10 Cars with Horrible Safety Ratings

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Most of us who are thinking of new cars are focused on the sportiness, economy, or luxury of certain models. Although these features may be on our minds, there is one thing more important.

This is the safety of the car we are dreaming about. The safety of a vehicle should really be our top priority when considering a new car. Not every vehicle has the same safety features as others.

Some businesses evaluate cars by testing and grading them for how safe they are. One of their valuable tests is the crash test. How well various models survive a crash should affect their popularity. Buyers will want to consider these findings before they allow themselves to dream about the design of certain models.

Here are 10 vehicles that have resulted in having unsafe test results.

Driving them is a quick way to guarantee whiplash, or even death or serious injury to the driver and passengers.

Toyota Yaris – Too Small for Safety

This car is respected for its great gas mileage of approximately 50 miles per gallon on the highway. The car’s price tag is small as well. Once you see this car and realize how small it is, you can better understand the danger of its mini size in case of a car crash. If you’re sold on a Toyota, consider a larger model. Be sure to check the safety ratings for any car before making a purchase.

Chevrolet Corvair – The Problem of Oversteer

2022 testing found that the Chevrolet Corvair lost control during sharp turns. This could leave you with a scary feeling as your car veers out of control. This model had more accidents than most other models.

Testing also proved that the steering column would probably hit the driver in the chest if there was a head-on collision. Another problem is that the car does not have an anti-roll bar. There are plenty more cars from which to choose that are much safer.

DeLorean DMC-12 – Doors Are the Big Problem

You may think that this car is very cool since the doors open upwards. Yes, this car is unique and stylish but it can also be deadly. The sleek style wouldn’t matter to you if you rolled over on the car roof because you would be trapped inside the car.

First Responders couldn’t help you with this style of doors and the windows are so small that you wouldn’t fit through if they tried to free you from the car. Thinking about the possibility of having an accident and being trapped in this car takes away from the “coolness” of this model.

Audi 5000 – Company Ignored the Problem for a Long Time

Audi tried to ignore the fact that the engines in 1980’s cars surged forward, but they had to definitely admit it. This was a major problem for the company because these cars did that whether they were idle or moving. It was eventually redesigned so that it wouldn’t be a problem.

Ford Fiesta Sedan – Safety Fluctuated Year to Year

Various years resulted in different test results with this car. Fiesta Sedans made during the period 2011 and 2014 received Top Safety approvals despite their problems. In crash tests, the cars showed that passengers in the front seat were at risk of injury to their left legs and heads in case of a crash.

Geely CK – Made in China

The Geely CK has had problems with safety tests from the start of their production in 2005. They are made and sold in China, and also sold in Russia and in South America. They are banned in some European countries since many models are sold without airbags. Even low-impact accidents caused severe injuries in this car.

Kia Rio – High Risk for Death in a Crash

The Kia Rio is the second most dangerous car as a result of testing. There were more deaths in crashes than in all other cars except one. 2012 to 2014 models showed a high chance of injury to the legs and heads of passengers in the front seat.

Hyundai Accent – #1 in Accidents per Million Registrations

Hyundai has been struggling to manufacture safer vehicles for years, but they have not been able to change this rating during small overlap front examination. It would be best to find a different vehicle without this problem.

Ford Mustang – Four Times More Collisions and Fatalities

This car is often chosen by younger drivers who do not drive it responsibly. The car doesn’t have design issues, but it is powerful and dangerous when safe driving rules are not followed.

Scion tC – Dangerous with Many Fatalities

Most accidents with the Scion tC did not involve other cars, but it is still one of the highest tested cars where crashes are fatal. It is best to avoid this car and choose a safer one.

Saving a Small Amount of Money is Not Worth Your Life

Many people believe that car crashes and other accidents will never happen to them. No one knows why some people drive safely in these cars for years while others have fatal or serious accidents.

It is best not to take your chances, but to realize that numerous customers have similar problems with these cars. Don’t take chances with your life when it is much easier to choose another car.

Testing Helps Consumers to Be More Responsible Buyers

Today’s car buyers realize that there is more to choosing a car than whether or not they like the model. Years ago, that was the only thing that consumers had to help them with their choice. Today’s consumers are more responsible when they also consider the safety of the model they like best.

The crash testing results help buyers consider many different scenarios related to car safety. Knowing that a car crash could happen at any moment would cause some buyers to be too nervous driving a car with a low safety rating.

The crash testers know that many different accidents occur, and their testing is based on statistics. For this reason, we should all carefully consider the safety ratings of the car we’re considering.

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