What Is The Best 5 Channel Car Amplifier To Buy

A car amplifier is one of the most important components of your car audio system. A powerful ​ car amplifier can boost the sound quality and make the music louder. But, choosing ​one will be tricky because there are many models available.

Don’t worry because we are here to suggest ​the ​best 5 channel car amplifier. A good 5 channel car amplifier can convert a boring journey into ​a pleasant alone or with friends.

As there are many well-known brands of the car amplifier, we have researched and selected top 3 5-channel car amplifier that you can consider.


Top 3 5 Channel Car Amplifier Comparison Chart



Rockford Fosgate R600X5
Alpine PDX-V9

Editor rating

4x RMS power

413 watt each

50 watts each

100 watt each

Subwoofer power

1125 watt

200 watt

500 watt


17 x 10 x 2 inches

13.2 x 6.8 x 2 inches

12.99 x9.06 x 4.33 inches


6 year warranty

1 year warranty

No warranty

​Do you want to enjoy clean sound throughout your journey? This might be the best choice for your car sound system. This is a 5 channel amplifier that produces 3700-watt of power. Moreover, this amp includes 6 year warranty that is longer than most of the devices in the market.

The amplifier can deal with 4 or more speakers in your car. This is easy to combine two or more amplifier in your car for more sound. The bridge connection will be stable and flexible to boost the performance.

​You can also customize the sound using bass boost and variable low and high pass crossover easily. Change the frequencies of sound and have a good time into the car. Moreover, you can adjust the bass level that you would like to have. You can also change the subwoofer level using a wired remote.

The 5-channel car amplifier comes with automatic shut-off feature for short circuit. So, this is a good ​system that ​will always protect you from any type of accident. It also offers multi LED backlit illumination when it turns on.


  • Clean sound
  • Enough power for an entire car audio system
  • Easy and flexible bridge connection
  • Automatic shut-off protection system
  • Easy to control base, power and sound frequencies


  • Some of the users find it hard to contact with the manufacturer for support. But, you will have enough support criteria to get help from the manufacturer.

​If you want to use an amplifier to run an entire car audio system, Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime 5-channel amplifier is the best choice. This amplifier produces 75 watts into four channels with one subwoofer channel that produces 300 watts. In addition, the quality of sound is awesome at an affordable price.

The amplifier supports both RCA and high level inputs. You will get 4 gauge ground connectors and one 12 dB octave crossover port. 

​The amplifier is stable and easy to access to use it properly.​ Moreover, the cast aluminum heatsink is durable too! Also, it offers real time power supply thermal sensing.

​You will find some on board punch EQ, front, rear and sub gain control the settings. Moreover, this is safe to use because the manufacturer designs it with short circuit and over current protection. As a result, you will always remain safe when using the amplifier for getting quality music throughout the journey.


  • Provides clean and quality sound
  • Enough for an entire car’s audio system for entertainment
  • Easy to access to the connector to installation and stable design
  • Easy to use with separate control settings
  • Protected system against short circuit and over current


  • Some of the users complained that the amplifier make engine noise. But, more than 90 percent users do not have any issue related to noise. We believe that there might be some manufacturing defect for some of the amplifiers, nothing else.

Alpine PDX-V9 is an expensive 5-channel digital amplifier but gives quality sound. This is an extremely versatile amplifier that can power your entire car. Moreover, there is no hissing when you ​use the amplifier.

The amp will produce 100 watts in 4 channels and one subwoofer with 500 watts. This is very easy to install into your car.

But, you can’t use this for making a bridge connection with other amplifiers. It follows a single power cable instead of using splitters. So, the amplifier is a great option to save your cost.​

​You will get front panel control for adjusting your settings. In addition, the connection is very easy to use. You will love the quick release cable plugs of the Alpine 5 channel car amplifier. So, there is no wasting ​time ​connecting and removing the connection from the speakers.

Things We Liked

  • Versatile design makes it beautiful
  • This is an all-in-one amplifier for your car
  • Ensure high quality sound and enough power
  • Silent amp, no floor sound

Things We Didn't Like

  • Mounting option is not as good as some other amplifiers. But, this is not a good deal because you can mount it properly

Our Picks for the Best Five Channel Car Amplifier Brands

To be able to buy the best 5 channel car amplifier, you must know the main features of an ideal amp. If you do not know anything about amplifier, you can’t expect to get the best model for your car. Therefore, we have represented you top sound quality car amplifiers that you can consider to buy.

Our selected car amplifiers are the best for providing you clean and longtime service. We focus on the budget and choose three different low, medium and high price car amplifiers. Also, we have picked the top selling amplifiers with positive user reviews, so you can trust our recommendations to make a final decision.

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