3 Best Miata Coilovers In 2022

Updated Oct 14, 2021

If you have a Mazda Miata, investing in the best coilovers will provide you with the best tuning ability to shear every possible second off the journey time.

Coilovers will give you a new level of performance that only high-end race cars can experience. This best Miata coilovers buying guide will help you find the right one.

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What to Consider When Choosing Miata Coilovers 

Miata coilovers suspension kits have threaded body shocks and springs to provide you accurate and independent control over the height of every corner with your Mazda Miata.

Keep in mind that the more established coilovers are well-researched, engineered, and sometimes more expensive and are known to work best with your specific vehicle.

Miata Coilovers For High Performance Vehicles

For those who are developing a high-performance vehicle, a lowered suspension is a must-have. Most of the full coilover kits are expensive, but it does not mean that you will have to sacrifice performance with cut springs.

The Best Miata coilover sleeves provide several benefits at a reasonable price that you can also get from full coilover.

Miata Coilovers Features To Consider

best miata coilovers

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The majority of the coilovers are adjustable in height and damping. But there are some that also feature threaded shock bodies that let you adjust the ride height separately from the coil spring adjustment. It also enables you to dial your spring preload for the best suspension tuning.

Can I Use Different Spring Rates?

You can swap your Mazda Miata coilover springs with other springs of different rates to adjust your ride stiffness and quality. The coilovers with adjustable damping may have up to 32 levels which are also referred to as clicks, although some riders will skip a click since the difference is very small.

The Importance Of Suspension Tuning

Suspension tuning is an important element in maximizing your Mazda Miata’s performance. However, not all driving surfaces or driving areas require the same suspension set up. Maybe the biggest advantage of Mazda Miata coilover sleeves is the fact they are adjustable.

How Can You Tell If Your Suspension Is Right

It has a threaded spring perch design: with just a simple twist of a wrench, you will be able to jack up or lower the suspension based on whether you are tackling pot-hole riddled streets or are about to hit a smooth race track. Coilover sleeves also use the normal size coilover springs so you can change spring rates easily and there are lots of springs to choose from.

Quality of Material

The durability of your Miata coilovers plays an important role in several aspects. First and foremost, all coilovers wear over time – the quality of material used in the construction process determines the overall lifespan of a sleeve and ultimately the moment when the coilover will need to be replaced, as well as the frequency of repairs. 

Some of the most popular Miata coilovers are made of high-carbon steel and steel while top-tier boutique models also feature reinforcements in terms of chrome finish (for enhanced sturdiness) or silicone (for increased overall flexibility).

Casual drivers who have no interest in racing and high-performance ventures should not completely overlook this element of a Miata coilover; even though your driving will not ’wear off’ the sleeve as much, potholes and cracked roads may end up ruining your coilover almost as fast as top-gear drifting.

Hobbyist racers and people who generally have a need for speed may want to invest in more robust Mazda Miata sleeves. However, searching for the right compromise between price, adjustability, and flexibility should take priority in this particular scenario.

Finally, professional racers who are flooring the pedal to the metal shouldn’t settle for anything less than superior durable coilovers. Needless to say, a racing Mazda Miata’s coilover wears at a rapid pace, much faster than the sleeves built into Miatas of casual drivers, so durability is mandatory.

Overall, other aspects of Miata’s coilover sleeves are also impactful factors, but sturdiness is always worth investing in. This way you will be able to gap a good portion of repair and replacement expenses while benefiting from increased long-term reliability.


Most coilovers are adjustable to some extent. However, Mazda Miata is a strong high-performance vehicle that requires a versatile, well-rounded coilover that can provide you with means to reduce the car’s body roll, improve its handling, and provide a balanced weight transfer during sharp turns.

Now, depending on how you intend you use your Mazda Miata, there are several things to consider when looking at the adjustability of your coilover.

