What To Consider When Buying UTV Tires?

A UTV is a side-by-side off-road vehicle that can be occupied by around six people. As its name suggests, it's not made only for smooth city driving. This type of vehicle is meant for harsher terrains, like hauling, farm work, and what not.

Because of its heavy function, it's also understandable that the wheels comprise the most critical parts of this vehicle. Thus, the wheels must withstand whatever condition the vehicle is going to go through. To help start your search for various options of UTV tires, visit compett.org.

That said, if you're looking to buy new tires for your UTV, here are some key tips for you to remember:

1. The Weight

The weight of the tires adds up to the overall weight of the vehicle. That being said, choosing the optimum pressure is very important to keep the ride balanced. When your tires are too heavy, it can put an additional load or strain on the engine. Further, it can also add difficulty as you go through difficult trails.

The essential tip to remember is that whatever weight and size of your wheels, it should be one that can be easily turned by your vehicle's engine. This highlights the importance of testing the wheels first on your vehicle before making a final purchase.

 2. Ability To Go Through Rough Terrains

Naturally, UTV tires are meant to withstand rough and muddy terrains. But, depending on the individual features of the tires, some can perform this task better than others.

An example of a UTV tire that can outperform a stock tire is the Motoclaw. This type of tire can excel very well in all types of terrain conditions. The radials of the Motoclaw also allows you to easily get pulled out of any nasty rut that you may get stuck on.

If you don’t fancy The Motoclaw, there’s a wide array of outstanding UTV tires, too, which has this purpose. If you’ve got an expert UTV racer, they can give you some of the best personal tips.

For instance, a tire with 1.5-inch treads helps ensure excellent results in the most challenging situations. When your primary purpose is to let your UTV travel through rough terrains, you must ask the experts for the best option.

3. Size

The main tip to remember when choosing the right size of tires for your UTV is to check for proportionality. Putting aside all other factors, the size of the tires should always be in proportion with your vehicle.

Generally, typical sizes are around 24 to 26 inches in height and have a 12-inch rim. There are some, however, that need tires that are at least two sizes bigger than this standard.

Here's why it's imperative to choose the correct tire size:

Staying close to the required tire size means less trouble with the steering when the vehicle is in use

Tires that are too big will mean that you'll have to lift the suspension of the machine

UTV Tires

4. The Price

As much as you'd want to go all out with your tires, the price will always be a top consideration for you to have in mind. When choosing among the different tire levels, factor in how often you're going to use the UTV.

Take note of how much wear and tear are the tires going to go through so you can have an idea of your tires’ lifespan. Remember that the pressure you’re putting on the tires of your UTV can be likened to that of SUVs and even small trucks.

If you're on a budget, or if you know you'll have to replace your tires regularly, there are still many cheaper tires on the market today. As an added positive note, this lower price range also isn't indicative of good quality. As there are also cheap ones that perform just as well.

5. Tread Pattern

The tread pattern of a UTV refers to its ride and handling capacity.

Different wheels have their tread patterns. It's up to you to choose the one that best fits the needs of your terrain. The overall tread pattern of your selected UTV tires should also be suited to the conditions that you're going to put the vehicle on. Else, you're going to find yourself in the unwanted situation of immediately wanting to replace your tires.

Useful pointers are the following:

Go with a tire that’s suited for different forms of terrain

Choose a tire that has a ride and handle that performs as well as the original, factory tires of your UTV

Following these tips can help guarantee a better performance of your UTV.

Think Well Before Buying UTV Tires

The tips mentioned above save you all the trouble of having to do so much more further research. These tips may only be a few, but it's comprehensive enough to give you everything that you need to know about choosing the right tires.

This decision is just as important as all other decisions you have to make with vehicles. Else, you're going to be stuck with a regrettable purchase.

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