4 Pros and Cons of Owning a Car As a College Student

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College is full of big decisions and owning a car as a college student is a huge decision! One of them is buying your first car. It is an achievement and will shape your perception of assets beyond college. 

It is fun to own a car in college. However, you must also consider the flip side, which includes a lack of income and regulations governing vehicle ownership on campus. Here are the pros and cons of owning a car on campus that you should consider before buying one.


There are a ton of pros to owning a car as a college student.

Freedom to Go Anywhere You Wish 

College years come with a lot of energy and time. You want to explore the areas around campus as well as destinations that will challenge your view of life. Buy college research paper online and create time to travel over weekends and during holidays. The professional writers on these websites will help you to travel the world without worrying about examination deadlines. 

cars on campus

Having a car allows you to leave campus whenever you wish to travel. You can carry your friends along or make solo trips. Such traveling also accords you with the privacy you need when running errands. You do not have to borrow or hire a car whenever you wish to travel. You can party through the night with friends without worrying about transport back to campus. It is the best way to experience the freedom of campus life. 

A Car is a Mark of Prestige

It is cool to be cool on campus. What better way than to own a car. Very few campus students will own cars. Once you park it around the halls of residence, everyone will recognize your presence. 

Other students would also want to travel to different destinations for official or private business. They will borrow or hire your car. In case you are traveling in a group, everyone will have to wait for you since you are the driver. 

Having a car saves you from the agony of relying on public transport. As the coolest guy on campus, you can start your journey whenever you want. You can also return at your pleasure. The freedom that comes with owning a car on campus will make you the coolest guy among your friends.

You Can Live Wherever You Wish 

Halls of residence are not the best places to live. You may want some privacy and, therefore, opt to live outside campus. Traveling to and from your house will be a challenge. Sometimes you study late into the night with friends or in the library. You have to make it to your room in the dead of the night. 

A car will enable you to live on campus or miles away without worrying about transport. You can travel when it is raining or when the sun is hot without experiencing the heat. Instead of being forced to live in the dorm with all its old-fashion lifestyle, you can live in the latest apartments miles from campus and never worry about transport. 


There are some cons to owning a car as a college student.

Expensive to Own a Car on Campus 

It costs money to buy a car while on campus. Your student loan might not be enough to own a car and sustain your lifestyle. The car will also require maintenance and fuel to run. Such expenses will take away the limited resources you have while on campus.

Campus life also restricts you to facilities within the school. Most of the movements will be from lecture halls to the dorm and the library. The money can be spent elsewhere. 

Now You Can See if Owning a Car as a College Student is Right for You!

Owning a car on campus requires you to balance the benefits of convenience with the inconvenience of cost. If you have the opportunity, go for an affordable car that will enhance your quality of life. You will still enjoy a memorable college experience without a car like many peers on campus. 

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