3 Best Exhaust Resonators In 2022

Updated Oct 14, 2021

Normally, internal combustion engines produce lots of noise while running. The sound is very annoying and quite exhausting to your ears, particularly when you hear it for a long period of time. When your car was manufactured, a group of acoustic engineers worked to ensure that any sound coming from your vehicle as you drive is pleasant and not irritating. Mufflers were designed to reduce the noise produced by the exhaust system.

But to further reduce the noise, you can get exhaust resonators. The primary purpose of installing a resonator into your vehicle’s exhaust system is to help silence all the loud noise that your engine produces. However, the resonator does not simply remove sound, it modifies it. Resonators make sound waves that eliminate noise. This review is about the best exhaust resonator in the market today.


Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing an Exhaust Resonator

The following factors are important when choosing the best exhaust resonator for your vehicle:

Structure Of Exhaust Resonators

Generally, a vehicle exhaust resonator has a hollow steel tube connected to the muffler of your vehicle’s exhaust system. This kind of resonator is created the same way as the acoustic resonator, which produces an “exhaust note” that reduces the annoying sound and creates a pleasant tone. If you adjust the exhaust note, the sound can be enhanced.


The exhaust resonator is an add-on feature in the exhaust system. It is connected to the mufflers together with the exhaust pipe and functions primarily to reduce exhaust noise.

The noise passes into the resonating chamber, which produces destructive interference to eliminate the opposite sound waves.


EXhaust system

An exhaust resonator is an add-on device offered by the aftermarket manufacturers and can be attached to muffler systems of the internal combustion systems, like motorcycles and automobiles.

There are some vehicles with a built-in exhaust system with resonators, which makes the exhaust pipes reduce the sound by pulling the combustion products out of the chamber faster with reduced noise. The majority of the aftermarket manufacturers improve the exhaust tuners, as these help the car function more efficiently.

Benefits Of An Exhaust Resonator

There are lots of benefits that exhaust resonators can provide. Aside from getting rid of the noise from the engine’s exhaust system, the resonators also improve overall engine performance and driving is smoother because of the added horsepower it provides without wasting too much fuel.

Your vehicle will pass the fuel emission tests because the resonator prevents the chassis from rattling, an impact that normally results in contaminated fuel emissions.


The exhaust resonator helps the muffler to carry out its function of reducing the exhaust noise. But, instead of getting rid of each other’s sound waves, their impact is to limit the sound produced by the exhaust pipe.

Exhaust resonator and catalytic converters work together in eliminating and suppressing the noise, thus enabling the vehicle to obtain driving performance.

Top 3 Best Exhaust Resonators

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6.2 pound

5.5 pounds

1.6 pounds


17.2 x 8.5 x 5.8 inches

15.2 x 8 x 5.5 inches

20.1 x 5 x 5 inches

1. Vibrant 1141 2.5" Ultra Quiet Resonator

Vibrant 1141 2.5 inches Ultra Quiet Resonator has a T304 stainless steel structure for durability. It also has a true straight-through perforated core that is surrounded by high-quality multi-layer sound suppression materials.

In order to further reduce the tone, these quiet resonators feature a bigger sound chamber compared to regulator resonators. So if you are looking for an ultra-quiet, extra-ordinary resonator, Vibrant Resonator is what you are looking for.

Pros Of Vibrant 1141 2.5" Ultra Quiet Resonator

  • Made from t304 stainless steel
  • Designed to reduced exhaust annoying sound
  • Facilitates undisrupted exhaust flow
  • With a "true straight through" perforated core
  • Withstands high exhaust temperature

Cons Of Vibrant 1141 2.5" Ultra Quiet Resonator

  • No reported weaknesses

Why Should You Consider Vibrant 1141?

Everything's coming up Vibrant, as we read through the reviews for our number three pick. The people who purchased the Vibrant 1141 2.5 inches Ultra Quiet Resonator were overwhelmed by how great it performed. One even stated, "If you want to tone your system down and eliminate pretty much all drone, this is one great option". 

Should You Buy Vibrant 1141 Resonator?

Our number one pick for the best exhaust resonator is the Vibrant 1141 2.5" Ultra Quiet Resonator because of the amazing quality. It is one of the best products, and people who have purchased it agree! We don't recommend this for anyone who doesn't want to have a muffler, as it would be useless without one!

2. Vibrant 1142 3" Ultra Quiet Resonator

Just like other Vibrant Resonator, this Vibrant 1142 3” has 304 stainless steel for optimum durability and polished for amazing appearance. It has a “true straight through” perforated core, covered by a high-quality multi-layer sound absorption structure to reduce noise levels without limiting exhaust flow.

This exhaust resonator features a bigger sound chamber, which offers better sound as compared to the regular bottle resonator, and gets rid of the riffling noise common with 6 and 8 cylinders designed with straight through performance exhaust system.

Pros Of Vibrant 1142 3" Ultra Quiet Resonator

  • Made from t304 stainless steel
  • Designed to eliminate exhaust annoying noise
  • Facilitates undisrupted exhaust flow
  • With a "true straight through" perforated core
  • Withstands high exhaust temperature

Cons Of Vibrant 1142 3" Ultra Quiet Resonator

  • No visible weaknesses, even on its function

Why Should You Consider Vibrant 1142 3" Resonator?

