How Are Automobiles Engineered and Designed?

The automobile is an essential part of our lives. For many, an automobile might be the second most expensive purchase after a home. The automotive industry is continually evolving, and manufacturers are working around the clock to stay ahead of the competition. It’s an exciting industry to be a part of, and people from all walks of life are investing in education so they can be the next great car designer. Look what Elon Musk did with Tesla in a rather short period of time. Schools all over the world offer courses for anyone interested in the automotive industry. Schools like JSU in Australia offer a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Queensland that can be used to begin a career in the automotive industry. Every year, automobile manufacturers release a new model for consumers to purchase and enjoy. Knowing that, have you ever thought about how a car is actually made? Some exciting processes take place behind the scenes. Here are some of the fundamental processes that happen before a new car hits the dealership.

Automobiles Engineer


Before anything goes through the engineering process, the car needs to be designed. There are design engineers that conceptualize the look of the exterior and the interior before the vehicle goes into production. A quality designed car will experience better sales and will have a longer life on the road.


The engineering process is what makes the design happen. Skilled engineers take the design concepts and mathematically put these vehicles together with precise calculations. These are built first in software applications that have been designed specifically for this. Once this is done, parts are made, and the production process can begin. Assembly lines are built to handle the assembly of the vehicle. Both man and machine combine to make this process both fast and efficient.

We have come a long way since Henry Ford produced the Model-T. Automotive engineering innovations continue to evolve as new manufacturers like Tesla continue to disrupt the automotive-norm. Even with these leading technologies, the foundational elements remain the same. Steel frames, batteries, axles, wheels, motors, and other necessary components of the car remain. Newer technologies are coming in the form of computers and energy efficiency.

The Body

The body of the vehicle is prepared before the assembly process. The body is designed, manufactured, and painted outside of the assembly plant. The body goes through a rigorous inspection process and is eventually delivered to the plant for assembly.

The Interior

The interior of the car is what makes the driving experience so enjoyable. The nicer the car, the nicer the experience will be. The interior should be designed for comfort and functionality. Designers consider this when planning the interior, and the engineers bring those ideas to life.

Car design

When we talk about the interior design of the automobile, it is a serious topic. With time, the look and feel of vehicles have changed quite drastically. Sleek dashboards, posh interiors, smart navigation systems, satellite radio, and hands-free mobile access make the modern car more than just a transportation vehicle; it's an experience. This has become a focal point for automotive manufacturing companies, and they are paying more attention to design than ever before.

Quality Control 

All vehicles are thoroughly inspected after assembly. Each inspection is a detailed process that covers all components on the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Once each vehicle passes inspection, they are ready to be shipped to the dealership and sold to consumers.

It's Not Just The Exterior

Usually, when people talk about automotive design, they are referring to the exterior of the vehicle. Little thought goes into engineering, and what is happening under the hood of the car. Most consumers get caught up in the eye-catching beauty of the car and are less interested in the engineering behind the functionality of the vehicle. These vehicles are engineered with precision calculations and are built to run and last for hundreds of thousands of miles if cared for properly. It's easy to overlook the engineering side of automotive production when the design is often the primary reason consumers make a purchase. How a car looks is what attracts a buyer, but how a vehicle drives and operates during that time of ownership is what makes a life-long customer.

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