Buying a Second-Hand Car? Here Are 3 Safety Features That Should Still Be There

There is no question that a lot of people are dreaming of owning their own cars. The freedom that driving our own vehicles brings is just priceless. No more waiting for buses and trains. No more ending appointments early just so we’re able to catch the last ride home. We basically gain more control over our time and ultimately our lives.

Because cars are inherently expensive, many get to own one by going after preloved cars. Owning second-hand items is not bad per se, but the selection process requires more patience and a more inquisitive outlook. Because somebody else has already used the item before, it really is important to make sure that everything is still in good working condition. For that, a buyer needs at least the basic technical know-how.

If you are buying your first second-hand vehicle soon from a dealer or a online marketplace like, there are a few very important things that you should keep in mind. Aside from ensuring that the engine and the brakes work well, you should also pay close attention to the features that are added to prevent or lessen car crash injuries in case of an unfortunate road mishap. While you can always ask for monetary compensation with the help of a good accident lawyer, the severe injuries that you will sustain in the absence of these important safety features will surely make you suffer way beyond what money can soothe.


Most vehicles are equipped with airbags. These features prevent the driver from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard, and windshield in case of a violent collision. According to records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a total of 47,648 lives have been saved by frontal airbags from 1987 to 2016. Given this figure, it truly is important to ensure that the airbag mechanism in the second-hand vehicle that you are going to buy still works.

There are signs that will tell you if the airbag in your potential car has already been deployed. Check the airbag cover. If it’s repainted or there is some unevenness to it, it might have just been repaired after an airbag deployment split it in the past. 

Seat Belts

Data collected and processed by the NHTSA also show that a total of 359,241 lives have been saved by seat belts from 1975 to 2016. Had it happened that all passengers who got involved in accidents within those years were wearing seat belts, an additional 384,156 lives would have been saved. These figures convinced many agencies and policy-makers that seat belt use is among the most effective ways in mitigating the harmful effects of road crashes on passengers and drivers. Because of this, it is imperative for you as a buyer to make sure that the seat belts in your potential car are still sturdy enough to do their job.

You also have to take note that there are now a lot of seat belt innovations. For one, some belting systems of today have adjustable upper parts. This additional feature allows you to adjust the position of the shoulder strap in order to accommodate a bigger driver or passenger. This makes the seat belt more comfortable, and therefore less of a hassle to use, especially during long rides.   

Stability Controls

Safety features advance together with car technology. More recent models now have reliable electronic stability controls incorporated in their systems. These controls are able to detect when a car is already oversteering or understeering. Under such circumstances, an automatic brake is applied, increasing traction so that the car does not crash further into whatever is nearby. This feature can be checked during test runs with your seller.

The 3 Safety Features That Should Still Be There No Matter What!

Many car buyers go with pre-owned vehicles in order to save money. But saving money doesn’t have to mean putting safety in jeopardy. Making sure that the car is still equipped with the necessary safety features is always worth the hassle.

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