First and foremost, the main purpose of a Miata coilover is to lower the center of gravity of the vehicle by lowering its ride height. Top-quality models can lower the ride up to four inches while average models normally go up to two. This provides a more balanced distribution of weight, which in turn tremendously helps control the vehicle while drifting and steering.

The versatility of the adjustability aspect of Miata coilovers also heavily influences the overall handling of your vehicle. Smooth acceleration, stable cornering, and controlled braking are just some of the factors that are directly affected by how adjustable your Miata coilover sleeve is.

The weight and height adjustment aspects are some of the most crucial ones. Budget Miata coilovers affect the suspension travel and spring compression due to the lack of the control arm mount while boutique models (which are supplied with this feature) do not change spring compression and travel.

Furthermore, highly adjustable Miata coilovers allow you to adjust the reactivity of the bump stop. This allows you to directly influence the speed of compression, which further affects the responsiveness of your Miata’s suspension.

Casual Miata drivers may find coilover sleeves as best as they offer decent adjustability while being the least demanding in terms of installation. Higher adjustability becomes available at higher price points and is mandatory for professional racers while enthusiasts are recommended to go with shock-adjustable coilovers.

Coilover Types

Mazda Miata coilovers can be categorized into several different types – coilover sleeves, non-shock adjustable coilovers, shock adjustable coilovers, and shock adjustable coilovers with a Camber kit. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each type can help you determine which Miata coilover can best cater to your needs.

Coilover Sleeves

Sleeves do not feature struts and adjustable shock mounts and are meant to be installed on pre-built shocks via top mounts. Coilover Miata sleeves are regarded as low-cost upgrades and they are not capable of dramatically enhancing the vehicle’s performance. Fortunately, this is their only drawback.

Coilover sleeves for Mazda Miata are generally inexpensive and the easiest to install. They’re an excellent option for beginner racers and people who are on a tight budget.

Non-shock Adjustable Coilovers

Next up we have non-shock adjustable coilovers. Despite the name, this coilover type is actually fairly adjustable. In comparison to coilover sleeves, non-shock adjustable coilover represents a full-bodied suspension upgrade that is equipped with proprietary shocks (which is not adjustable, hence the name).

The drawback of this Miata coilover type lies in its poor flexibility – you will not be able to adjust the rebound, stiffness, or compression of its shock absorbers. On the upside, the benefits are numerous, including simple installation and maintenance, relative inexpensiveness in comparison to their shock-adjustable counterparts, and simplified ride height adjustments.

Non-shock adjustable coilovers are absolutely perfect for hobbyists and enthusiasts who want a full-bodied suspension upgrade with minimal tweaking.

Shock-adjustable Coilovers

The shock-adjustable coilover type is the second most versatile Miata coilover type. Generally speaking, both shock-adjustable and non-shock adjustable types share very similar (and often identical) features while the former is superior in adjustability.

Where the non-shock adjustable coilovers are ’stiff’ in terms of rebound & compression, the shock-adjustable coilovers provide access to this form of tinkering.

Even though this type of Miata coilover is a bit more expensive than the previous two, it offers a substantial boost to the comfortability of driving and handling. This makes them an excellent all-around option for any scenario, be it day-to-day cruising or racing.

Shock-adjustable Coilovers with Camber Kit

A Camber kit is a feature that is crucial to the final stages of optimizing your Miata coilover. Car workshops and repair centers are supplied with these kits, so even if you don’t have one you can always drive your Miata over for fine-tuning.

However, adjusting the camber level of your Mazda is not a one-time thing, and you may end up racking tweaking expenses that surpass the cost of the Camber Kit.

Miata coilovers that come supplied with this kit offer superior adjustability; you’ll be able to fully optimize both your suspension and tires, prolong their lifetime, and substantially improve your Miata’s handling.


Differences between entry-level, mid-range, and boutique coilovers are expressed through the quality and quantity of features. When it’s worth investing in quality Miata coilovers and in which cases budget coilovers could make a difference

Miata coilovers can also be categorized into different price point categories. Budget-friendly models are usually supplied with the most basic features and offer little in terms of adjustability and versatility while top-tier boutique coilovers are sturdier, more reliable and substantially better-rounded.

