Benefits of Cleaning Your Intake System

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When was the last time you opened your car hood for cleaning your intake system?

You should do it after reading this article if you haven’t done it in a while. If your check engine light is on, your vehicle might need an intake system cleaning. By blocking the clean air from cycling into the combustion chamber, the carbon build-up causes the car to perform poorly and be less fuel-efficient.

You don’t want this to happen! Continue reading below for more information on the benefits of intake cleaning.

Cleaning Improves the Car’s Engine Performance

Taking the time to clean your car’s intake system will dramatically improve its performance. Unfortunately, many people will drive around for too long without realizing they need to clean their intake systems. So whether you do it yourself, or hire a professional, it is an important part of maintaining your car.

engine working

It’s a good rule of thumb to have an intake system cleaning when it’s time for an oil change. After the car service is done, you will instantly notice the difference when you start your car.

Your Fuel Efficiency Is Saving the Environment

Carbon accumulation directly impacts performance and fuel economy. By removing the dirt from your car, you can drive longer between gas fill-ups.

The exhaust system of your vehicle emits harmful emissions when your engine is improperly running, leading to increased fuel consumption. By reducing your car’s carbon build-up, you can lower your carbon footprint.

While doing an intake system cleaning, it’s a great time to check for anything else that can affect your engine. For example, a dirty air filter can cause dirt to get into other parts of the engine or cause the engine to misfire. You want to double-check to keep your vehicle in shape and decrease pollution.

Old spark plugs can lead to the same problem. Please refer to your owner’s manual for instructions to ensure that these and other items are taken care of.

You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

Do you know how much an intake manifold costs to replace? If you don’t know, it’s not exactly cheap. You’ll save more money by paying for an intake system cleaning service.

Several parts of the engine, including the fuel rails and injectors, surround the manifold on many cars. All of these layers must be removed for the intake manifold gasket to be visible.

Installation costs can range from $400 to $600, depending on the vehicle.

Cleaning Prevents Carbon Build-up

Engines accumulate carbon deposits as a result of incomplete combustion. The carbon build-up turns into a black residue that looks similar to soot in a chimney. 

The residue will harden on the engine component’s surfaces, such as injector nozzles and cylinder walls. If they remain there for an extended period of time, carbon deposits can disrupt the airflow inside the engine, causing turbulence. 

Don’t Be Lazy and Take the Time to Clean Your Intake System

You might not feel like tending to car maintenance on your only day off. To improve the performance of your car and save money, it’s a great idea to spend that day off cleaning the intake system.

Let’s start protecting the world by sending out less fuel and being more efficient. 

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