5 Traits of a Trustworthy Car Dealership

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Over the years, car dealerships have struggled with reputations but finding a trustworthy car dealership doesn’t have to be hard. Shoppers arrive with doubts about the trustworthiness of the sales team and the service departments. Fortunately, ethical and trustworthy car dealerships exist, and many, like Autoplex Texas, have these five common characteristics. 

They Offer No-Pressure Sales Tactics

The best car dealerships have sales practices that allow shoppers to take their time. Rather than forcing shoppers to make quick purchases, the best car dealerships do not pressure their shoppers. Instead, they provide necessary information and are up-front about prices, financing offers, and trade-in values.

Their fair and honest deals make customers feel good about their decisions, so they share their positive experiences with their friends and colleagues. 

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They Have NIADA Certifications

The National Independent Automobile Dealership Association certifies car dealerships that pass their rigorous standards. NIADA dealerships must have safe car-buying protocols so shoppers can visit dealerships without worry. If a dealership doesn’t have the certification, they might not have the procedures in place to meet the organization’s standards. 

They Provide Vehicle History Reports on All Cars

Today’s new vehicles come with vehicle history reports that share information about repairs, routine maintenance, and reported accidents. Repair shops use the VIN to track the history. Reliable and honest car dealerships use and have access to several types of vehicle history reports, like CARFAX and AutoCheck. 

When a vehicle doesn’t have a history report, it could be a red flag that it hasn’t had routine maintenance performed by a certified technician. The vehicle might have title issues, which is another red flag that you won’t see at a reputable car store. Since most vehicles have car history reports, a car dealership that doesn’t offer one is most likely trying to hide something and sell you a vehicle with a bunch of problems. 

They Answer Your Questions

Car shoppers tend to have a plethora of questions. They want to know about the latest technology, the best deals and offers, and extended warranties. A trustworthy dealership answers questions or finds someone in the store who can answer the questions. If they can’t answer questions, they might have something to hide, which should be a red flag that the dealership has something to hide. 

Since trustworthy dealership don’t pressure their customers into buying cars, they also know that customers often want to have used cars inspected by independent technicians. New car shoppers often want to look at several makes and models to determine what car they like the best. Trustworthy car dealerships understand that customers need to go outside of the shop to find the answers they need. 

They Carry a Broad Inventory of Vehicles

The best car dealerships carry as many new cars as they can along with a wide variety of used and certified pre-owned makes and models. They work hard to provide cars that drivers want at all price ranges. A trustworthy car dealership isn’t afraid to carry used cars from their competitors because they want to meet the needs of all customers – no matter their budget, credit score, and driving needs. 

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