Amateur racers and casual drivers will see a difference when upgrading to Miata coilovers in terms of day-to-day driving comfort, better steering and enhanced overall handling. However, entry-level coilover sleeves pale in comparison to mid-range and boutique models.

Budget Mazda Miata coilovers are worth the buck if you’re using factory shock absorbers and don’t particularly like how they respond to the road. Even though the changes in your vehicle’s stability and weight transfer may ’feel’ the same at first, you will start noticing changes after a couple of rides.

Pricier coilovers come supplied with fully adjustable features; they can last several times longer, and they are perfectly suited for racers in-the-making as well as for professional drivers.

Top 3 Best Miata Coilovers

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Mazda Miata 1990 to 2005
  • 16 levels of damping force adjustment
  • Independent spring tension and height adjustment
  • Powder coated CNC machined aluminum body
  • 52mm mono-tube steel shock design
  • High-viscosity race-quality shock oil

What Does It Include?

The Godspeed Project MonoSS for Mazda Miata 90-05 is sold as a single-adjustable coilover suspension kit. This coilover is manufactured to be sold at a reasonable price.

How Does It Work?

It has a carbon seamless steel 52mm monotube having a working internal piston with optimum damper response.

What Is It Made Of?

The coilovers cold-bent springs are made from SAE9252 durable steel to optimize the balance between comfort and performance. With the use of race quality shock oil, this brand can assure optimum damper performance at any temperature on and off the track.

This MonoSS provides 16 level of damper adjustability. The front spring rate is 10kg/mm, while the rear is 8kg/mm.

Pros Of MSS0150 MonoSS Godspeed Coilover

  • Poly urethane bushing for comfort
  • With monotube shock design
  • Powder coated damper body
  • 16 level of dampening

Cons Of MSS0150 MonoSS Godspeed Coilover

  • No reported drawback

Why Should You Consider MSS0150 MonoSS Godspeed Coilover?

There were so many reviews for the how smooth they make their Miata! "They are adjustable for a smooth street ride or stiff for some aggressive 'S' Curves" said one reviewer. Additionally, several reviews for this item included how "blown away" they were by the quality of the product for the price. 

Should You Buy Godspeed Project MonoSS Miata Coilovers?

Taking up our number one spot on our list, the Godspeed Project MonoSS for Mazda Miata 90-05 set is one of the best in the business. We really like how high-quality this set is compared to other, more expensive brands. Not recommended for those who don't like PINK! Overall, a great product!

Key Features:

  • 30 levels of damping adjustment
  • Ride height adjustment independent of spring rate
  • Heavy-duty construction and high-quality oil
  • Nitrogen pressurized dampers
    Concave lower locking ring

For Whom Is It For?

In the aftermarket industry, the BC Racing BR series is the most popular coilover system. The kit is perfect for drivers who are using their car every day but are looking for better performance without affecting the ride quality.

How Does It Work?

The brand has 30-way damping adjustment that makes changing the compression of your car easy for you. Adjusting the height is no problem with the BR series because of its patented lower locking rings.

The BR series is ideal for street driving and some road course duty. With its easy to access adjustment knobs to tune your compression and adjust ride height, getting a performance coilover system is much easier. You can choose how long or how high you want your car and the patented concave lower locking ring keeps it locked. 

Pros Of BC Racing BR Series Coilovers 89-05

  • 30 levels of damping force adjustment
  • One-year warranty
  • Mono-tube shock design
  • Height adjustable via shock body maintains damper stroke
  • Uses high-quality oil on their coilovers
  • Nitrogen pressurized dampers

Cons Of BC Racing BR Series Coilovers 89-05

  • No known drawback except for the price

Why Should You Consider BC Racing BR Series Coilovers 89-05?

