cleaners for mechanics and ways for you to wash your hands. However, sometimes the brush won’t make it!

Here are some tips to get the best results from your deep cleaning with the brush:

  • Scrub in a circular motion
  • Be careful around wires and the battery
  • Don’t be afraid to really use pressure
  • You will have to go over certain spots more than once
  • Get into the small nooks and crannies

Once you get finished with the brush and scrubbing portion, it’s really simple steps from here on out! 

Rinse and Repeat

Using water to clean an engine bay is a must. Once you have finished scrubbing the grease and dust and dirt off of your engine, it’s time to get the hose and spray down your bay. It is definitely ok to use water on your engine. 

Spray down the engine parts. Use your brush again if there are any stubborn spots that just don’t want to get clean. You may even need to spray your cleaning agent once more on these places and scrub again. 

Let Dry

All that’s left to do is let your engine bay dry completely before you set out on the road again. So whether you’re prepping your car for interstate travel, you want a clean engine bay at all times, or you’re simply doing maintenance, letting it dry will be the easiest part! 

Clean an Engine Bay Like a Pro!

If you follow these simple steps to clean an engine bay, you are set to keep it clean for as long as your car drives! Not only can you have a good looking engine, but you’ll also keep the mess to a minimum when doing oil checks, changing batteries, and so much more. Spray it down, brush it off, rinse away grime, and let it dry like a pro!

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