4 Best RV Air Conditioner Units In 2022

Best RV Air Conditioner Units

Any RV owner will tell you that owning a working RV AC unit is essential for many reasons. The unit makes it highly comfortable to stay in your compact box on wheels. When in the market for this kind of a system, you must conduct your research in order to make an informed decision. This is because of the countless styles, options and manufacturers available in the market today.

Before looking at the best RV air conditioner units in 2017, let us first look at why you need the unit in the first place, and the factors to consider when looking for one.


Why You Need The Best RV Air Conditioner Unit

Best RV Air Conditioner Units

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  • Less Debris And Dirt

Normal air conditioning units are exposed to an array of things which might harm their functionality. These types of air conditioners aren’t exposed to dirt and dust which translates to less dirt and debris. Actually, this is one of the major reasons why owning such a unit is beneficial.

  • Saves Space

For placement, the average outdoor air conditioner needs roughly 6 square feet. RV air conditioners don’t take up much room.

  • Better Security

RV air conditioners are virtually unsusceptible to vandalism.

  • Less Prone To Damage

Ground units tend to be exposed to various sources of damage – children’s activities, broken limbs/trees, yard appliances, etc. RV AC units are cushioned from any issues such as the ones listed.

What to Consider in the Best RV Air Conditioner Unit

Best RV Air Conditioner Units

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Units with larger profiles create more drag. Additionally, they sacrifice fuel efficiency. In the long run, it can cost you more money compared to lower profile models. The reverse is also true.

Installation And Maintenance

Buying a brand new unit means that you’ll have to install it personally. Fortunately, the process is relatively straightforward because manufacturers offer the relevant instructions. If yours didn’t, there are plenty of articles online which can be handy to assist you in the process.


The more reputable brand RV air conditioners have several built-in benefits compared to their less widespread counterparts. Should anything go wrong with your unit, finding replacement parts is easier.

The advantage might mean the distinction between purchasing a replacement part and buying a totally new unit.


British thermal unit (BTU) specifications dictate the functionality of your RV air conditioning unit. The BTU of standard models rests at 13,500, often written as 13.5k BTU. It offers an excellent yardstick for measuring power. Settle for units with a BTU of higher than 13.5K if you frequent extremely hot places and a lower one if you intend to use your ac sparingly.

Review: Best RV Air Conditioner Units

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This is indeed the best in its league. In addition to fitting all standard RV openings, it also features a gasket. It works perfectly with air box or ducted installations. The RV air conditioner cools and heats from the same unit. What is more is that it has digital controls that work efficiently within the comfort of the control center.

One thing you can’t deny about this unit is the fact that it is highly popular. Indeed, it performs true to what its advertisers purport.

One of the best attributes about it is that its fan isn’t very loud.

Featuring a futuristic and sleek look, this air conditioner is without a doubt one of the best performing in the market. In terms of height, the air conditioner is just less than 10 inches.

The contemporary shroud design drastically reduces drag thus guaranteeing enhanced mileage. Its redesigned base pan coupled with ribs is perfectly engineered for beauty and strength.

The unit’s shroud is available in white or black. You can rest assured that the air conditioner is a versatile performer. It releases heat efficiently. It’s ideal for both non-ducted and ducted cooling systems.

The air conditioner from Atwood features modern technology in almost all its parts. For instance, it has a remote control. According to many purchasers of the unit, its appearance and low-key size are some of the major reasons that attracted them to making the purchase. The fact that it’s fairly small is another reason many people settle for the unit.

This RV air conditioner is extremely easy to install. It features a high performance fan and motor. You can rest assured that it’s less noisy compared to the rest. Finally, yet importantly, manufacturers of the unit offer buyers a 2-year warranty.

The advent is a highly powered and effective air conditioning unit for RVs. Owners of this unit are of the opinion that it boasts the ability to cool RVs efficiently. The unit is highly popular when it comes to the high performance RV AC units.

Another great attribute about this unit is the fact that it’s lightweight. Carrying it shouldn’t be a worry even for someone without much strength. It comes complete with a non-ducted ceiling kit together with an impressive heat strip.

Get yours today and discover its magic.

In Summary, These are The Best RV Air Conditioner Units

RV air conditioners are handy when it comes to family vacations or camping trips. In fact, these units make any getaway highly comfortable. This is especially true if you decide to do it during summer. Unlike the portable air conditioners, these types of air conditioners are designed specifically for using in your RV. All you need to do is attach them to the RV’s or trailer’s ceiling and you’re good to go. One of the major reasons that they appeal to many people is because they are effortless to install.

Are you in the market for the best RV air conditioner? If yes, then feel free to choose from the above comprehensive list. You’ll not regret it.

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