The best reviews for this product were all about how heavy duty and sturdy theses Miata coilovers were. One reviewer even mentioned how "stiff" they were for his ride and how "solid" they were for his Miata! Lots of good reviews about the price point being "worth every penny"! 

Should You Buy BC Racing BR Miata Coilovers?

There are lots of Miata coilovers out there, and the BC Racing BR makes our list because of how durable and sturdy they are for your car. Additionally, they take our number two spot because of the nitrogen pressurized dampers! We don't recommend this product to anyone on a tight budget, as they are on the higher end of the coilover spectrum. 

Key Features:

  • 16-way damping force adjustment
  • Sag-proof and extremely resilient
  • Powder coated SAE9254 steel construction
  • Thread-type adjustable ride height
  • Fits NA6C, NA8C, and NB8C Mazda Miata

For Whom Is It For?

Tein Street Advance Coilovers are perfect for both the spirited or the everyday Miata driver. It is made in Japan and undergoes strict quality control standards and was developed by experienced suspension engineers.

What Makes It Different?

This product is the evolution of their famous Super Street coilover. It was manufactured to provide a sporty ride experience and aggressive stance, together with wide-range of damping force adjustment with the use of the latest Advance Needle technology, providing the driver with a much more noticeable feel in the damping force improvement.

How To Unjust It?

For best damper stroke at lower than original MX-5 ride height, it has shortened shell case design. Your Miata ride height can be adjusted via the ZT coated threaded sleeve. 

Pros Of Tein Street Advance Z Coilover GSM64-9USS2

  • Powder coated damper body
  • Ride Height adjustable in the spring seat
  • 16- way damping adjustment
  • Twin tube internal construction
  • One-year manufacturer’s defect warranty

Cons Tein Street Advance Z Coilover GSM64-9USS2

  • Spring rates are on the soft side

Why Should You Consider Tein Street Advance Z Coilover GSM64-9USS2?

We put the Tein Street Advance Coilovers on our list because of how many reviews there were talking about how easy they are to install! Not only that, but one reviewer even stated that these were a better replacement for their more expensive Miata coilovers!

Should You Buy Tein Street Advance Coilovers?

There are a lot of things that we look for when putting together our top three lists. This set makes the list because they are, in a word, affordable! We don't recommend this product for anyone looking for a more solid spring rate. However, we love this product as one of our best Miata coilover brands!

Key Features:

● Operates on Dual Flow Valve (DFV).
● Designed for the streets and incorporated with racing technology.
● More than 20 available adjustable dumping clicks.
● Adjustable ride height.

Height adjustment: This Ohlins coilover has a height adjustment of 35 mm. This allows for spring compression and suspension brave alterations at any speed. Plus, you can use this to adjust your car’s height to lower the center of gravity. This helps in distributing weight equally.

Dampening adjustment: Ohlins Coilover operates on Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology that’ll help you drive confidently at high speeds. Whenever you hit a bump or a hole at high speed, DFV quickly stabilizes the car by moving the tires up and down. This helps to restore control and stability which can prevent a crash in extreme situations.
Besides, the DFVs have bleeder valves which are temperature sensitive, and 46 mm
diameter pistons. This helps to achieve controlled piston movements and accelerates
dumping sensitivity.

Dust guard: It has a dust guard covering the shock absorbent. This is useful in protecting the piston from external corrosion that can render it ineffective.


  • Mostly made of aluminum which is strong and resistant to corrosion
  • Designed for high-end racing enthusiasts.
  • Easily adjustable shock absorbents.
  • Enhances car speed.


  • Contains arsenic which may cause health risks.

Is This Miata Coilover For You?

Ohlins Road and Track Coilovers are best for you if you want to have maximum control and confidence when driving at high speed. For this reason, it’s ideal for car racing
enthusiasts who are determined to win while having fun.

