5 Tips for Preparing Your Car for a Family Road Trip

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Family road trips are fun and memorable events that can strengthen the relationship between family members. To ensure your trip goes smoothly, it is important that you take the time to carefully prepare your vehicle for the long journey. Here are five tips that can help you make your car travel-ready. 

Inspect the Tires

Do a thorough inspection of all four tires, including the spare tire. Look for damages such as bulges, scrapes, cuts, bumps, cracks on the sidewalls and in between the treads, punctures, and any other indications that your tires need replacement. Be sure to have it examined by a tire professional should you see something suspicious.

Check your tires’ pressure and inflate it according to your vehicle’s recommended pressure. You can find the inflation pressure in your car’s manual or on the sticker located in the driver’s door frame. It is also vital that you know how to properly change a flat tire in the case of an emergency.

Secure Your Car Interiors

During long road trips, you must make your vehicle as comfortable as possible for your passengers. Check your car’s air conditioning system and see if it operates properly. Drive your vehicle within your neighborhood with the AC running and bring your vehicle to a licensed mechanic if you observe a decline in cooling capacity. If you are traveling with infants, consider attaching a comfortable fan for babies to your child’s car seat. 

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Test the Battery

The lifespan of your vehicle’s battery depends on several factors, such as driving habits, weather conditions, and electrical issues. Ideally, car batteries usually last for three to five years. Remember to test your battery before hitting the road.

The last thing you want is to be stranded due to a faulty or old battery. It might also be more expensive to replace your battery while traveling, so make sure to have a tire service professional conduct a battery check before your trip. There are also several car testing methods you can utilize at home if you prefer to do this task yourself. 

Check All the Lights

Efficient automotive lighting is crucial to safe driving. Turn on all your car lights and signals to check if they are all working correctly. Have another person examine your lights as you turn them on. Familiarize yourself with the different dashboard warning lights as they are important indicators of a potential vehicle problem.

Some of the warning lights include:

  • Engine temperature 
  • Engine oil pressure 
  • Battery charging 
  • Check engine 
  • Tyre pressure 
  • Fuel indicator 
  • Fog lamp indicator
  • Vehicle security

Carry an Emergency and Roadside Survival Kit

To ensure you are prepared for the worst-case scenarios, make sure to store a fully stocked emergency roadside kit in your vehicle. Some of the items that should be in your survival pack include first-aid supplies, flashlights, rechargeable battery pack, spare mobile phone, warning triangle, jumper cables, emergency flares, gloves, duct tape, rain poncho, whistle, and tire pressure gauge. 

Your Next Family Road Trip is All Set!

Preparing your vehicle beforehand is essential to a successful family road trip. Make sure to follow these tips to ensure that your family vacation becomes an epic adventure. 

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