There are a lot of reviews who really liked how well this cut down on the drone produced by their exhausts. One customer even said, " WOW WOW WOW drone was honestly cut by 90% and sound level is perfect". There were a few customers who were impressed by the variety of cars this could work on as well!

Should You Buy The Vibrant 1142 3" Resonator?

We're putting the Vibrant 1143 3" Ultra Quiet Resonator at our number two because of the amazing feedback it has received from buyers. It's not everyday you find a product that car enthusiasts, including professionals, love so well! Not recommended for buyers looking for something on the cheap side. All in all, an amazing resonator, and our number two pick!

3. Vibrant 1792 Bottle Style Resonator

This Vibrant 1792 Bottle Style Exhaust resonator was created to eliminate the annoying sound produced by the exhaust system and to allow undisturbed exhaust flow. The body is made from T304 high-quality stainless steel and, just like other Vibrant resonators, it has a “true straight through” punctured core covered by noise absorption materials.

Because it is made of good quality steel, the resonator is very durable. It can survive high exhaust temperature and is offered on Amazon with a 5-year limited warranty.

Pros Of Vibrant 1792 Bottle Style Resonator

  • Allow undisrupted exhaust flow
  • Can survive the high exhaust temperature longer
  • Made from high-quality t304 stainless steel
  • Manufactured to get rid of the annoying noise produced by the exhaust system
  • With a "true straight through" perforated core

Cons Of Vibrant 1792 Bottle Style Resonator

  • No known weaknesses

Why Should You Consider The Vibrant 1792 Resonator?

The customers have spoken, and they absolutely love this product! There were a few reviews that focused on how well the sound of their vehicle had improved. Additionally, other customers liked how it was a quality sounding exhaust for a "fraction of the price" of any other exhaust resonator. 

Should You Buy Vibrant 1792 Bottle Style Resonator?

Coming in at our number three pick for the best exhaust resonator is the Vibrant 1792 Bottle Style Resonator because of the overall quality! This t304 stainless steel model is a "true straight through" that reduces infuriating noises at an affordable price

We don't recommend this product to customers who may be wary of the small price tag, as most resonators are nearly twice the cost of this one. However, with the overwhelmingly positive reviews, we're ready to save the money!

4. DC Sports EX-1013

Key Features:

  • Has a polished silver finish.
  • Compatible with most cars.
  • Resonated.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Slanted tip shape.

Material Composition: This exhaust resonator is made from stainless steel material. Steel is a strong metal that makes the exhaust resonator sturdy and durable. Besides, it has a polished silver finish that gives it a good visual impression.

Noise Level: It features resonated mufflers that enhance the sound from the exhaust.
Vehicle Compatibility: This exhaust resonator is versatile and compatible with most cars, Sedans, and Trucks.


  • Easy to install.
  • Takes a few minutes to bolt.
  • Adds visual impression.
  • Fits on most cars.


  • No notable downsides.

Verdict:This exhaust resonator will be a perfect fit if you’re looking for one that’s compatible with most cars, sedans, and trucks.

5. SLP 31062 Loud Mouth Bullet Type Resonator

Key Features:

  • Bullet-shaped.
  • Comes as a pair.
  • Compatible with any 2.5-inch cat-back exhaust system.
  • Polished stainless steel.
  • Has a wide-open inlet and outlet design.

Material composition: This resonator has a loud mouth design and made of stainless steel. This makes the pair of resonators sturdy and can thus withstand high temperatures.

Compatibility: It’s compatible with any cat-back exhaust system. Therefore, it will fit perfectly with 2.5-inch cat-back exhaust systems.

Nature of Sound: This resonator has a loud mouth muffler design that gives out a wide-open sound.


  • Easy to install.
  • Versatile resonators.
  • Durable.
  • Wide sound.


  • Only fits 2.5-inch cat-back exhaust systems.

Verdict: This exhaust resonator is best for anyone who loves wide-open sound coming from the exhaust. If this is like you, then you should consider grabbing one of these.

However, its compatibility is limited to 2.5-inch cat-back exhaust systems. This may not work well for you if your cat-back exhaust system has a wider size.

Best Exhaust Resonator For You

There are lots of exhaust resonators available in the market today. Since all the products in the review are made by the same manufacturer, all of these resonators are highly recommended not just because of their looks but, more importantly, because of their performance and durable structure.

To make your search for the best exhaust resonator for your specific needs much easier, focus on the following factors – structure, performance, availability, benefits, and support.


Will Adding Resonators Quiet an Exhaust?

No, adding a resonator will make your sound louder, as well as more aggressive sounding. 

Do Resonators Reduce Power?

A resonator does reduce power a bit. Because resonators change exhaust flow, it may take away some horsepower

What is the Purpose of a Resonator?

A resonator takes the noise from your muffler and resonates it. All in all, it doesn't make it quieter, it simply changes the sounds. 

Do I Need a Resonator on My Exhaust?

No, you do not NEED a resonator on your exhaust.

Are Resonators Restrictive?

Resonators are not restrictive, however, they may change the velocity speed based on diameter. 

What Does a Bad Resonator Sound Like?

A bad resonator sounds a lot like a high-pitched buzzing, as well as an overall increase in sound. 

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