Unfortunately, it contains traces of arsenic which can cause health complications.
Though this is something that will happen over time. If this is something that causes you
to worry, then you may need to reconsider buying this Coilover.

Key Features: 

● 28 level adjustable dampening.
● The upper mount is made of aluminum.
● Lowering of 2 to 3 inches.
● Completely threaded mono tube.
● Advanced shock absorbent.
● Have inner bump stops.
● Variety height adjustment options.
● Have a rubber dust guard.

Height adjustment: Yonaka Coilovers is threaded and allows 2-3 inches lowering for making height adjustments. This is helpful as you won’t have to shorten suspension travel. Plus, this allows you to adjust the car to your preferred height for maximum comfort.

Dampening adjustment: Besides, it has 28 level dampening which is completely adjustable.

Dust guard:
This Coilover has rubber shield dust guards covering the piston. The dust cover is meant to protect the piston from corrosion that can shorten its useful life.

Bump Stop: On the inside, there’s a sturdy bump stop that prevents likely damages whenever you hit bumps or holes. Compression impacts not only cause car damages but can also cause injuries to the driver. That’s why the bump stop is useful.


  • Has bump stops for damage prevention.
  • The dust guards prevent piston corrosion.
  • One can adjust car height to their preferred level.
  • Made of aluminum material which is strong and durable.
  • Ready for installation.


  • Only fits 1989-1998 Mazda models.

Is This Miata Coilover For You?

You’ll find this Coilover helpful if your car has a dysfunctional or worn out bump stops. And since it’s designed for racers, you can keep at high speeds without fear of a
car crash. Therefore, you’ll want to buy this if you’re a car racing enthusiast.

Unfortunately, if you own a later model of Mazda Miata after 1998, this Coilover will not be a good fit for you. As much as it’s got tons of benefits, we’re afraid you may not partake of them.

What Are The Options For Miata Coilovers?

Aside from the three Miata coilovers mentioned above, there are lots available on the market. But if you are looking for the best Miata coilovers, you should consider buying one of these.

There are lots of things these coilovers have to offer for your Mazda. Through these coilovers, you will have the best driving experience.

Which Is The Best Budget Miata Coilover?

If you are looking for a reliable Miata Coilover that will not cost you much but with good quality and amazing features, one of the best choices is Goodspeed Coilovers.


What kind of Coilovers Can I Install In My Miata?

Most full-bodied coilovers are compatible with Mazda Miata; this includes a broad spectrum of shock-adjustable coilovers and non-shock adjustable coilovers while the selection of coilover sleeves is sparse in comparison to the former.

How to setup my Miata Coilover?

The first step entails measuring your Miata’s ride height. Park the vehicle on level ground before taking the measurements from the car’s center-of-the-wheel down to the end of the fender. After that, you should mark the bolts (preferably with penetrating oil) and remove the wheels. For this step you’ll need a jack stand; otherwise, you’ll need to drive your Miata to a car workshop.

Next, you’ll want to remove the struts and set the ride height. If you are using shock-adjustable coilovers, this can be done by altering the pre-load of the spring. Now that the area where your coilover should be placed is exposed, all that is left is to use compatible tools (wrenches and hardware) to install it.

Are budget Miata coilovers valuable for the money?

Performance-wise, the differences between budget and boutique Miata coilovers are insurmountable. However, even the cheapest sleeves are sturdy and reliable, and you will experience a difference in terms of handling your Miata.

Should I tweak my Miata’s ride height with a Miata coilover? What are the risks/benefits?

The first thing you need to know about changing your Miata’s ride height is that you’ll need to re-align pretty much everything every time you do it. This can be financially challenging if you don’t own a well-equipped garage, but luckily this is the only drawback.

The benefits of altering your ride height in your Miata are numerous; you can tweak the center point of gravity and substantially improve weight transfer, which will in turn help you tackle sharper turns. Racers typically reduce the ride height for improved aerodynamics while casual drivers increase it to make the vehicle better suited for day-to-day driving and commuting.

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